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Fashion and Clothing

An assortment of awesome vintage clothing available for wholesale

Brasco b.v. is your go-to distributor of vintage clothing for wholesale, including both used and secondhand items. These items are all ready to hit the shelves of retailers and wholesalers, as all items are thoroughly checked for stains and holes. This means that you save time and work by ordering your vintage clothing for wholesale in the online store of these experts. You do not have to check the items yourself, so you can spend the time you usually spend checking the items you receive on other important tasks that help your company grow. Are you interested in the vintage clothing available for wholesale that Brasco b.v. offers? Browse through their complete collection now and be surprised at the wide range of items from various decades they offer. You will surely find whatever you are looking for, as these experts offer over 300 different types of items in their online store.

Order various types of bulk bags

Are you having trouble deciding what items to order from the online store, as there is just too much to choose from? Order everything you want, as the experts at Brasco b.v. offer the opportunity to order bulk bags of up to one hundred kilograms completely filled to the brim with high-end vintage clothing. You will enjoy attractive shipping rates for these bags filled with clothing, as the experts at Brasco b.v. have partnerships with various shipping companies. So, do not hesitate any longer and order your favourite vintage clothing items available for wholesale in this online store. You will not regret it.

Order the most popular items from every decade

Every decade has had a certain style of clothing that characterises that specific decade like no other, you could think of loose, colourful items from the 90s. These experts offer various items from every decade, so take a look at the complete collection right now.