How to Pick Suitable Library Solutions That Boost Efficiency

Libraries have to cater to a diverse category of people, and because of this, each one will have specific goals. A library must ensure that it puts in place the correct elements to meet the demands of its customers. For this, a library needs the right tools to help streamline management, improve productivity and efficiency. With service vendors offering all kinds of library solutions, finding the appropriate resources can be challenging. How do you know what’s worth investing in?

Assess Need for Library Solutions

A library that serves a small local community will need tools that are different from those of a college library. You have to evaluate the goals and requirements of a particular library keenly. A large research library will find great use for a self-service system, but a small-sized institution that doesn’t serve many readers might choose to offer personalised services. Be clear about the goals that a library aims to accomplish to narrow down the services that best align with them.

Library Design

The suitability of some library solutions will depend on the layout of the library. How large or small a library is and the design of the place can present restrictions for certain installations. For example, a large college library can have enough space to for book drop stations, but a small library may not be designed for such a setup. It helps to consult with an expert in library services for advice.


Of course, the spending power of a library will dictate which solutions it can afford. Libraries have an array of technologically advanced systems at their disposal, but not everyone can afford them. Prioritise your requirements and get the tools that contribute more towards the bottom line.

Dialoc ID is a leading manufacturer and vendor of library solutions that cover everything from security to staffing to management. Regardless of the size, a library can find the tools it requires to achieve certain objectives.


Retail Analytics is essential for all retailers in the future

As a retailer nowadays it is very important to convert Retail Analytics data into smart strategic decisions to improve your store’s performance. Relying on trustworthy customer data instead of simply making assumptions will prove to be much more profitable in the end. Retail Analytics will apply to all aspects in the supply chain such as sales, overall store performance, customer satisfaction, staff deployment and inventory levels. Fortunately many players in the retail world have already recognized the importance and use of Retail Analytics in their day to day strategy. On the other hand many retailers do collect large amounts of customer data, but do not have the knowledge or the right partner to effectively understand and apply the data.  

What is Retail Analytics all about

Retail Analytics is all about the process of collecting and analyzing data concerning different aspects of the purchasing processsupply chain. The data allows retailers to understand how their business is generally doing and how to understand consumer demand in the best possible way. Retail is developing fast because consumers are more and more demanding. Understanding what it is your customers really want, is essential to be the most profitable you can be. In the past it was only possible for online stores to understand customer behavior. With the rise of Retail Analytics tools it is also possible to get insights into customer behavior in your physical store. Potential barriers in the customer journey will become clear so they can be addressed and resolved. This will enable retailers to keep up with the fast moving industry and stay ahead of competition.

Uncovered insights

People counting in stores and shopping centres can really help you understand what is going on in your business. Some of these uncovered insights are:

  • Who is your most valuable customer?
  • What are your best possible opening hours?
  • Which products sell best and which don’t sell?
  • Are there any customer trends?
  • Who is your bestselling employee?
  • What was the impact of specific marketing or promotional campaigns?
  • How should you optimally deploy staff?
  • What is the hourly sales and conversion ratio?
  • Are there any barriers in the customer journey?

Make sure you don’t get left behind

Combining different kind of customer datasets leads to deeper analyses and predictions of (future) customers and situations. Retail Analytics tools provide very important insights. The best way to make smart business decisions is to rely on reliable data. It is not enough to only collect data. You really have to interpret and analyse data to understand what is actually going on and how you can improve your business. Retail is dynamic and is developing at a rapid speed. As a retailer you should really ask yourself the following question: can I afford not to invest in Retail Analytics?

Panelenbouw van SPL door gespecialiseerde paneelbouwers

Mijn medewerkers klaagden al tijden over dat het besturen van de machines niet zo makkelijk gaat. Onze werkplaats beschikt namelijk niet over één paneel, maar de knopjes zijn verdeeld over een aantal plekken in de werkplaats. Ik ging op zoek naar een goed bedrijf dat paneelbouw in Nederland. Zodoende kwam ik uit bij de professionals van Scholten Panelen. Sjongejonge, wat ben ik tevreden met deze keuze. En mijn werknemers ook. Vandaag vertel ik u meer.

Scholten Panelen biedt de mogelijkheid tot een compleet concept op maat

Professionele paneelbouwer

We waren op zoek naar een paneelbouwer die professioneel is en werkt volgens een hoge standaard. Paneelbouw is namelijk een vak apart waar een echte professional voor ingeschakeld moet worden.

We kwamen er al snel achter dat Scholten Panelen de paneelbouwer is die we zoeken. De professionele medewerkers leveren altijd werk van de bovenste plank. Ze hebben ieder paneel gebouwd volgens de laagspannigsnorm. Wat voor paneel we ook wensten. Een besturingskast, of een ander paneel. Ze dachten daarnaast ook nog eens heel goed met ons mee.

De voordelen van panelenbouw als je voor SPL kiest

  • SPL biedt een compleet concept op maat
  • Een investering voor de toekomst
  • Zowel standaard panelen als maatwerk
  • Merkonafhankelijk
  • Zeer nette en grote productie- en testfaciliteiten (2500 m2)
  • SPL ontzorgt van A tot Z×225.jpg


Één van de panelen die ze voor je kunnen bouwen, is een besturingskast. Deze hebben de medewerkers van Scholten Panelen voor ons gebouwd. Dit is een kast van waaruit men verschillende machines kunt bedienen. De kast is erg belangrijk voor onze organisatie, want hij beschermt de verschillende besturingssystemen die wij gebruiken. Zonder deze kast zijn de systemen heel erg kwetsbaar. Nu niet meer! Nu kunnen ze wel tegen een stootje.

Professionele panelenbouw

Ik zou de panelenbouw van Scholten Panelen beschrijven als zeer professioneel. Dankzij de medewerkers van dit geweldige bedrijf is het werk van mijn medewerkers een stuk gemakkelijker. De besturingspanelen waarover wij nu beschikken zijn uniek in hun soort. Ze zijn namelijk compleet op maat gemaakt. We beschikken over de optimale besturing van ons eigen productieproces. En daar zijn we super blij mee!

Zeer tevreden klant

Medewerkers van Scholten Panelen: ontzettend bedankt. Mijn medewerkers en ik zijn jullie ontzettend dankbaar. Het productieproces is zo gemakkelijk geworden nu. Alle machines zijn vanuit de besturingskast te besturen. Daarnaast zijn we ook nog eens compleet ontzorgd. Scholten Panelen wordt immers niet voor niets één van de grotere paneelbouwers van ons kikkerlandje genoemd.

Upgrade your décor with aluminium internal doors

If you are looking to spice up your interior design with some modern character, aluminium internal doors will provide it in spades. These stylish portals can be purchased in a variety of different designs, to suit any home’s taste and style. Such aluminium internal doors’ main selling point is their copious glass windows which allow gorgeously playful light through, creating a sense of space in any room. Additionally, these doors are durable, requiring little to no maintenance. This ensures they are excellently suited for office building use. IDA Doors’ aluminium door designs come in many varieties. With the option of choosing a single or a double door, you can choose to have a wider passage and more light in your room, giving any passageway in your house a modern touch.

Give your room the finish it deserves with these elegant doors

If your style leans minimalist, the materials IDA Doors works with will surely put a smile on your face. Working with high-end polymers and metals, their design exude modern minimalism from every inch. Though typically fitted to houses with a modern interior, these doors can look equally stunning in a classically styled building. To that end, IDA Doors can apply the original building style to the exterior face of the door, while giving the interior a modern look. Such doors’ extensive glass fittings grant them their timeless look. With their low maintenance demands, your choice of aluminium internal doors will be paying dividends for a long time. Wooden doors require regular coats of paint or varnish to keep the material from deteriorating. Not so aluminium doors; they will not tarnish or rust. Cleaning is a breeze; all you’ll need is a simple moistened cloth with some mild detergent. That will take care of all but the most stubborn stains.

Purchasing aluminium internal doors for your home

You’ve decided to enhance your interior design with some aluminium internal doors. Excellent! Of course, you’ll be wanting to purchase these only from a vendor you know you can trust. IDA Doors’ many years of craftsman’s experience and passion makes them the very best company to purchase aluminium internal doors from. For more information or a personal quote, navigate to the IDA Doors website for an easy-to-use contact form. Upon receiving your message they will write back to you promptly with any answers you need.

Basic Tips – How to write a blog


It can be a daunting aspect even contemplating to start a blog, not to mention when you sit down and start the process. Then add a touch more terror when you realise you most probably haven’t written anything worth reading. Trust me, we’ve all been there!


Breaking down the main elements of blog writing into bite size chunks could make the difference between writing the perfect blog and creating content that just isn’t who you are. A blog should include personality with relatable points and topics that will grab your readers attention.


With that in mind, let the tips begin…


Speak it, Write it


So, you’ve got your topic, what will your opening line be? My advice as a blog writing non blog writer is to start off by imaging what you would say if you were to speak out loud. What would you say about a product? How do you feel about this service? And what descriptive words are appropriate?


Make various bullet points or short sentences just to get some thoughts jotted down. When your words start to flow, you could be on to a winner. Now’s the time to keep writing, taking advantage of your creative mind.


If you come to a point where you mind is blank, not to worry. Put your pen down, close your word document and step away from your blog. If your heads not in it, you won’t be happy with your final draft.




We’ve written down your thoughts, where to now? Don’t be ashamed to google that Thesaurus and take some help when it’s needed. As the blog begins to build and you’ve scribbled your thoughts down, you could notice similarities within the text. In my mind, this is perfectly normally. When we speak, we repeat phrases and words all day. Why would this change when we write?


A thesaurus is a fantastic tool to get you out of the writer’s rut. It doesn’t mean you’re not clever or original either. It allows you to branch out with new words, enabling your blog to flow and carry your story. If you can throw a few fancy words in, why the hell not!




As previously mentioned, personality within a blog will keep the readers interested. Yes, you will have a topic to follow but don’t let that put you off. Allow a fun and light-hearted (depending on the topic) side of you to shine through. Easily done when you incorporate certain words and phrases that you understand and use on the regular.


If you’re writing for a company, there must be a level of professionalism. It’s important to remember this so the blog can be a hit with a larger target audience. Each reader will welcome a personality, but the words you choose will be key.


Read, read and read again!


You’ve finished, you’ve finally written a full blog, but it’s not time to celebrate yet. The end is near so no need to panic. The suggestion to read, read and read again, is a tip I can live by. Giving you the opportunity to amend spelling mistakes and add any missing punctuality.


Once you’ve done this, leave your blog until the following day. And read it again. In this time, when your mind has recharged, you notice new things and have new ideas. You’ve given yourself another chance to tweak the sections that didn’t quite fit and replace them with fresh ideas.


These key tips should get you off to a great start and build your writing confidence. You don’t have to be an expert in all that you do, but you can start to learn. Like everything we have achieved, we had to start at the bottom and work our way up. A lesson in life we can certainly learn from.

Meeting location Zuidas

The Zuidas is the business district in Amsterdam. Numerous big names are based here and it doesn’t take long to find a meeting room. Finding a meeting room that exactly meets your needs requires a little more searching. For an effective and successful meeting, it is important that the room has the right facilities you need.

These include professional audiovisual equipment, a wireless presentation system, acoustic ceilings and natural daylight. No less important are the facilities that are offered to ensure that your company remains sharp and energetic. A choice of coffee and tea facilities, accompanied by an excellent lunch, will ensure that your company can perform optimally.

Excellent parking

If you have an important meeting soon or would like to receive customers at a beautiful location, Van der Valk conference hotel Amsterdam is what you are looking for. This hotel near the Zuidas offers 11 rooms, varying in size and layout. As every room is equipped with all modern conveniences, you and your company will not be short of anything.

The location has excellent parking facilities and is easily accessible by car. Located near train stations Amsterdam RAI and Amsterdam Amstel and metro station Overamstel, this hotel on the Zuidas is also suitable for company that travels by public transport.

Meetings & overnight stays

The conference hotel in Amsterdam offers a number of standard meeting packages, but it is also possible to create a tailor-made package. The flexible sales team is at your service. It is also possible to combine a multi-day meeting with an overnight stay at Van der Valk Hotel Amsterdam-Amstel. After a busy day full of meetings, you can relax in your comfortable hotel room and enjoy the wellness facilities, such as the Finnish sauna, Turkish steam bath or swim in the heated outdoor swimming pool.

Interested in Van der Valk conference hotel? Contact the sales team of Van der Valk Hotel Amsterdam-Amstel. They will be happy to help you! You can reach us by phone on 020-801100 or mail your question about reservations @ amsterdam

My story about diamonds and how they arise | Unsaid Library

My interest in diamonds

Gems have always interested me since I was a kid. Not only their beauty, but also their spiritual effect. My mother told and taught me a lot about this, and I regularly went to gemstone fairs with my parents. In addition, my father’s aunt, Aunt Lidwien, was a jeweller by profession. Because of this, my parents also knew a lot about the ‘technical’ side of gems.

Unsaid Library makes it possible to express your emotions using beautiful pieces of jewelry. Unsaid Library combines the most intens emotions with the most beautiful bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants. You can find more of this on the website of Unsaid Library.

A diamond is a girl’s best friend’ sang Marilyn Monroe, and I have to admit, exclusive jewellery with diamonds does indeed have an enormous attraction for me. On my left ring finger shines a beautiful BAUNAT engagement ring, and when the sun shines on it I can just look at it. The light reflects all the colours of the rainbow through the stone. The brilliance of a diamond is so enchantingly beautiful. There is no other stone that sparkles as beautifully as this one, in my opinion it has something truly magical.

How do diamonds arise?

Did you know that diamonds actually consist of the same raw material as your pencil? After all, both of them originate from carbon, one of our most important chemical elements. Diamond is of course a more rare form of carbon than the graphite in your pencil. It takes millions of years before carbon in the deepest layers of the earth is crystallized into a diamond under high pressure and temperature. Natural diamonds are quite rare. To give you an idea: on average, about 250 tons of earth have to be moved to form 1 carat diamond.

Unsaid Library makes it possible to express your emotions using beautiful pieces of jewelry. Unsaid Library combines the most intens emotions with the most beautiful bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants. You can find more of this on the website of Unsaid Library.

Diamond is one of the hardest materials in nature. From a scale of 1 to 10 diamonds have a hardness of 10. Only a diamond can damage another diamond. This gives me certainty on the one hand (I don’t have to be afraid to damage my diamond when I bump into something), but on the other hand it is also something to take into account when I store my jewellery.

Because diamonds are so hard, they are also widely used in industry. For example, the dentist has a drill with a diamond head. And it is also used when drilling for oil. In addition, opticians use diamonds when cutting spectacle lenses.

Diamonds are mined in about 35 countries around the world, but they are most commonly found in South Africa, Russia and Botswana. In Australia, most industrial diamonds are mined. Where diamonds are also common are India, Siberia, Brazil, China, Canada and the United States.

What is a carat?

Both diamonds and gold are marked with carats, so this may cause some confusion. In the case of gold, carat is the unit that indicates the amount of precious metal, or purity. One carat equals 1/24th of a mass of pure precious metal, so 24K gold is considered to be 100% gold. A common content is 18K gold, which is 75% pure gold mixed with 25% other metals. You can recognize this content by the stamp .750 that has to be printed somewhere very small in the jewellery.

In the case of diamonds (and other gems) the unit carat works differently. This is not about a content, but about the MESSAGE of the stone. One carat corresponds to 0.2 grams (200 milligrams). If a diamond weighs 100 milligrams, then you speak of half a carat.

Unsaid Library makes it possible to express your emotions using beautiful pieces of jewelry. Unsaid Library combines the most intens emotions with the most beautiful bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants. You can find more of this on the website of Unsaid Library.

And to make it even more complicated, a carat is subdivided into 100 ‘dots’. So a diamond of 75 dots weighs 0.75 carats.

Why is one diamond much more expensive than another?

Did you know that there are also coloured diamonds? Diamonds really exist in all colours of the rainbow. There are yellow, blue, green, pink, black, brown and even red diamonds. Worldwide only a few red diamonds are found per year and usually they are small specimens of less than 0.5 carat. Coloured diamonds are super rare and that makes them much more expensive. The more intense the colour, the bigger the price tag.

With colorless diamonds, a number of factors are taken into account to determine the price. The size and weight (in other words, the carat), but also the color, purity and cut play an important role. For convenience these factors are also called the 4 C’s: carat, color, clarity and cut.

Colour & purity

And how exactly do you determine the colour of a colourless diamond, you might wonder? Every colourless diamond looks white and colourless at first sight, but professionals can distinguish subtle colour differences based on an international diamond colour scale. The more colourless the diamond, the more precious it is.

As far as purity is concerned, a professional with a magnifying glass (10 x magnification under normal light) looks at inclusions. The fewer inclusions, the purer the diamond, the more beautiful the light is reflected and the stronger the brilliance will be. Pure diamonds, i.e. diamonds

How to pick the perfect wedding rings

Are you getting married in a couple of months? Then you’ll need a set of wedding rings. 

Finding the perfect design is easier said than done. That’s why the goldsmiths of Wim Meeussen give you some buying tips:

1) Pick the right material

First and foremost, you need to decide on the material of the wedding ring. Do you want something classic in yellow gold? A trendy white gold ring? Or do you prefer the feminine beauty of rose gold? This choice is very important, because it influences the look and feel. 

2) Choose a purity

Once you have picked a material, you need to choose the purity. Purity is represented by the carat/karat number. Usueally, wedding rings come in 14 and 18 karat gold. The higher this number, the higher the price, because it contains more precious metals. So a 18 karat ring is more valuable than a 14 karat model.

3) Find your favorite design

Next, it’s time to choose a design. Wedding rings come in various shapes and sizes. There are very thin rings, thick ones, with a modern style or a classic look, with or without a diamond, etc. There’s plenty of choice for everybody. Just make sure that the design matches your wedding dress. This way, they complement each other.

4) Don’t follow trends

A piece of advice when you’re buying a wedding ring: don’t follow trends. Most trens only last a couple of years. But a wedding ring lasts a lifetime. That’s why it’s a good idea to go for a classic design that will look good in ten or twenty years from now.

5) Go for a custom made ring

If you can’t find the perfect ring for your wedding; don’t panic. You can always order a bespoke design. There are plenty of goldsmiths that can turn your dreams into reality. Custom handmade rings might not come cheap, but it’s a small price to pay to find the perfect design for this special occasion.

An Introduction to Indian Tourist Visa and Who Needs It

For years, India has been renowned as a diverse nation with a mixed cultural background, secularism, and distinct natural landscapes. This has eventually served the purpose of tourism in India and captivated the attention of a plethora of local and foreign tourists. Although Indian tourists can traverse in entire India with no difficulty or restrictions, foreign tourists are required to obtain an Indian tourist visa to get an entry in India. A tourist visa is an official permit granted by the Indian government to the eligible foreign nationals who intent on traveling to Indian to explore its tourism sector. The purpose of travel served on an Indian tourist visa is recreation, sightseeing, or visits to friends or relatives. You cannot obtain a tourist visa for any purpose other than these, neither business nor medical treatment. Also, if you are a foreign national and applying for an Indian tourist visa, make sure you don’t own any occupation and residence in India.

For foreign tourists, an Indian tourist visa will be a permit to explore most of the country but not all. There are certain regions in India, where even an Indian tourist visa holder is not permitted to enter. These areas include certain secluded and security concerned regions like Arunachal Pradesh, Ladakh, northern Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, border regions of Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir military area, etc. This rule has been introduced for the safety of the foreign nationals only, so they stay protected while on Indian tour. Although there is a Protected Area Permit (PAP) that such tourists can obtain while on their tour in India, yet they will be allowed to travel to these regions only with a trekking group.

Every year, different foreign nationals request Indian tourist visa for different duration of time, hence, this visa is issued based on the duration of stay in India. Those foreign nationals who are planning an Indian tour for as short as ninety days should opt for an Indian e-tourist visa and those who aim to stay from six months to more than a year must apply for a regular tourist visa. While the validity of an Indian tourist e visa is only one year, the applicants can get it for more than one year to at most ten years on a regular tourist visa.

As per the bilateral agreement between the Indian government and the government of Nepal and Bhutan, a tourist traveling from Nepal and Bhutan is not entitled to obtain an Indian visa and can travel in and out of the country with no particular possession of the Indian visa. Moreover, those foreign nationals whose desired duration of stay in India is less than seventy-two hours and don’t have a return ticket with them, should apply for an Indian tourist visa. In case, they have a return ticket, they can disclose it to the Indian consulate and obtain an Indian transit visa instead of a tourist visa, no matter what their purpose of travel is.

In a nutshell, an Indian tourist visa is suitable for only tourism purpose and that too in areas that are not protected or pose a threat to the security of the travelers. If you try to go against the Indian visa rule and travel on a tourist visa for a purpose other than tourism, you can call for a serious penalty or even imprisonment.

Law firm specialized in art and equine law

Not many law firms are specialized in art law or equine law. Schelstraete Lawyers in he Netherlands has been active in the field of equine law for over thirty years now. It’s funny how the founder, Luc Schelstraete, was asked more frequently about equine related legal issues at the time he was a young lawyer and a rider himself.

As one thing led to another, the firm has 6 lawyers working at business, art and equine related cases. Luc is considered to be a well known equine lawyer across Europe and the United States. In 2016 he founded the European Us-Asian Equine Lawyers: an alliance of law firms with a strong focus on equine law in Europe and the US.

Equine law is not only for riders

Equine law is not just for riders who have a disagreement with their national or global equestrian organisation (like the FEI). It also helps business owners in the equestrian world. In order to make a good solid deal, a foolproof contract is needed to avoid any uncertainties or even legal disputes. When it comes to horses who compete at the highest levels, a lot of money is involved. Schelstraete advises in many topics directly related to the equine sport such as:

  • drawing up contracts for the purchase and sale of horses and ponies, at a national and international level;
  • providing advice and assistance to clients in litigation relating to purchases of horses and ponies
  • legal evaluations of veterinary reports
  • the drafting and assessment of contracts concerning partnerships between horse owners, equestrian sport companies, sponsors and their riders/horsewomen;
  • assisting horse owners and/or riders in disciplinary proceedings at a national and on FEI level;
  • assisting veterinarians with legal matters;
  • advising and providing guidance to professional (equestrian) organisations in the civil law field.

Passion for art

Luc Schelstraete is legal counsel of VSN (Dutch Association of Sport Horse Dealers) and of many high ranked multinational equine entrepreneurs, trainers, equine authorities, National Federations and top athletes.
The art law is his second main interest. Similar to the equine business the art business is international and developing fast. Luc has represented many international art dealers in The Netherlands, Belgium and France.