The most unique and personalised iPhone 11 cases

Make your own personalised iPhone 11 case with your favourite photo, design, or logo! We guarantee that you will be the only one with this unique case! Afraid that your phone will be damaged with scratches and bumps, but you don’t want to protect it with a phone case that everyone has? Then we can help you! MyPersonalisedCase has a wide variety of case types and customisation options, where you can create a unique accessory in no time. Together with their iPhone 11 cases, they offer protection for your iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.


Their cases are not only protective, but they are also compatible with other accessories, such as wireless charging. At MyPersonalisedCase they focus on delivering the best print results, so your new personalised iPhone 11 case can shine on its own. Designing a custom phone case is easy thanks to their design module. In a few simple steps, you get the desired result on your case, giving your phone the perfect look. With a good protective case, you often avoid unnecessary repair costs. 

Thoughtfull message

Most personalised gifts include a thoughtful message. This will help the recipient to remember you every time he or she uses or looks at the gift. Personalised phone cases are appropriate for all occasions, including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, birth of grandchildren and much more. Personalised gifts can also be given as thank you gifts for various occasions.

Ready to create?

Are you ready to create a personalised phone case for yourself, someone else or for your company? Then you’re in luck, it is really easy to do this online! A good example of a website where you can create your own cases and covers is With their online tool you can quickly transform any phone case into your own personal creation!

Barley Grass Juice Powder – Is it Worth It?

One of the premier green food and beverage product brand in the marketplace is barley grass juice powder. Consuming a rainbow of colourful fresh fruits and vegetables every day is probably the perfect way to obtain all your natural superfood goodness from the earth. However, of all the barley grass juice powder, barley grain is by far the leader in the industry, and thus daily fresh joy juice boost is simply the same product but with a different delivery system. If you are looking for a barley product to take advantage of its nutritional value, then this should be your first stop!

The benefit of barley grass and barley grain lies in its rich amino acid content, which can act as a natural immune system booster, a natural energy booster, and a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Some of these properties are exclusive to organic products only, such as the ancient benefits of folic acid to relieve colic and other digestive disorders. Also, the benefits of change root (also known as Cayenne pepper) goes well beyond helping you feel energized; it has also been known to prevent colon cancer and reduce blood pressure. This is one of only a few premium organic products that feature a blend of organic ingredients including cbd, an essential ingredient that provides natural healing and support for the human nervous system, the endocrine system, the gastrointestinal tract, and the liver. The list of benefits of cbd alone is remarkable; in fact, some experts say it’s the most important organic antioxidant on the planet! Not to mention, it provides chronic fatigue raw vegetables and change root to boot!


So, why exactly is cbd an incredible organic health product?


Well, the chemical composition of the cbd is much like that of Sarsaparilla, the traditional herb used by South American Indians for centuries to treat stomach pains, dysentery, headaches, hangovers, and other health conditions. When ingested, cbd passes through the digestive tract untouched, carried on by the food and water you consume. However, when this chemical duo comes into contact with enzymes within the body, it acts as a powerful detoxifying agent! Additionally, cbd has been shown to be effective in lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, while increasing HDL levels (good cholesterol).

Now, if you were looking for the exact same benefits of barley grass and barley powder, you’d find it easier to locate it online, thanks to its ever-growing popularity amongst health-conscious individuals. Simply visit your favorite search engine and type in “beet grass benefits,” followed by your location. For example, if you live in the Midwest, you might want to type in “meditation benefits of barley grass” or “herbal tea barley grass.” Either way, you’re sure to find a wide array of web sites dedicated to providing you with everything you need to get your body healthy and fit!

Can the eyelash curler and mascara be carried on the plane?

You can bring mascara, but not more than 100ml. Eyelash curlers, eyebrow curlers and small scissors are mostly metal products. Metal products cannot be carried on the plane. If they are plastic products, they will not be blocked by security personnel. Metal eyelash curlers can be checked in by plane.

Solid cosmetics such as lipstick and eye shadow are not particularly limited. But lip glaze seems to belong to liquid cosmetics. Liquid cosmetics have capacity requirements. According to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration, each type of liquid cosmetics is limited to 1 piece. The regulation is that a single bottle of cosmetics must not exceed 100ml, and the total volume must not exceed 1000ml, so , If your single cosmetic bottle container is less than or equal to 100ml, and the total amount does not exceed 1000ml, you can take it directly on the plane, otherwise, you must choose to check in. But he is less than or equal to 100ml. It doesn’t mean that only 50ml of liquid leftover is enough for the 150ml of lotion, so you can’t take it on the plane. The provisions less than or equal to 100ml means that the bottle packaging needs to be less than or equal to 100ml, and those exceeding 100ml can only be checked in. So it’s best to buy a set of sub-bottles and pack water and milk.

Greyhairwigs has a variety of eyelash curlers or other tools for you to choose from.

DIY: Make your own bracelets with beads

Create your own bracelet

Colourful bracelets for summer. Who doesn’t want them? The best part is that you can make your own bracelets very easily. With the right tools and some basic tips, you will create the most beautiful bracelets in no time. You don’t have to be a professional to make your own bracelet. With some elastic thread and some beads, you’ll come a long way. In this blog, I will give some inspiration and basic tips to create the prettiest bracelets.


What kind of materials do you need?

The most beautiful thing about making bracelets with beads is that you don’t need many materials. There are a lot of online stores that sell the most beautiful beads and materials to create your own jewellery. To create your own bracelet, three basic items are important: thread (I prefer elastic thread), beads (choose your favourites) and scissors. Easy, right? However, I can imagine that it can be hard to decide what kind of bracelet with beads you want to make. Luckily, you can find a lot of inspiration online. For example on Pinterest or different blogs about DIY jewellery.


Bracelet with letter beads

When you start making a bracelet, start by measuring the elastic thread. It has to fit your wrist and you should keep some extra length to make a knot. Now choose the beads you would like to use. I always start by placing the letter beads in front of me. Then, I choose the other beads I want to use and place them next to the letter beads. My tip: lay the whole pattern of beads in front of you before stringing the beads onto your thread. This reduces the chance that you will make a mistake in the pattern. However, if you think this is nonsense, no problem, we all work the way we do! When all the beads are on the thread, make sure it nicely fits your wrist. If this is the case, tie a knot and you have created a charming bracelet.


Bracelet with wooden beads

Wooden beads exist in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, wooden beads can be used in all your self-made jewellery. Because they have an authentic and natural look, they have the perfect appearance for your vintage look. You have both treated and untreated wooden beads. Besides, wooden beads exist in different colours. This makes your self-made bracelet with wooden beads summer proof. I always like to vary in shapes and sizes of the wooden beads. For example, try to start with bigger wooden beads in the middle of your bracelet and follow them with some smaller wooden beads. This gives a playful effect to your bracelet.


Bracelet with shell beads

Shell beads are getting more popular. Especially the Kauri Shell beads are a must-have for next summer. You can combine the Kauri Shell beads with a leather thread. This gives your bracelet the perfect summer feeling. Next to Kauri Shell beads, there are many different shell beads. I prefer choosing natural colours for my bracelet with shell beads, but there are also many coloured shell beads. In addition, try to vary with different sizes and shapes, as this makes your bracelet more appealing.


Bracelet with Miyuki Delica beads.

Probably my most favourite beads for creating my own bracelets are Miyuki Delica beads. These small beads exist in almost every single colour you can think of. They are the perfect beads to combine with other beads or pendants and charms. Mix and match these colourful beads to get your bright bracelet. Start by thinking about the colours you want to use and whether you want to combine them with other beads, charms or pendants. I personally always like placing a charm or pendant in the middle to give it an extra spark. Next, it is time to choose your pattern. Do you like to place your Miyuki Delica beads symmetrically, or will you go for a more playful effect of not having a specific pattern? Whatever you choose, the possibilities of making a bracelet with Miyuki Delica beads are endless!



As mentioned, the possibilities of creating your own bracelet with beads are endless. This is perfect since it is definitely not difficult to make your own bracelet and therefore a fun activity for you and your friends. Have a look at all the inspiration online and give it your own twist. It is your own project and nothing is good or bad. If it did not turn into the result you had hoped, don’t worry, you can just start over again with the same beads. Don’t stop making other jewellery, because creating your own necklace, earrings or anklet can also be very fun. Is it the first time you are going to make your own jewellery? Perhaps is purchasing a starter kit an excellent idea. This starter kit includes all the basic materials you need for creating the perfect self-made jewellery. Last but not least, have fun creating your own bracelets with beads.


Find the right swivel flanges for your application at this supplier

Do you need swivel flanges to build or repair your piping system? Are you looking for a reliable supplier for these materials? Then the website of is where you need to be. In this web shop, you can find a wide range of swivel flanges. This product, made of a heavy forged welding hub with a rotating forged ring, is available in different pressure ratings and dimensions. Thanks to the wide range of this supplier, you are likely to find the right swivel flanges for your application.

What are swivel flanges used for

Swivel flanges can be used in many applications, but they are mostly used in offshore piping. In offshore piping, they are used to simplify the final tie-in process of subsea pipelines. This is thanks to the fact that swivel flanges allow 360 degree rotation to align the bolt holes when attaching to the mating flange. This reduces dive-time and thus allows an easy connection.

Why buy your swivel flanges in this web shop

If you need new swivel flanges, it is advisable to buy them at In this web shop, you can not only buy swivel flanges, but also all the other materials you need for your piping system. This makes them a one-stop web shop for all your piping products! Besides finding all the materials you need in their web shop, there are more benefits. One of them is the excellent price-quality ratio of the materials and another benefit is that they handle orders very quickly.

Submit a quote request

Are you convinced that is the supplier where you need to buy your swivel flanges? Then directly take a look at the wide range in their web shop and add the desired items to your quote request. Once you have added all desired items, check your quote request and submit it. After doing so, you will soon receive an offer.

Why you should buy a house in Rotterdam

Are you planning to buy a house in the Netherlands soon? You have probably already noticed that it is very difficult to find and buy a house in this beautiful country. There is more demand than supply, which leads to high prices. But once you have found your house, it is a dream come true. The perfect place to buy a house is in the metropolis Rotterdam. This blog will inform you about the 3 reasons why you should buy a house in Rotterdam. 

Buying a house in Rotterdam 

Rotterdam is the perfect city for you to live. There are different categories of houses that you can find here:  

  • Apartments 

  • Studios  

  • Terraced houses 

  • Detached houses  

In the Netherlands you buy a house through a real estate agency. There are a lot of real estate agencies in Rotterdam. But it is very important that they have a lot of knowledge and expertise. Sometimes 30 to 40 people come to one house in Rotterdam. That is why it is important that you have a real estate agency that empathizes with your wishes and rolls up its sleeves for you. So, a good real estate agency is essential to buy a house in Rotterdam. 

Work together with a real estate agent in Rotterdam 

Buying a house brings up a lot of questions:  

• What is a property really worth?  

• How much should you bid?  

• Is the foundation in order or are you at risk?  

• Can I outbid if I cannot cover the amount from equity? 


In short, there are a lot of things to take into account before you buy a house in Rotterdam. If you are searching on Google for the term ‘Rotterdam houses for sale’, you will easily get lost in the ocean of results. The housing market in Rotterdam is very competitive, so it’s pretty difficult to buy your dream house. You must work with a real estate agent to increase your chances on this complex market.  

What has Rotterdam to offer?  

Rotterdam has 634,000 inhabitants, which makes it a big city for the Netherlands. The advantage of this city is that it is easy to explore on foot. If your mobility is limited, that should not hold you back from visiting this city, because every five meters you will find a metro station, bus stop, or tram stop. 

Rotterdam is a city for everyone who loves architecture, nature, or shopping. Although the city does not have a very special reputation in international tourism yet, there is plenty to see. Rotterdam has one of the biggest harbours in the world. For example, you can plan a harbour cruise in a vintage ship. The Deliplein in the Katendrecht district is the new hotspot of Rotterdam, especially the Fenix Food Factory. In the old harbour warehouse, you will find Dutch cheese, Dutch beer brewers, coffee, booksellers and much more. Rotterdam is the perfect city for people who love history and activities, and offers the perfect balance between busyness and rest. 

Do you require a perfect EU transport? This company will be your right partner

If you want to arrange EU transport quickly and efficiently, Y&O is the perfect company to work with. Their specialists think along with you to successfully complete your transport process and offer bespoke solutions based on your purposes. You can call upon their help when you want to transport your goods from, for example, the Netherlands to Spain, Belgium, Italy, Bulgaria or anywhere else in the EU. Besides arranging fast and efficient shipping processes, they also help you with storing your goods. Speed is their motto. However, steadfast actions are what they are known for. Whatever your transportation needs are, you can always count on a high-quality EU transport service for your business. Discover their services and enquire after the possibilities.

Personal, complete, and efficient services

Do you have a pressing deadline and will it be a difficult task to succeed in the EU transport process in time? Do not worry, because the experts from Y&O offer suitable solutions to your problem. This trustworthy partner adapts to your every need and can arrange various products and goods. Whether you want to transport high-tech products, clothing, medication and health products, or chemical and dangerous substances, their efficient services will always be to your advantage. The approach of Y&O is characterised by committed actions, which means that you will never be on your own when you have to solve a problem in the transport process. Even if you think that your transportation needs are not feasible, you can trust on the expertise of this logistics company.

Contact their specialists

Do you want to learn more about the services from Y&O? Just contact their experts, tell them about your required transport processes and ask your questions. You ask and they act with a personal service. Moreover, you benefit from a great price-quality balance. From packaging to distribution and taking care of the administration, Y&O is your ideal partner for EU transport.

Order real Dutch food online and enjoy these delectable delicacies

From the colorful tulips in Keukenhof to the magical canals in Amsterdam: Holland is a beautiful place to live in. Drive around in this flat country and discover all the windmills. Vitis the beach in Vlissingen and try out the whole raw herring in the streets. If you like fish, you definitely should at least try it once. Do you want to try out other Dutch food delicacies? Go get a ‘stroopwafel’ in the streets! It is most definitely the most famous and popular pastry in the country. But also a kroket, drop and their famous cheese are a must try. Do not go home without trying at least one of these traditional Dutch foods. Are you not able to visit The Netherlands, but are you curious about their food? Just order Dutch food online at Real Dutch Food!

A webs hop full of Dutch food

Would you like to order some real Dutch food simply online? The choice is enormous when you visit the web shop of Real Dutch Food. They have approximately 3,200 articles in its range! They only have Real Dutch products from Dutch suppliers. In their large assortment you find fruit and vegetables to drinks and sweets. In The Netherlands you will find traditional cheese markets where you can try out many different kinds. Because Dutch people love dairy products! From milk, butter, cheese to yoghurt: choose between different Dutch dairy products at this web shop.

Freshly ordered

At Real Dutch Food, they order everything fresh, so the quality remains. They order it when they have received your order and it will take approximately two to five business days. After this, the order will be sent to you. This way, you can be sure that everything will receive the longest possible date. They offer worldwide shipping when you order your Dutch Food online for the best prices. So what are you waiting for? Place your order and enjoy the food!

Order a best value and affordable smartwatch that looks luxurious

When there is one accessory that has become very popular in the last couple of years, it for sure is the smartwatch. A smartwatch offers endless options and possibilities. High-end brands such as Apple and Garmin made these watches from the best quality. But they come with an expensive price tag. Would you like to order a smartwatch, that looks exactly like one of these high-end brands, but at an affordable price? Allforall provides the solution in the form of a best value, affordable smartwatch and other cheap watches.

A best value smartwatch that is affordable and can do everything you want it to do

Allforall has got your back, when you are looking for a best value smartwatch that is cheap, affordable and does everything you want it to do. Even when you buy them on a budget at this web shop. One of the options with a best value smartwatch, is that you can receive instant social media and message notifications. You will never miss an important message again! The smartwatch is connected to the internet, you can use it as a GPS-navigator or you simply use it as a planner. When you simply synchronize your calendar, you will receive a reminder when someone’s birthday is coming up. Do you like sports and would you like to track your steps during a running session? A smartwatch will arrange it for you! Let it count your steps and see if you are as fit as you think.

Order smartwatches or other products

Allforall is an online shop with discount deals for high quality products. Think about shoes, toys, electronics, bags, home accessories and much more. Buy a cheap smartwatch that looks luxurious on a budget. This brand provides the solution in the form of a best value, affordable smartwatch and other cheap watches. Take a look at their assortment and order easily online.

Comparison report of JTI’s vaporizers: complex technical analysis and test of “Ploom” brand tobacco

The report “Comparison report of JTI’s Vaporizers: complex technical analysis and test of tobacco vaporizers of the brand” Ploom “” has been added to the offering of

This report contains detailed technical information on the type of vaporizer that does not burn by heat offered by JTI Corporation. The information provided includes a comparison of technical characteristics of HnB devices and device performance calculated according to the author’s internal methodology. Mr Joy UK has the best vapers.

All aspects of performance, construction and technical components are revealed and compared.

Tests and technical reviews of devices are given to identify innovations, advantages and disadvantages of devices. For an objective and comprehensive examination, a series of tests are used that provide information on the operating characteristics of the device in different operating modes.

Such tests and reviews conducted include:

Internal component display. This part of the report shows the inner construction of devices.

Heater assessment. The information in the report gives an idea of what types of heaters are most often found in devices from leading manufacturers and what characteristics these heaters have.

Airflow Assessment. The detailed airflow design review helps to understand the efficiency of their structure, ways of air heating and allows you to compare the airflow designs of HnB devices.

PCB Assessment. This section of the report provides an analysis of electronic components used in HnB devices.

Type of power supply signal and analysis of the temperature control system. Examination of electrical signals at the heater contact provides information on the availability or non-availability of temperature control, the type of power signal, and specific heater algorithms.

Temperature deviation of heater shows how the temperature of devices changes during the session. With this information you can draw conclusions about the efficiency of the temperature control system and the stability of device parameters.

Current consumption of device. This test shows how much power devices consume and shows their response to the activity of the temperature control system. This provides information on average and maximum power consumption.

Battery analysis. This test provides information about the quality and characteristics of batteries used in devices.

Energy efficiency of battery and device. This test shows how long devices can be active on one full battery charge and how long it takes to fully charge them. It tells about the efficiency and saving parameters of devices.

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