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A welcoming hotel-like Glasgow office interior

Recently in Glasgow, an appealing revitalisation project has been realised. Office building Tontine 16, dating back to the 70’s, was completely refurbished and fitted out to the requirements of our time. One of the companies that recently moved in, is the food database company FoodDat. In this article Daniel McKinnon of this ‘database for food service’ company and Alison Lyal of Interior Design Consultancy Amos Beech Glasgow tell us about the special interpretation of the new FoodDat headquarters.

A welcoming office interior in Glasgow

FoodDat is a company that manages a database for international food industry as well as for Scotland Food and Drink. The company, among other amenities, location and environmental characteristics of out-of-home food service and retail locations. “These give food manufacturers a better understanding of the market, whereby they can approach and sustainable growth of this optimal distribution, visibility and sales can realise,” says Daniel McKinnon, Manager Project Organisation at the fast-growing company.

For these services to be able to offer the best possible way, there was at FoodDat need a ‘ next step ‘. “We were really ready for a new Glasgow office“, agrees McKinnon. “We worked in a building in Paisley, where we saw each other only at lunch. The office did not more to our liking. It was time for a next step. “

The new Tontine 16 fits perfectly with the ambitions of FoodDat. First of all, the new office is centrally located in a prominent location in the Glasgow city centre, less than 100 metres away from the market Hall, across from Glasgow Central Station. In addition, the building received the BCO certification ‘extremely durable’ and the office floors have a very open character. Thanks to the tasteful interior design by Lyal of Amos Beech Architects Glasgow.

Amos Beech has been around for over 30 years now and constantly reinvents itself.  Amos Beech believes in a ‘design & build’ approach and creates a close cooperation with the customer, with more room for creative solutions and a final result in which the customer can identify. Good design is innovative and combines, aesthetics and functionallity. An honest design tells something about the character of the customer, is not pretentious and retains its value. It is also durable. 

The Datlinq-Interior shows what Leidmotiv like to offer. By Interior architect Michou Velazquez to hire, the company has a functional and attractive interior. " Leidmotiv has hired me as an interior architect for the entire design from concept to sketch design vision document &, preliminary design, final design and werktekeningen ", says Van Gennip on cooperation. Also the " furniture, fabrics and materials are all " by me.

Thus it was on the first floor of Tontine 16 an interior created that FoodDat fits like a glove. “The big question when the filling in of the Interior was how we would place the office partitioning walls,” says McKinnon. “We wanted to create openness and, at the same time subtly create a subdivision in departments and in addition, to accommodate different types of work. Ultimately, our this achieved by the concept of a hotel interior as a coat rack for the design. This gives the Interior a strong hospitality-character, all matching the identity of FoodDat. Within the hotel concept it was possible to bring all kinds of different functionality under “

Indeed, the interior has a hotel-like atmosphere. That’s already reflected upon entry into the office, where the visitor enters in a lobby-like setting with beautiful hang banks. From this ‘ lobby ‘ – true if design joke even a real shoe-shine machine is – is the whole office pretty to overlook. To the right is a bar area, opposite which is placed a colorful piano. “That piano was also already in the old Office,” explains Daniel.  “By letting the piano edit by artist Kelly Brenner is an object that fits with the character of this new office.”

The piano is just one of the many unusual features in the pleasant-looking interior space, with numerous other informal-looking elements, including several other works of art by Kelly Brenner, a ping pong table, a photobooth and a stand, where formal and informal meetings can take place. There is also a large wall where the – mostly known – customers ‘ products.


“We are a ‘datadriven ‘ company with many young employees. Then you should not come with a dull and formal Office, “said Van Pelt. “We have partnered with Amos Beech and opted for a fresh and contemporary interior, where our people feel comfortable.”

A walk through the Interior shows that this excellent successful seems. The FoodDat office shows a blueprint of how contemporary organisations ideally with their headquarters. In the workspace is clearly the dynamic nature of the enterprise. In the interior has realised by Amos  Beech, FoodDat found that the office has a pleasant working atmosphere at an average young and flexible group of employees, which a scrum session and concentration work simple alternating with a cup of good coffee or a game of table tennis.

The work will be carried out, inter alia, to anthracite colored Elecric-offices of office manufacturer Samuel Bruce. No one has a fixed workplace, which the workplace having a dynamic character. Employees feel clear of the qualitative products decorated with plenty of interior space, including, for example, vintage lounge sofas that were purchased online., Wilkhahn chairs, carpet of FORBO and Desso and a customized table from Amos Beech. “We are convinced that a good interior adds to the performance of our staff,” says Daniëlle van Pelt on the final result. “So finally our international customers benefit from the beautiful and welcoming Office that we have made together.” The FoodDat-employee expects further growth in the near future the company will go through. “In this office we can grow.” The beautiful FoodDat workspace provides an excellent reason for young talented employees to opt for a career at the company. Because who do not work in a tasteful ‘office hotel ‘ on one of the most attractive spots of Glasgow?