Physical Agile tools to use with your scrum board

At PATboard, we are ambitious to make people enthusiastic about the agile business world of scrum, kanban and lean. We believe that these agile methods will boost every project and will lead businesses to be more successful. 

Our mission

People Are Talents (PAT), and at PATboard we create physical agile tools that allow people to get the best out of themselves and their team. With our agile tools, you can create an overview of all the tasks of your project, which improves visibility for all stakeholders. By using physical agile tools, your team will work more efficiently, deliver higher quality and perhaps most importantly: have more fun! Our ultimate mission is to boost your team’s performance, communication and creativity, with our physical tools.

What are the bonuses of working with a physical board?

Making your project visual by creating a simple overview of your tasks with the help of a physical board will activate and stimulate your team. A board that you can actually touch and interact with will not only stimulate team communication and collaboration, but it will also boost creativity. In addition, the physical scrum or kanban board will leave your team with a feeling of achievement, every time a task can be moved from the ‘’To do’’ column to the ‘’Done’’ column. After a task is finished, your team can immediately see what needs to be done next. This way, the team efficiency increases and no time will be lost!

The product assortment of PATboard

To facilitate the need for a physical scrum board and bring more fun to workplaces, the PATboard team (full of agile enthusiasts) has designed a range of colorful and durable tools that support the idea. You can find everything you need to create your own personal scrum or kanban board in our store, including magnetic sticky notes: TASKcards, STORYcards, IMPEDIMENTcards, and COLUMNcards, and column dividers PATlanes. The magnetic cards can be reused after every sprint, because you can easily clean them with water. Like this, you can stop wasting paper by throwing away sticky notes after every use. Reusing PATboard products is better for the environment!The cards don’t fall off your board, the ink doesn’t smudge, they are stackable, and thanks to the tab on the corner of each card it is easy to take them from the board and place them somewhere else. We design and manufacture our own products with passion to give them the best looks, and by doing this we ensure top quality to all our customers.

A double deck trailer for optimal transport of goods

When you want to transport large amount of goods you would like to depend on excellent facilities. That is where Blankers Transport comes in. They offer double deck trucks and trailers  in which you can transport anything. Loading goods into a double deck trailer looks different from a standard issue truck, considering you have more loading space that can be used in an efficient way. An implemented hydraulic lift mechanism can be used to place your goods safely in the trailer. It is even possible to double or triple stack your goods without losing stability. Blankers Transport offers you the ultimate way to transport a variety of goods in a single truck.

Maximizing cargo space for your goods

The 40 trucks that are available at Blankers Transport will surely be able to accommodate your products. It is able to travel all across Europe with these double deck trucks. If you need to transport over long distances, then you will have no problem when inquiring Blankers Transport. Think about the difficulties in transporting voluminous goods such as matrasses and foam products. Put an end to these inconveniences with a double deck trailer. The trailer is designed in such a way that any product can be safely stored in there, without risking any damage during the drive. What more do you need?

Contact the employees

Do you believe that the double deck trailer from Blankers Transport might be the ideal solution for the transport of your goods? Then make sure you contact their employees and explain your situation to them. They can identify what issues might come up during a possible transport and provide you with the ideal solution to prevent these inconveniences. Enjoy a flawless transport of your large and small goods with these trucks and discover the pleasure of working with a partner that is experienced and skilled in its field.

How Many Calories Do You Burn While Fasting?

Undoubtedly, fasting is extremely beneficial for health and can play an important role in weight loss if it is done correctly. It is common to assume that by eating less food, your weight will eventually come down. However, it must be done the correct way to make sure you can lose weight quickly and easily via fasting. According to some weight experts, the number of calories burned during the fasting is directly proportional to the muscularity of your body.

This article deals with the working of the body during intermittent fasting and the way it burns calories. Moreover, some useful strategies to increase weight loss are also discussed.

Calories Burned While Fasting

The number of calories being burned as well as consumed vary from person to person on the basis of metabolism rate, living conditions like weather, and overall body structure. As a result, the gap between the number of calories being consumed and the calories being used by the body for energy is also different. Some studies indicate that about 60 to 70 percent of calorie burning is impacted by the metabolic rate. Similarly, the heating effect of food affects the process by approximately 10% and body structure by 10 to 30 percent.

As stated in the start, muscles are more important in burning calories than fat. It simply means that the more muscles you have, the more calories will be burned, even without any significant physical activity because the metabolism rate is high in muscular bodies.

While the amount of calories burned during fasting is dependent on various factors, there are some proven statistical data available in this regard. A single pound of muscle is believed to burn up to 50 calories, which means five pounds of muscle mass can burn about 250 calories while fasting. Comparatively, five founds of fat can burn up to 20 calories only.

How to increase Weight Loss During Fasting?

Weight loss occurs while fasting due to the processes of lipolysis and hydrolysis. These bodily functions include the breakage and hydrolyzation of fats and lipids. As a result, mitochondria – power cells of the body – can utilize the remaining fatty acids to produce energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

ATP molecules are used up by the body to get energy, and the process is accelerated while exercising as well as fasting. The best way to increase weight loss via fasting is to gain more muscles. Obviously, it would not be possible to gain muscles while fasting due to a restricted diet. Hence, you need to plan strategically. Spend a few months in working out and building a muscular body, and then start fasting.

Many trainers and experts can help you in building muscles via exercise, appropriate supplements, and a balanced healthy diet. Foods like beets, chicken breast, buckwheat, almonds, tuna, kidney beans, salmon, eggs, and many others should be included in your diet. Ultimately, you will gain more muscles and will be able to enjoy enhanced weight loss while fasting.



As seen from the above explanation, there is no definite number of calories burned while fasting because it is highly dependent on your body type, among other factors. It is highly recommended that you start building muscles and increase your metabolic rate for more weight loss and gain the maximum benefits of fasting.

Jobs in South-East-London

Oudste account manager

Cv-library south east england arts/graphic design

Our client is looking for either an account manager or senior account manager to join our strategy-led vormgeving agency at the head office in buckinghamshire. We’re looking for someone who loves building amazing and long-lasting relationships with our clients. If this sounds like the kind of challenge you’re interested in, then read on. What is the role? we are looking to continue the growth of our client by splitting the traditional role of an account handler in two – client instituten and ongelijkheid delivery, and this role is all about client services. Servicing our clients has been the bedrock their success as an agency. We need to ensure this ethos continues which is why the role is key in maintaining service levels and relationships with our clients. The client instituten role is metselspecie into 4 areas each with their own competencies and supporting kpi’s. 1. Client integration – strategic thinking, planning and understanding the client’s needs. Plan with them, provide onderzoek for them, share insights about their sectors, go to belangrijk events with them and steun them in their job roles and as a business. 2. Commercial acumen – having written the kaps for your client portfolio, use your judgement on all projects no matter what the situation to deliver the kap. There is no financial target put against you, however our management system – synergist – will help you track your client’s projects and the subsequent financial performance. 3. New opportunity development – whilst we have an outbound business development team, you will be expected to a ) find opportunities and provide solutions for new and existing contacts within your client portfolio and b ) take on inbound zicht opportunities and convert them. 4. Ongelijkheid steun and oversight – pre, during and post. It starts by ensuring the solution proposals you have created, presented and had approved by the client, are briefed into the delivery team so statement of works can be created and followed. And it ends with evaluating how well the ongelijkheid was delivered. You will have a client portfolio that is varied with regard to the sectors they work in and the type of problems you’ll be expected to solve. We work primarily in b2b brand and campaigns, in a variety of media. Being strategy-led means the idea always precedes the execution, form always follows function. Who are we looking for? someone who : – wants to be in the client environment and not tied to a desk – listens and understands the challenges clients have – converts nuggets of information into opportunities – distils and translates complex information into a solution the client needs – thinks on their feet and uses their initiative – works autonomously as well as in a team – prides themselves on the highest standards possible – has a strong ethos in client management and servicing – knows what fun looks like and has the ability to relate with everybody

What you Need to Know About Night Golf

Simply put, night golf just means playing golf after dark with help from night golf equipment like glow sticks, GPS watches, glow golf balls, floodlights, and others.


The concept of golf as being solely a daytime activity practically every place in the world is starting to come to an end, as night courses have emerged all over the world equipped with full capacity floodlights that allow golfers to fully enjoy the game whether it is during the day or at night.


In this article, we will be providing all of the tips that are needed by golf enthusiasts who enjoy playing golf at night and golf organizers to learn about the best and basic golf equipment that is well-suited for night golfers all over the globe.


Night Golf Course


The most important necessity for all night golfers is night golf courses. Although most courses all over the world end playing golf at sunset, there are some courses that keep going by just turning the floodlights on that fully light up the whole course to provide another great experience for golfers.


The concept of night golf was put to the test in 2018 by European Tour at the Dubai Desert Classis where state-of-the-art floodlights were installed are the ninth and eighteenth greens at the Emirate Golf Club’s Majlis course. Although the floodlights are mainly installed from the tees to the greens, they often do not cover the whole rough area. This is something that golfers need to keep in mind, especially those who tend to hit their golf balls deep in the rough. 


The following are some of the world’s best night golf courses:


Faldo Championship is an 18 hole course in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the Emirates Golf Course;


9 hole garden course in Abu Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the Abu Dhabi Golf Course;


3 hole, Par-2 Academy course in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates at Yas Links.


It costs hundreds of dollars to light a course combined with the expense of additional staff members in the major reason why most courses would prefer night golf equipment instead of having state-of-the-art floodlights being installed.


Night Golf Balls


A more highly visible golf ball is needed to play golf at night. These are balls that glow or have some type of lighting to help the golfer easily hit and find it after each swing so that golf balls are not lost. Thre are many glow-in-the-dark golf balls that are currently available in today’s market like the glow in the dark 4 Nighthawk, Championship sports ground, and Glow V1 golf balls and others as well.


There are three different kinds of glow in the dark golf balls:


LED golf balls

Glow stick golf balls

UV powered golf balls


The best type of night golf balls is the UV powered golf balls.


Glow V1 Night Golf Balls: Best Glow in the Dark Golf Balls


The Glow VI is not only the best golf ball because it glows but also it has the best features when compared with the other night golf balls that are available. The UV light-activated balls provide qualities that rival others, not just as glow balls, since they offer similar distance, although they are limited in feel and spin. If you’re interested then check this site and buy glowing golf balls for your tournament.



The top-quality golf ball has a UV light. It charges the ball for 60 seconds and then stays bright for a total of 15 minutes which makes it easier to find the ball in the dark before it is recharged. Glow VI has been designed for the golfer’s complete satisfaction and provides impressive battery life. The UV light does need to have a 3AAA battery, so it is recommended to charge the ball after each hole.



GolfBuddy Voice 2: Best GPS Watch


It is very important to know how far away your ball is from the hole when you plat at night. The affordable Golfbuddy Voice 2 is the top GPS watch and beats the competition from Bushnell Neo Plus Golf GPS and Garmin Approach G8 Handheld Golf GPS.


GolfBuddy Voice 2 comes preloaded with more than 40,000 courses and it has Auto-hole Advance features that to the next hole automatically depending on where you happen to be on the course. Although it is small and is easy to lose, other features such as a 14-hour battery, being waterproof, and the Talk function make it the best GPS watch you can find at Amazon for less than $100.


Golf Headlamps


Headlamps are essential to play night golf since it provides you with an improved view of your immediate surrounds so you can avoid stepping into water and bunkers. If also can help golfers or club staff find animals that are around at night in order to avoid hurting or hitting them. Although a flashlight is another option, a headlamp allows you to swing longer and better while providing better visibility as well.


Glow Sticks for Holes, Flagsticks, Greens, and Fairways


Glow sticks are another good type of equipment that is needed for playing night golf. The sticks are used as a type of marking tool around rough, flagsticks, holes, greens, and fairways to help guide golfers around the golf course. Although glow sticks help to maximize a golfer’s experience, they can be fairly expensive when you need to buy a lot of them to help golfers at night. Having a minimum of 10 bordering each green, 10 along each of the fairways, and having some around the holes, flagsticks, and rough should be sufficient.

Jobs in London


Senior safety engineer

Senior safety engineer opportunity in london with an established company who work in the energy market.

The person they are looking for must have experience working on upstream and downstream oil and gas projects as a technical/process safety engineer providing steun and technical solutions. You must have a strong understanding of most of the following methods/tools including : qra, lopa, sil, alarp, hazop and hazids.

This is a unique opportunity to join a company who have responsibility throughout the complete process from conceptual vormgeving stage through to operations. You will get the chance to work on live projects and provide “real time” safety solutions as well as providing the steun at vormgeving stage. The projects you will be working on will mainly be on upstream oil and gas projects with some packages on onshore facilities also. The company also work in the renewable energy space so it will be a good opportunity for you to experience how technical safety supports this area. The company have been established for nearly 50 years and pride themselves on being progressive, sustainable and supportive. They have learnt a great deal from the successes but have also gained a great deal from realising mistakes and making improvements. They encourage a strong “teamwork” approach to all the disciplines in the business and have invested time and money in to making sure every employee has the chance to progress and develop skills and ambition. What they need : senior safety engineer with experience in the oil and gas sector someone who enjoys providing bespoke solutions and can think outside the box senior safety engineer who has a degree in safety, risk, chemical engineering or closely related someone who wants to be part of a team who help each other senior safety engineer who has the technical depth to provide solutions at vormgeving stage someone who is interested in working on renewables projects senior safety engineer who can communicate at all levels internally and externally please know that we understand thesis are difficult and strange times but our client has been very clear to instruct us they want to vraaggesprek people and employ someone as soon as possible. In the first instance the interviews will be carried out remotely.

To find out more about this opportunity please voeling me in confidence

factors or mental health

Mental health and illness are influenced by a complex interplay of factors — some that can be controlled or modified, and others that cannot. It is often helpful to think of mental health as being dually influenced by risk factors as well as protective factors. Risk factors may include family history of mental illness or adverse childhood events, while protective factors may include the presence of a nurturing parent/guardian and other positive social supports.  World Federation For Mental Health (WFMH)Mental health is determined by socio-economic and environmental factors:

read more factors that disturbs mental health.

  • Multiple and interacting social, psychological, and biological factors, just as health and illness in general.
  • The clearest evidence is associated with indicators of poverty, including low levels of education, and in some studies with poor housing and poor income. Increasing and persisting socio-economic disadvantages for individuals and for communities are recognized risks to mental health.
  • The greater vulnerability of disadvantaged people in each community to mental health disorders may be explained by such factors as the experience of insecurity and hopelessness, rapid social change, and the risks of violence and physical ill-health.
  • A climate that respects and protects basic civil, political, socio-economic and cultural rights is also fundamental to mental health promotion. Without the security and freedom provided by these rights, it is very difficult to maintain a high level of mental health.


A calculator is a small device that is used for performing simple and complex mathematical operations. Calculators are used by everyone, from school students for simple calculations to scientists for very complex and scientific operations.

Students love to use the calculator and why not! With just a few clicks of a button, they can get right answers in a matter of seconds. Calculators are also very easily available. Every smartphone has an in-built Calculator application. People can perform calculations on-the-go without depending on anyone. People can even get an electronic calculator at any retail store for cheap prices. If you are using a computer or laptop, you can do complex operations in no time. But in most cases, people use solar-powered or battery-powered calculator for their day-to-day operations.

Calculators are so common today but neither it was cheap nor it was easily accessible a few years back. The first calculator was only developed in the early 1960s. As microprocessors were created and computer technology advanced, pocket calculators were introduced. These devices were smaller and cheaper and could easily fit into the pockets. By 1980s, calculators were so affordable that they were commonly found in schools.

How does a Calculator Work?

A calculator generally comprises of a processor chip, sensors, display, physical keys and a battery. Calculators depend on integrated circuits, which has transistors for performing mathematical calculations. These transistors can be turned on or off using electricity through the battery. Basic operations like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication can be easily done in a small basic calculator. For performing complex calculations, the integrated circuit in a calculator should have more transistors. The scientific calculators, which are commonly used by many these days, can perform incredibly complex and advanced mathematical calculations.

We use numbers in base-ten format, which has ten digits (from 0-10). But calculators work by processing data in binary form (0 and1). When you press a number on a calculator, it gets converted into binary form. The series of 0s and 1s will turn on and off the transistors for performing the desired calculation. After the operation gets complete, the result in the binary form will get converted into the base-ten format and then displayed on the LCD screen of the calculator.

Calculators have evolved a lot since it was first developed in the 1960s. Nowadays, they are used by students in schools and colleges, people in businesses and employees in technical jobs. The calculator is a great invention as it has reduced a lot of time to perform simple and complex arithmetic operations.

6 Reasons Why You Should Get Paid in Cryptocurrency

While cryptocurrencies have been around for a decade now, it’s no denying that for most people outside the cryptosphere, both they and their underlying technology, the blockchain, remain novelties.

Many analysts agree that things will only get better for cryptocurrencies and the crypto-market. Therefore, particularly now that the market is bearish, you wouldn’t be the first person to think of some form of investment.

Help cryptos become more mainstream

It may not be the most important reason for wanting to be paid in cryptocurrencies, but you can be sure it counts. Being paid in cryptocurrency means that you are financially independent from the government because you participate in a parallel economic system outside the fiduciary sphere.

As more and more people start investing in cryptocurrencies, their traditional adoption rates will skyrocket. By being paid in crypto, you essentially participate in a crypto economy.

Spend less on fees

Due to the unique nature of cryptocurrencies, when your employer pays you in the form of cryptocurrencies, the funds go directly into your crypto wallet without paying any fees. The same is true when it comes to sending money to a recipient in another part of the world.

Typical money transfers are usually quite expensive and can even take a few days to be processed. Usually a cryptocurrency transaction takes place almost instantly (there are cases where this is not true). Another big advantage is the almost total absence of fees for making payments with cryptocurrencies.

More freedom

One of the main advantages of cryptocurrencies is the fact that they can be transferred anywhere in the world almost instantly. To put it as simply as possible, cryptocurrencies do not recognize typical borders.

Since cryptocurrencies offer a high degree of transparency, they guarantee that you cannot do anything that the other cannot see. Speaking of freedom, cryptocurrencies allow you to trade anytime, be it at night, on weekends, or on holidays when banks and other financial institutions are down. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, which means that they do not depend on any supervisory authority, but they are regulated by their users.

No inflation

We have already indicated that cryptocurrencies are not subject to the normal boundaries and restrictions that their fiduciary counterparts must follow. One of the main advantages of paying in cryptocurrencies is that they are not subject to inflation. Of course, to some extent, inflation is still present in the world of cryptography (as it is necessary to entice miners).

In the case of typical banking systems, inflation rates are mostly unknown, since central banks can very well print any amount of money without requiring public acceptance. In the case of cryptocurrencies, the inflation rate is known.

High divisibility

An additional advantage of being paid in crypto is represented by the great divisibility of the cryptocurrency. That said, cryptocurrencies give you the ability to make thousands of transactions, regardless of their size.

Improved security

Because cryptocurrencies are decentralized and use modern encryption technologies, we can assert their security. In short, if a series of generic steps are taken, it is virtually impossible for a stranger to access your wallet without knowing the complex cryptographic key.

On, our main goal is to inform people about cryptocurrency. You will find information about Exchanges, Coins and trading.

Professionele cursussen op het gebied van systemisch werk en NLP voor beginners én gevorderden

De practitioner NLP opleiding van De eerste verdieping is erop gericht jou een aantal concrete handvaten te geven waarmee je echt meer uit je leven zult halen. Waar dat ‘meer’ voor staat, is natuurlijk afhankelijk van persoonlijke dromen, behoeften, waarden et cetera. In algemene termen leer je sterker en krachtiger te zijn. Verschillende communicatievaardigheden scherp je aan zodat er een beter contact met jezelf en de dierbaren om je heen ontstaat. De training is niet zwaar op de hand en zeker niet ingewikkeld. De opleiders spelen in op wat er in de groep speelt; waar behoefte aan is. Ieder individu is daarbij even belangrijk. Vaak is het zo dat de een het fijn vindt zijn verhaal te delen en de ander liever een beetje op de achtergrond blijft. Beide houdingen zijn OK en worden 100% gerespecteerd. De lessen hebben altijd een positief uitgangspunt.

Met een opleiding systemisch werken krijg je inzicht in patronen die al jarenlang -bewust of onbewust- een belemmering vormen in je leven. We leggen uit wat we met patronen bedoelen. Kleine kinderen zijn eerlijk, open en ‘gewoon zichzelf’. Helaas leren we als we opgroeien een masker, of zelfs verschillende maskers te dragen. Dit heeft te maken met het feit dat we heel vroeg in ons leven in bepaalde rollen belanden. Rollen waar we vaak niet zelf voor kiezen en ook niet zomaar uit kunnen stappen. Zomaar een paar voorbeelden. De jongste in het gezin die een beetje verwend en ontzien wordt. De oudste dochter die na een scheiding de verantwoordelijkheid voelt voor haar broertjes te zorgen. De werknemer die altijd de haastklussen krijgt toegewezen en daar eigenlijk geen waardering voor krijgt. De vriendin die altijd klaar staat om naar iedereen te luisteren en iedereen te helpen. Leren zien welke rol, welk patroon in jouw leven overheerst en daar vervolgens stapje voor stapje iets aan veranderen. Dat is wat je leert tijdens de training systemisch werk.