Discover the Parker watermaker and other water systems

Are you interested in purchasing a Parker watermaker? AquaControl Marine is a Premium Service Distributor of portable water systems from Parker HRO (Horizon Reverse Osmosis), Sea Recovery and Village Marine. The company delivers reliable watermakers of the highest quality. They mostly supply to companies that are active in the marine & offshore industries. Would you like to know more about compact watermakers? Are you interested in energy efficient watermakers or fully automatic watermakers? Or are you looking for a silent watermaker? The company offers a suitable watermaker for every application and each situation. They do not only supply high-quality products, but they also offer the best services. Their service department is available 24/7 and is fast and skilled enough to provide services worldwide.

High-quality portable water systems

AquaControl Marine offers several types of watermakers, including ones suitable for limited spaces and limited power options. The portable water systems have been designed and developed to be user-friendly, serviceable and cutting edge. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a small, medium and large potable watermaker from HRO (Horizon Reverse Osmosis), Sea Recovery and Parker Village Marine: using the water systems you produce safe drinking water of the highest quality. You can choose from different types:

  • Seafari Versatile: this watermaker is available as a Compact Self Contained system and a Modular system which offers unlimited installation options for limited spaces. It is ideal for activities, such as weekend fishing.
  • Seafari Mini: this watermaker is ideal for power yachts or sailboats up to 45ft with little space to spare.
  • Seafari Quest: this watermaker feaures automatic operation and is engineered for boaters with limited power options.

Get in touch to learn more

Would you like to purchase a watermaker from Parker Village Marine, HRO or Sea Recovery? Or do you want to receive some more information on the brands or products and receive some tailored advice? Contact AquaControl Marine to get more information. You can reach them by telephone or you could fill out the contact form on their website. To stay updated on new developments and products, you can also subscribe to the newsletter.



Bottle Up alternative to plastic bottles

One million single-use PET bottles are sold every minute worldwide. Even though these bottles are recyclable, very few make it into a new bottle. Instead 60% of these bottles end up in landfill or worse, our rivers and oceans.


The alternative to plastic bottles

How can we solve this problem? Quite simply, by reducing the number of single-use bottles being consumed. The easiest and most eco-friendly solution on the go, is to refill a reusable bottle from a drinking water station. A perfect alternative to plastic bottles.


Tap water is often very safe to drink and more and more filling stations are being installed in major cities around the world to ensure water is easily accessible.


There are different ways of producing reusable water bottles, for example using fossil-based plastic, glass or aluminium. Fortunately, there are also other more sustainable options available at an affordable price.


Sugar cane & local water

Bottle Up bottles are made from Sugar Cane, a bio-based and renewable source. The raw material is produced from pressing the sugar cane plant, while the traditional plastic bottles use fossil sourced raw materials like oil and gas


To make the production process as efficient as possible, Bottle Up look for water and bottling partners who are located as near to each together as possible.


As Bottle Up expands to more locations across Europe, they will make sure to replicate the same production process in each country: local partners working close together to reduce transport costs and the impact on the environment. 

Bottle Up reusable water bottles

Bottle Up offer a 500ml reusable bottle, a great size for on the go drinking. As they are made from bio-based material and reusable, the bottles are more environmentally friendly than single-use plastic bottles. The bottles are easy to wash, safe to refill and 100% suitable for recycling.


As Bottle Up aim to target on-the-go consumers who are mostly active in large cities, they have designed beautiful bottles with city designs. These bottles have a unique font and colour, designed and chosen especially for specific cities in mind. Besides the city bottles they offer a more generic bottle with a WATER design in four colours.


Water projects

The sales of Bottle Up support water projects set up by charity: water and environment awareness programs in Sri Lanka. This way reusable water bottles will not only help the environment, but also ensure that everyone in the world can enjoy safe and clean drinking water.


Madden NFL 21: What Is New In The Game?

Madden NFL 21’s actuality since the release of the game, has been filled with updates and various fixes. This is unusual for a game all about competition and detrimental to the franchise as a whole. Fortunately, after weeks of patching, fixing, and additions to the game, EA seems to have started thinking about the game’s future. In this article, we will cover a big announcement about the game and the latest player ratings update.

On October 28, EA has announced that they would collaborate with Learfield IMG College to launch Level Next: The largest official collegiate esports league in history. This collaboration will span over several years and concerns more than 2500 schools in the United States of America. Madden NFL 21 will be the first EA Sports’ game franchise featured in the partnership but it will be joined by other games over time.

The first Level next competition will be the Fall Champions Series and will feature Madden NFL 21. The tournament will begin on November 9 and is open to the college students of select universities. The tournament will last eight weeks with a regular season, playoffs, and a championship. The registered students will compete to win a part of the $150,000 prize pool, good news for students

EA has also presented the second season of Madden NFL 21. This season is called The Wave and it will bring new features to the game. This season is dedicated to “the innovators, the originators, and those courageous enough to push the game to the next level.” The Wave will feature new weekly gear drops and an endless run mode in Superstar KO. Season 2 will also introduce Autumn Blast for Madden Ultimate Team with new content.

On another note, the player ratings update for week 8 is now available. This week’s biggest performance is attributed to D.K. Metcalf of Seattle Seahawks, Tee Higgins of Cincinnati Bengals, and Keenan Allen of Los Angeles Chargers. They had outstanding matches this week and their ratings went up as a result. On the contrary, Marquise Brown of the Baltimore Ravens and Amari Cooper of Dallas Cowboys ratings decreased due to bad performance. You can buy MUT coins at the best prices on U7buy to build your ultimate team.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

FIFA 21: Update 4: Career Mode And Pro Clubs

We continue this series of articles covering update 4 for FIFA Football 21. Update 4 has made huge changes and improvements to the base game. In this article, we will be covering the Career mode as well as Pro Clubs.

There have been four major changes to Career mode. You will now be able to choose a player to perform a training drill, even if that player is already doing a training drill. On the training screen, the UI has been changed to give better visual feedback on potential sharpness gains. The schedule rules will now be easier to see on the Weekly Schedule screen for Training. Lastly, there will be more youth players’ gears.

The patch has fixed several issues experienced by the players in career mode. The player lock will now be available if you start a match using the Interactive Match Sim. Center forwards will take less time to be retrained as strikers. The camera will now behave normally when entering a simulated match during the second half. News Items will now be displayed correctly and youth scouts will now find a different number of good players by country.

There has only been one minor change to the Pro Clubs mode, you will have more time to request a celebration. Some issues have also been addressed in the mode. The radar will now shift along with the active camera. You will no longer gain control of your teammates by accident. Accessibility options will give proper feedback when activated. The UI of the mode has also been adjusted in certain instances to avoid errors.

Changes have also been made to the graphics and audio of the game. Jack Rose and Adil Rami’s heads have been added to the game. Generally, the patch has updated several items in the game. The patch has also fixed various issues in the game. There should no longer be some cuts during matches. Fireworks will display correctly during the UEFA Europa League Final. The patch will also fix stability issues and various audio and visual bugs.

This concludes our series of articles covering update 4 for FIFA 21. The next-gen consoles will release in a few days, we will be waiting for news about the next-gen version of the game. U7buy offers you cheap FUT 21 coins to help you.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

Discover this real estate agent in Fuerteventura

Hiring a professional real estate agent in Fuerteventura can be quite the task. Where do you even begin to look for such a professional? Fortunately, there is Fuerte-Royal in Costa Calma, Fuerteventura. This expert company is your best option when you are looking for a real estate agent in this area. Are you looking to buy a property to let out or do you want to invest in a property as a summer house? It does not matter wat the reason is that you are looking for a property, the expert employees of this company are eager to assist you.

What are you looking for in a property?

As the best real estate agent in Fuerteventura, Fuerte-Royal is your partner when it comes to finding property. Whether it is for renting of for actually buying the property, this company is the place to go. They have every insight in bungalows, fincas, houses, villas and apartments. They know all there is to know about the housing market on the island. Therefore, they are the perfect partner to assist you when you are looking for the right property. The expert employees of this company are more than happy to assist you with the search.

Get in touch with one of the professionals

Do you want to get to know more about this real estate agent in Costa Calma, Fuerteventura? Do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the trusted employees of this company. They gladly provide you with all the information that you might need. Every question gets answered, you will know everything there is to know. You can find the contact information on their website. Here, you can also read some more about all of the possibilities that Fuerte-Royal provides you. This way, you have all the insight information!

Boxspringbetten – Luxus für das Schlafzimme

Es gibt nichts Schöneres als das Gefühl eines luxuriösen Boxspringbettes, um den Tag richtig zu beginnen. Wenn Sie Ihr Schlafzimmer zum ersten Mal fertig machen, müssen Sie wahrscheinlich diese Art von Bett verwenden, da es so viel bequemer ist als das herkömmliche Boxspringbett. Der Unterschied zwischen den beiden besteht darin, dass Boxsprings aus Federn bestehen, die aus Metall bestehen und viel einfacher zu handhaben sind als Holzfedern, bei denen normalerweise zwei Personen zum Anheben erforderlich sind. Viele Leute, die eines dieser Betten kaufen, insbesondere die Luxusbetten, werden eines bevorzugen, das zusätzlichen Stauraum unter der Matratze bietet. Dies hilft, das Bett aufgeräumt zu halten, da Sie möglicherweise nicht möchten, dass Ihr Bett mit Dingen überfüllt aussieht, die Sie nicht benötigen. Sie sollten auch versuchen, einen zu bekommen, der an der Seite einen Schrank hat, der leicht zugänglich ist, damit Sie nicht auf die Oberseite des Bettes klettern müssen.

Wenn es um Boxspringbetten luxus, gibt es einige sehr gute Marken, aus denen Sie auswählen können, und einige, die etwas teurer sind als andere. Wenn Sie jedoch das Budget haben, werden Sie feststellen, dass dies wahrscheinlich einige der bequemsten Betten sind, die Sie jemals hatten. Mit den Boxspringbetten können Sie aus einer Vielzahl von Stilen auswählen. Dies bedeutet, dass es Betten gibt, die wie normale Boxspringbetten aussehen, aber ein anderes Kopfteil, Trittbrett und eine andere Matratze haben. Einige der Boxspringbetten, die Sie kaufen können, sind sogar vollständig verstellbar, sodass Sie sicherstellen können, dass Sie das beste für Ihre Bedürfnisse erhalten.

Wenn Sie nach Boxspringbetten luxus, stehen Ihnen viele verschiedene Optionen zur Auswahl. Stellen Sie einfach sicher, dass Sie sich Zeit nehmen und den richtigen Stil und das richtige Bett wählen, das gut zu Ihren Bedürfnissen passt. Der Kauf eines dieser luxuriösen Betten ist viel günstiger als Sie vielleicht denken und es wird Ihnen wirklich helfen, Ihr Bett jederzeit zu genießen. Es gibt eine Reihe verschiedener Hersteller, die luxuriöse Boxspringbetten herstellen, aber sie können überall online oder in einem örtlichen Möbelgeschäft gefunden werden.

Investing in SAAS startups

risky, but so much fun

One of the best things about the world of investing is… wait. Yes, that you earn money with it. Ok ok. But besides getting rich (er), I really enjoy investing in UK SAAS startups.

Investing in young, small, ambitious startups is perhaps the riskiest thing you can do with your money. But the reason it can be so much fun is because you are involved with new ideas, concepts, trends and technologies.

What is startup investing?

Suppose you have an idea. And you develop that idea into a business plan with a prototype product, service, app or revolutionary way to send your in-laws to Mars.

Then you need people who believe in you and your idea. People who want to invest money in your startup and can help you make it a success.

In exchange for a share in your small, young company, you hold an investment round. You can do this privately by inviting acquaintances in your network to participate.

But nowadays it is possible to register your start-up financing with a crowfund network or an angel network with the SAAS community.

Investing in startups – Angel Investing

The term Angel Investing is popular in America and refers to investors who put money into companies before anyone even sees any profit in it. They are the “Angels”, so saviors of an idea or startup.

But also in the Netherlands there are now an estimated more than 10,000 investors in startups.

In exchange for investing money and taking a big risk, these Angels are often given one of the best conditions for becoming a co-owner of a small business.

For example, they take a 20% interest in a start-up and invest 100,000 euros in it. As a result, the first real value of a startup is generally 100,000 / 20% = 500,000 euros.

If successful, several more rounds often follow, which other investors can jump in. But at less favorable conditions than those of the Angel.

With such a next round, the value of the Angel’s part can increase significantly. Imagine that in the next round a number of investors want to get involved by investing 500,000 euros in the startup, against a combined 20% interest.

This makes it possible to recalculate the valuation of the startup. From 500,000 previously (for the Angel) to now 500,000 / 20% = 2,000,000 euros. And since the Angel also has a 20% stake, it would be worth 20% of 2 million = 400,000 euros. While in the first round he invested “only” 100,000 euros.

This is of course a simple calculation and it really is a bit more complex.

Why I invest in tech startups

I like it. For real! I am a technology enthusiast and I follow new developments closely. It is very interesting to be involved with entrepreneurs who are full of energy behind their product or service and who want to make it a success.

Like Mark Zuckerberg in the early days of Facebook. Successful investor Peter Thiel, among others, has joined in on this and that has done him no harm. Did he know Facebook was going to be that big? Probably not. But he saw something in the idea and in Mark that made him want to invest in Facebook and take the gamble.

So wouldn’t it be great to also have the opportunity to invest in something, even before it is a real success and everyone is talking about it? Yes! However, that is not the only reason why I want to invest in startups.

Break Away from the Usual Shop ‘n Drop Scene of Alicante and Trod the Off-Beat Path

Alicante tourist attractions are known for their urban sprawl, night life, beaches, and bars. But beyond the glitzy lights and turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, Alicante has a number of historic monuments, off-beaten tracks, and fascinating museums renowned for their collections.

Drop the usually shopping spree in the city and spend the day with these things to do in Alicante.

Take a history tour up starting with a castle

On top of Mt. Benacantil is the fortress-palace of the Castle of Santa Barbara. It retains so much of its Moorish façade though recent renovations took place during the 1500s as well. Gather your courage to walk up the mountain during sunrise or sunset, or ride a lift from Postiguet Beach up.

Brush up your history knowledge at:

  1. Museo Arqueológico de Alicante
  2. Alicante’s Towers
  3. Barrio de Santa Cruz

Walk along the famous Explanada de España

This is a long, beautiful pedestrian street lined with palm trees and paved with marble mosaic tiles. This is the perfect place for a stroll, lounge, or chill at any time of the day. You can even buy souvenirs, eat local food, and see artists performing along the path.

Here’s what else you can find:

  1. Mundo de los Niños
  2. Ayuntamiento
  3. Casa Carbonell
  4. Plaza Gabriel Miró
  5. UNESO World Heritage Site Elche Palmeral

Take the off-beaten path

Not a fan of the glitzy lifestyle and metropolitan vibe if the city? You won’t mind getting lost in an old village or natural wonders of Alicante, then. Casco Antiguo is famous for its old-world charm, flower-filled balconies, and colorful shutters of blues and greens. A visit to this neighborhood can give you a breather or two.

Discovering new attractions? Visit the:

  1. Playa de la Albufereta
  2. Tabarca Island
  3. Calle San Rafael, Calle San Antonio, and Mirador de Santa Cruz at Old Town
  4. Guadalest Valley
  5. Canelobre Caves
  6. Via Ferratas
  7. Cabo de las Huertas

Eat like a local

What to eat when you’re in Alicante? We suggest tapas and turron for a snack before whipping with arroz a banda. Don’t miss Spain’s famous paella within the Valencian Community just about anywhere in the city.

Here’s where to eat in Alicante:

  1. El Portal
  2. Cerveceria Sento
  3. Oneone
  4. Mercado Central de Alicante

Rent a car and drive by Alicante’s neighboring landmarks

If you want to get away from it all, you can drive in the outskirts of Alicante and make a beeline for this famous day trip attractions. Find tips and more info at

  1. Cuevas de Canelobre
  2. Church of Virgin of Consuelo, Altea
  3. Albacete Museum, Albacete

Make a beeline by renting a car

If you’re planning a trip to Alicante and soak on its popular coasts and historic monuments, you may want to hire a car. Most car rental companies are situated inside Alicante Airport for arrangement. You may rent a compact, minivan, SUV, or convertible at a starting rate of $19 per day. Present your valid ID and international drivers permit upon application and reservation. People who are under 25 years old may pay a small surcharge fee.

Remember to check whether your car rental includes admin fees, insurance excess, or security deposit. It’s better to equip yourself with knowledge on these prices.

Op zoek naar een busje om te huren?

Soms kan het lastig zijn om veel spullen van het ene punt naar het andere punt te brengen, bijvoorbeeld wanneer u gaat verhuizen. In uw eigen auto kunt u weinig spullen kwijt. Daarom is het erg handig om een bestelbusje te gebruiken. U kan er namelijk veel spullen in kwijt, waardoor u ook minder vaak heen en weer hoeft te rijden. Dit bespaart u veel tijd en ook nog geld! U kunt een bestelbusje kopen, maar als u het bestelbusje maar voor een korte tijd nodig heeft, kunt u ook altijd een busje huren! Zo betaalt u niet gelijk de hoofdprijs en kunt u op een gemakkelijke manier uw spullen verplaatsen. Een specialist in het verhuren van busjes is bijvoorbeeld Bultman. Zij hebben een ruim assortiment aan verschillende soorten busjes, bijvoorbeeld personenbussen, bedrijfswagens, koel en vrieswagens maar dus ook bestelbusjes. Ook biedt Bultman verschillende storageboxen in Apeldoorn, Deventer en Harderwijk. Wilt u meer informatie over Autoverhuur Bultman? Lees dan snel deze blog verder!

Hier moet u op letten bij het huren van een busje

Wanneer u graag een busje wilt huren, moet u op een paar punten letten. U moet namelijk in het bezit zijn van een B rijbewijs wanneer u de busjes van Autoverhuur Bultman wilt besturen. Daarnaast is het handig om te weten dat de busjes in verschillende maten te huren zijn. De grootste bestelbus is maar liefst 20 kubieke meter en de kleinste is 2,5 kubieke meter. Voordat u een bus gaat huren is het dus handig om te bedenken hoe groot u het busje het liefst wilt voor uw klus!

Meer weten over Bultman?

Bent u er al uit welke bus u graag wilt huren voor uw klus? Bij Bultman kunt u eenvoudig een busje huren. Dit kan voor één dag, een week en zelfs voor een aantal maanden, ideaal dus! Bent u opzoek naar een ander soort busje? Ook daar heeft Bultman aan gedacht! Neem snel een kijkje op de website van Autoverhuur Bultman en ontdek wat de mogelijkheden zijn! Heeft u nog enkele vragen over het huren van een busje? De klantenservice van Bultman helpt u graag verder met uw vraag, zodat u binnenkort ook een geschikt busje kunt huren!

Een kop en schotel passend bij je bedrijf!


Je hebt het vast wel eens in een restaurant een cappuccino besteld. Op het kopje van de cappuccino staat het bedrijfslogo, tekst of slogan. Hierdoor wordt het kopje net iets specialer. Veel horecagelegenheden bedrukken hun service. Maar ook steeds meer bedrijven, sportverenigingen en organisaties. Zo wordt er ook ook vaak intern gebruik van gemaakt. Daarnaast wordt een bedrukte kop en schotel ook wel eens als cadeau gegeven. Dit is het ideale cadeau want bijna iedereen drinkt wel een keer of meerdere malen per dag een kop koffie. Door een kop en schotel te laten bedrukken maak je het cadeau ook nog eens specialer!


Servies bedrukken

Een mok bedrukken is algemeen bekend, en dat wordt dan ook veel gedaan. Maar, het is ook mogelijk om glazen, borden en kop en schotels laten bedrukken. Het is dan ook het mooist om een hele set te laten bedrukken, zodat je een mooi geheel hebt. Je kan hiermee je logo, tekst of slogan laten zien en de huisstijl komt zo echt naar voren. Omdat het de naam van je bedrijf op meerdere plekken voortkomt, is er een grote kans dat je meer naamsbekendheid krijgt.  Een kop en schotel bedrukken voor je bedrijf heeft dus meerdere voordelen. 


Verschillende materialen

Servies uitzoeken kan soms heel moeilijk zijn, het is namelijk niet een aankoop wat je vaak doet. Het is daarom goed om te weten welke verschillende materialen er zijn en vooral als je het wilt laten bedrukken. Het materiaal bepaalt namelijk op welke manier het servies bedrukt kan worden. Daarnaast is het belangrijk dat je kop en schotel niet zo snel beschadigen, want als je een vaatwasser hebt wil je ze graag daar in doen. Porselein is dan ook erg sterk materiaal, daarnaast verkleurt het bijna niet. Aardewerk beschadigt iets sneller, maar kan er soms wel mooier uitzien. Als jij je dranken langer warm wil houden moet je voor RVS kiezen. Het is dus even een overweging die je moet maken! 


Wil jij graag een kop en schotel laten bedrukken? Dat kan bij Riké! Deze partij heeft verschillende soorten service die je geheel naar eigen wens kan maken. Je kan zelf kiezen welke kleur je wilt en de opdruk! Op deze manier heb je service die niemand anders heeft. Wil je meer weten? Kijk dan op de website van Riké of neem contact op met de klantenservice!