A boy cries along the harbor water of Enkhuizer: Magnetic fishing that offers “treasures”


 The excited young screams make it clear that a “huge” find was lifted from the harbor water of Enkhuizer. A nail, and crooked too. Magnet fishing is a real treasure for three boys.


The fathers Michael Baas and his buddy Hugo Ploeger stand on the side of the Sassluis with strong ropes in hand. There the two fathers accompany the sons Xavi, Darriën and Jens with the drom as a background.


The extra strong round magnets disappear again and again in the water, in the hope that “something” made of metal will stick to them. Occasionally the boys throw one another. But does it also bring something? This question is eagerly answered when Jens and Xavi bring in their drip bags. A clamp, a can, long screws. And so the top find, an antique forged nail, which also turned up here.


And that’s not all. Somewhere deep down in the castle is something big. Something mysterious made of metal. “It’s so big and heavy that we can’t get it out of the water,” laughs Hugo. “We’ll leave it there.” To Darriën’s sorrow. ,,I want to see it.”


For the two fathers, the idea behind this branch of sport is simple: “We spend a few hours with it,” says Michael. “You can leave the boys at home on the couch behind the game console. But that’s much more active and fun. Do. You’re out together right now. “


Everything that comes up is rusty and an impressive boy’s treasure. Sometimes it goes an unexpected step further. Just like with the Harlingersteiger, where other guys even got a metal urn over water. He ended up with the police.


The three young Enkhuizertjes are hoping for the success of a safe or a dumped car again this summer: exciting! “Fortunately, Enkhuizen has a lot of harbor water,” said the fathers of the magnetic fishermen.



A heated circulating water bath for your laboratory

Are you looking for solutions to your laboratory’s liquid heating needs? PolyScience offers over 50 different solutions, such as a heated circulating water bath, a simple immersion Circulator, an economical open bath system and much more. This company is a renowned producer of constant temperature control equipment. They are your reliable partner if you need a heating circulator, such as a heated circulating water bath. They offer several options related to this solution.

What are my options regarding a heated circulating water bath?

Of course you want to have the best option for your needs regarding your laboratory’s liquid heating needs. PolyScience offers many different models. They provide innovative temperature control solutions since 1963. They offer their products to clients all over the world. If you need to have a liquid heating solution, then a heated circulating water bath is the solution. Make use of the latest version of a heated circulating water bath from PolyScience to ensure quality and innovation. Their products are safe to use, quiet, extremely precise, and energy saving. They are very easy to install, maintain, and operate. Besides, a heated circulating water bath offer years of reliable and accurate heating. A heated circulating water bath is usually applied to warming of reagents and culture media, thawing or tempering samples, biological incubation, enzyme assays, or controlling the temperature of laboratory equipment. These include viscometers, densitometers, and more.

Excellent support services

Did you purchase a heated circulating water bath at PolyScience? Then you can expect excellent support services. They are always reachable for support. If you encounter problems over two years later? Even then they help you out. They usually respond within one to two days, very quick. On orders over 500 euros you do not pay shipping costs. Are you curious as to what this company can provide you? Then do not hesitate to contact them to talk about the possibilities.


Start your own business in the Netherlands!

Have you been working in a specific sector for a number of years and have you gained broad experience? If you will then launch yourself a similar company, you will have a good chance that your business will succeed. Do you have ideas to start a company within your industry with an innovative service or product? Then there is a chance that you will grow into one of the most successful companies in your sector.

To start your Dutch business, you will first have to set up a BV (a limited liability company). For this you will need the help of a Dutch civil notary. Within a few days, your BV can be founded and registered. Find here below information on the formation process.             

Why establish a BV with a notarial deed?

The deed of incorporation is a legally required document in the Netherlands. It is necessary for a company to be established by a notary.

The notary will guide you through the formation process, because the establishment of a BV is the task of a notary. The notary will prepare draft articles for your limited liability company. After this, the deed of incorporation will be signed, which is called execution, and the BV will be registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce.

What is stated in the articles of a BV?

Part of the deed of incorporation are the articles. These contain provisions that are often also stipulated in the Civil Code in combination with ‘good governance’ rules for your company. It is mandatory to include the following information in the articles of association:

– Name and place of business, also called seat, of the BV;        

– Object of the BV;        

– Types of shares and the amount that will be paid up on each share, also called nominal value;        

– Conditions for the transfer of shares and blocking provision;        

– Powers of the shareholders;        

– Method of decision making;        

– Appointment and dismissal of directors and possible supervisory directors;        

– Rules for dissolution;        

– Duration of the first financial year.        

The financial year is usually the same as the calendar year. The first financial year can be extended to almost 24 months. This can be attractive in order to save on the costs of annual accounts and corporate income tax return.

Are there rules for the initial capital of a BV?

There is no mandatory start-up capital for a BV. This makes the setup of a BV very accessible. The starting capital may consist of cash, even in the form of a foreign currency. In addition, the capital can be paid in by means of a contribution in kind, such as with property.

What do you need to know about the share capital of a BV?

The capital of the BV is divided into shares owned by shareholders. It is also possible that all shares are owned by a sole shareholder. A distinction can be made between authorised capital (no longer mandatory since 2012), issued capital and paid-up share capital. Even with a sole shareholder, it is advisable to issue at least 100 shares. This to enable the future transfer of shares to potential business partners or heirs. For the reason of shareholder’s liability and tax purposes, it is wise not to postpone the paying up of any shares. 

Which checks and balances exist within a BV?

You can establish a BV by yourself or with others. Each BV has at least three organs consisting of one or more members:

– Founders        

– Board       

– General Meeting        

It is also possible to appoint one or more supervisory directors in a supervisory board as fourth organ.

In the deed of incorporation, the first directors will be appointed and the names of the shareholders will be mentioned. After incorporation, any new directors will be appointed by the shareholders. The authority to dismiss any directors also rests with the shareholders. In case of a board consisting of multiple members, it is possible to choose for sole or joint authorisation. 

Who will be responsible for the registration of the BV at the Chamber of Commerce?

A BV must always be registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce. In most cases the notary will take care for registration of the Dutch company, its registered office address and directors. This will usually not take more than a day. At registration, the BV will be provided with a trade register number and fiscal number. Note that as long your BV is not yet registered, the founder will be liable.

How to start BV formation?

The above is a short ABC on business formation. The notary can answer all your questions and will go through the deed of incorporation with you prior to incorporation. Sometimes it will be wise to directly establish a holding company too, or in case of more shareholders, to draw up a shareholders’ agreement. Also, it is advisable to obtain advice of an accountant and tax specialist before set up. Contact us still today to have your business adventure started as soon as possible.

Total productive maintenance

This system is focussed on maintaining and improving the integrity of the production, safety and quality systems through the machines. It can also be used for equipment, processes and employees which add value to an organization. TPM or Total productive maintenance has been developed from the perspective of maintenance management. It focuses primarily on productivity improvements.


What is TPM?

This holistic approach to equipment maintenance strives to achieve perfect production. Therefore it focuses on achieving the following key factors:

–          No breakdowns

–          No Small stops or slow running

–          No Defects

In addition it is also focuses on maintaining a safe working environment. This inlcludes preventing accidents from happening and making sure that the enivornment is safe for everyone. So basically, total productive maintenance focuses to maximize efficiency of equipment but also makes sure ones working environment is safe. The implementation of this method creates a shared responsibility for equipment and encourages greater involvement by plant floor workers.


What does TPM Teach?

The most improtant task of total productive maintenance is to teach factories to give ownership of the machines on the production floor. Operators work daily with these machines so they know how these machines should be maintained and how these machines should be operated. This way, improving overall equipment effectiveness lies not only on the maintenance department but the whole organization.



How do you increase the engagement of your Instagram account?

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Wondering how to get more likes? How do you get people to follow you and keep your account engaged?

Engagement is the average index of certain actions of your audience, i.e. their comments, likes and saves. That is why it is now important to build strong relationships with your readers who, without reminding you, will support you in their activities.

In fact, engagement is an important indicator of the quality of your subscribers and their response to your posts. Basically, it’s a percentage of how interesting you are.

Now we will not talk about which parts of the body catch the attention of the audience, we will not focus on cute purr creatures, we will talk about how to increase the interest of the public in your content and your posts.

Do you want to know how you can stimulate engagement growth? Read more!

Hot topics. Follow the latest trends in your niche. Keep an eye out for what has happened recently, which may spark discussion and interest the reader. So referring to relevant topics can get your audience talking.

Personal presence. People trust a living person more than an anonymous company. A personal presence, even on a thematic blog, will add value to your services. It could be just post-dating, or maybe an entire promotional strategy built on your personality.

Submit your message to Stories. (Click on the plane below the publication and select “send post to stories”). This attracts the attention of the public. It is not at all out of the question that you will be flying out of the general feed for some users, in this case, Stories is an excellent step to catch the ones you didn’t notice.

Keep it simple. The simpler your message, the easier it is for your audience to understand the meaning of what has been written. If a thought catches on, if it is clear, the reader will pay attention to you themselves and post the cherished as nice.

Offer your audience a choice. Write about an important topic that will be relevant to your reader. You can come up with options for an answer and invite readers to make a choice. This method helps to warm up the audience.

Asking questions. Get in touch with your followers more often. Try to ask questions in each post so that the person can provide a detailed answer and share their opinion.

Reply to comments. Direct contact helps to get the person talking. Comments have a direct impact on profile coverage. The more subscribers you reply to, the more responses the message will get and the reach will increase accordingly.

Choose the right time. Despite Instagram creating new conditions for posting rankings, any blogger familiar with their audience knows the hours of the greatest activity. Analyze your audience and their preferences. Maybe it only works for the benefit in your case.

Now you are armed with useful information that you need to put into practice immediately …

….. more info can be found here «Road to 100k Instagram Followers»!

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News about Bitcoin

In the fight against COVID-19, the Italian Red Cross recently completed a successful campaign to raise Bitcoin funds


In 3 days, enough Bitcoins have already been transferred to reach the target of 10,000 euros. After this successful collection round, the organization started a new campaign. You can also donate Bitcoins to the Dutch Red Cross.


Due to the coronavirus, there is a great shortage of equipment all over the world that is needed to cope with the large influx of new patients. Therefore, the Italian Red Cross has recently launched a fundraiser accepting donations in bitcoins.


Special campaign

After the first success, the Italian Red Cross has now expanded the campaign. The Bitcoins are spent on the purchase of resources that increase the personal protection of medical personnel and on additional equipment.


In total, the initiatives raised approximately 20,000 euros. This means that the goal of the second campaign has almost been achieved, but not quite yet. Donations can be made on the HelperBit website, where you can also view the progress of the campaign.


Much of the amount transferred comes from one donor, just over 2.6 BTC. At the time of the transaction, the amount was approximately 13,000 euros. More than the total target amount of the first campaign! In addition, much smaller amounts of bitcoins were also transferred.


Bitcoin and the Red Cross

Collecting money via Bitcoin is quite new for the Red Cross. But according to Colli Albani Bruno Pietrosanti (President of the International Red Cross Committee), an innovative tool such as bitcoin can help to get the necessary funds during these difficult times:


“We need to ease the pressure in hospitalizations, as the number of infected people is increasing and there is a reduced number of available places within hospital facilities. We believe that an innovative fundraising tool like Bitcoin can help us find the necessary economic resources, that are very difficult to obtain in this historical moment. ”

Also read: Bitcoin’s comeback


The Dutch Red Cross also accepts bitcoin donations in the fight against COVID-19. The website also provides a brief explanation of bitcoin donations to the frequently asked questions.


The number of organizations that accept Bitcoin donations is still small, but growing. WikiLeaks is one of the best known and first organizations to accept bitcoins (since 2011). For Wikileaks, donations in bitcoins are a godsend because they are excluded from the traditional banking system. As a result, they cannot receive donations through bank payments.


Since then, more and more charities and organizations accept donations in Bitcoins (and are not controversial), such as UNICEF, War Child, Save the Children and The Water Project. And of course now also the Red Cross.


Dutch organizations, such as the Pirate Party and Bits of Freedom, also accept Bitcoin donations. Through the Dutch startup WhyDonate you can donate Bitcoins for various charities, both large and small. This is also possible through comparable international initiatives, such as BitGive and The Giving Block.


For example, there are many more organizations and projects where you can donate Bitcoins, such as: Wikimedia / Wikipedia, Internet Archives, Mozilla Foundation, Apache Software Foundation, Blender Foundation, LinuxMint OS, GIMP and others. And perhaps unsurprisingly, projects like The Pirate Bay and Tor Project.


Bitcoiners with a big heart

Accepting donations in Bitcoins can be quite smart. The early Bitcoiners have a lot of prosperity and they are often driven by ideals.


A number of special donations have been made over time. For example, a Bitcoiner nicknamed Pine Bitcoin has donated at least $ 47.5 million to charity through the Pineapple Fund. A few months ago, anonymous donors also announced a similar multimillion dollar initiative through The Unknown Fund, although there is no evidence to support it.


Sometimes fundraising is also less “serious”. For example, when the community around Dogecoin (Bitcoin’s infantile and little serious brother) completely aligned with the absurd approach to cryptocurrency, the Jamaican Olympic team decided to sponsor bobsleigh. Otherwise, the money would run out and the team would miss the Winter Olympics in Sochi. The community also helped the team because it was fun.


How do you communicate as an organization about the corona crisis?

The corona crisis requires a different communication approach. During a Q&A session, crisis communication experts Ingrid van Frankenhuyzen and Ewald van Rooij answer burning questions about corona crisis communication, such as: “Is it appropriate to do marketing now?” View the recording immediately.


Workplace Social Distancing – How To

Firstly, what is social distancing? If you’re not already aware, social distancing has been implemented by the government to ensure we keep at least 2 metres away from others to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This is incredibly important in and out of the workplace to look after ourselves as well as others.

As coffee shops, clothing shops, restaurants and offices begin to open, it’s no surprise that we’re raring to go out and enjoy ourselves or return to work but how will we continue to social distance and what precautions can be taken?

Less Contact

Whilst social distancing implies you’ll have less contact, it’s not just about touching people. It’s also taking into consideration the paper we touch, the handles we open and communal areas we use.  To be even more cautious it’s beneficial to send more emails or make more calls than walking through the office to ask for support. In addition, leaving doors open where possible will also eliminate the need of touching handles and any cross contamination.

Social Distancing Dividers

Office partitions have been used as part of office design for years, but with COVID-19 making an appearance the requirement has change somewhat. Reducing the number of fabric screens, has led to an increasingly popular choice of acrylic freestanding and desktop divider.

The acrylic social distancing office partition are ideal when you’re dividing an area for an individual but wish to have visibility. A clear acrylic option enables full communication to commence as normal.

Staggered schedule

If you’ve been working from home, you’ll be excited of the return to the office to be reunited with work colleagues and friends. However, staggered shifts having been introduced to ensure all employees can work from the office but on set days and times to ensure numbers are limited.

So, you might be returning to work, but not with your usual team. Remember it’s to keep you safe and that’s all that matters.


Keeping your workspace as clean as possible is something you can do as an individual. Using anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser regularly is a clever idea. By doing so, you’ll have a thoroughly cleaned workstation before and at the end of every shift.

Whilst washing your hands is the most effective way to clean your hands, in between washing and were a tap might not be available – anti-bacterial gel is better than nothing.

These are just a few ways in which you can adapt the workplace and change the way you think. Some changes might be around us longer than we anticipate but additional precautions are available to ensure safety.


Pilea Peperomioides for sale to create an Urban Jungle at home

Whether you choose a cactus, a hanging plant or a decorative plant such as the Pilea Peperomioides: the small plants that are for sale in the BabyPLNTS web shop are the perfect solution for creating an Urban Jungle at home. Growing has never been easier and more enjoyable with the new baby plants they have online. They offer a wide range of tiny plants such as the Begonia Maculata, the Alocasia Zebrina or the String of Pearls. But they also have fast-growing Pilea Peperomioides for sale. Do you already know this trendy, fun and cheap plant?

The fast-growing Pilea Peperomioides

The Pilea Peperomioides is often called the Pancake plant. This plant has a round shape, just like a pancake! The Pilea Peperomioides they have for sale are trendy and fun. Besides that, they are cheap as well. Just because you don’t buy a full-grown plant, the mini plants are much more affordable. You buy this plant as a small plug, but it is a fast-growing plant. Therefore it is a great basis for growth. Whether you choose a cactus, a hanging plant or a decorative plant such as the Pilea Peperomioides, all the small plants they have for sale are easy to maintain. This makes it fun to grow your own plants.

Order them easily online

Because baby plants are cheaper than a full-grown plant, you easily create an Urban Jungle at home. Take a look at the large stock of baby plants and order online. With a large variety of different plants, they can offer you the exact plant you need. When your plant is delivered, make sure you replant it as soon as possible. Add potting soil to a pot and make sure the soil is airy and free-flowing. Don’t forget to give your Pilea Peperomioides a good sip of water once a week. Do you have any questions about the Pilea Peperomioides that for sale? Feel free to contact them!


Back Pressure Regulators

Back Pressure Regulators are used to control pressure under less than easy or average process conditions. Controlling pressure in a chemical process can be a very challenging aspect of process engineering. This is even more true in cases where the process parameters are our of the ordinary, such as high or very low temperature, corrosive or aggressive substances, broad rangeability requirements, etc. Pressure Control Solutions specializes in back pressure regulators that are specifically designed to solve any of such situations!

Many engineers across the world are already using Equilibar back pressure regulators

With an ever increasing customer base throughout universities, R&D departments, pilot plant builders and many industrial and chemical process and production lines throughout the world, we are proud to state that most engineers are eager to adopt our back pressure regulators once they get to know these special pressure controllers. With only one moving part and thus very little maintenance, these back pressure regulators help researchers and process engineers to get the most out of their process. Since Pressure Control Solutions was established in the Netherlands, Europe late 2015/early 2016, we have already sold to hundreds of satisfied engineers.  

Contact us to learn more about our innovative back pressure regulator technology!

Pressure Control Solutions is the sole authorized distributor for Equilibar back pressure regulators and related products in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. We also develop and build our own electronic pressure controllers that are optimally designed to pilot your back pressure regulator.  Visit our website to read more about the wide range of applications that have become possible using our back pressure regulators, such as more traditional research in oil and gas processing or chemical engineering as well as newer and innovating processes such as catalysis, filtration, distillation, membrane separation, energy production, fuel cell testing an production etc. etc. 

The engineers of Pressure Control Solutions have years of experience to help you select the best possible configuration and we thus offer you a perfect fit tailored to your process, resulting in the best possible back pressure regulator.


CBD oil versus Weed versus alchohol


There are always supporters of alcohol or supporters of weed. It’s a bit the same battle as Apple fans and Android users. Although people who don’t like weed claim that it’s super bad and addictive, research shows that alcohol is more addictive. Which is true, the scientists have not quite figured that out yet. That’s because research has been done on alcohol for years, but less on weed.

The effects of weed and hash

If you are interested in weed, then you have to be sure you have the right stuff. With hash or weed, there’s a significant difference. Both come from the female hemp plant, but weed is the dried flower and hashish is the compressed resin of that flower. Both have different effects on people’s moods. It can provide fun and relaxation, but it can also cause anxiety and panic attacks, if anyone is already sensitive to them. The risk of panic is greater when smoking weed than when smoking hashish. Either way, psychological complaints can worsen under the influence, whether it’s weed or alcohol. In addition, both also have a negative effect on the memory. Alcohol provokes more aggressiveness than weed. Both substances can also have a negative effect on the heart. 

Enjoying the use of weed variaties

Weed or alcohol, excessive consumption is never good and can eventually cause one misery after another. But fortunately it’s not harmful from time to time and you can just enjoy it, in moderation! A big advantage of smoking hash or weed is that you don’t suffer from that nasty hangover because of too much alcohol. Selling weed by coffeeshops or smartshops is legal, provided they follow certain rules. Do you prefer to buy weed through the coffeeshop or easily online? Take a look online at Zamnesia, where you can find more information about weed and other mind-altering substances for an evening of fun.

Order weed online
Are you interested in using weed? Weed can easily be ordered online, but how do you know if you have the right one and not the wrong one? You can always tell the reliability of a site from reviews, for example. How many reviews does a company have and what are the drawbacks and strengths Zamnesia is for example a smartshop that has been rated ‘excellent’ by 25612 reviews!