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Building Your Best Workforce with Online Assessments and Tests from TestGroup

Your business is a unique, complex system of moving parts. The most important “parts” are often your employees. Whatever the size of your business, finding the right staff is the key to success. For many, a crucial part of the recruitment process and staff retention strategy comes down to online skill assessment.


Recruitment Made Easy with Pre-Hire Tests

Atleast80 percent of job seekers use online resources to find their next employment opportunity. That includes online networking and recruitment processes. Finding the perfect fit for your organization can take a lot of time and energy when using traditional hiring and interviewing methods. That is where pre-hiring assessments come in to play.

Go Beyond the Resume

While traditional resumes offer an overview of potential skills and experience, they often leave out pertinent information that can be key in determining whether a person is the best fit for your organization. An online assessment can streamline your candidate selection process, pre-screening applications to find the person–or persons–with the best skills for the position.

Assess Cognitive Ability.

Cognitive ability is the single best predictor of job performance. Pre-hire assessment tests give insight in to what skills a person possesses beyond the snippets provided by a resume. More than that, they tell you how a person learns and how they solve problems.

What Are Their Skills?

More than that, assessment results offer insights into an applicant’s skills, personality, or pertinent experience (depending on the assessment) before they formally interview with your organization. Assessments tell employers how well their experience on paper matches up to their practical skills and how they perform under pressure.


Employee Assessments Can Boost Productivity and Job Satisfaction

The benefits of employee assessments are two-fold. Assessment tests before hiring predict employee performance, and those taken after hiring can offer real-time feedback on performance.

Prediction of Workplace Success Through Personality Assessments

Online assessments can predict job satisfaction. What kind of personality does your applicant have? Every organization has a workplace culture. With a short personality test, you can determine how well a potential applicant will fit into yours! Do they work well under pressure? Are they good at team dynamics? This can give you the information you need to see how well they will perform in your unique work environment.

Employee Management and Performance Reviews

While these tools are popular for the hiring process, they are equally useful when assessing performance in current employees aswell. With The Bridge3 60, for example, you can gather feedback from clients, customers, employee peers, and management in a single, useful assessment tool. This gives you the right tools for employee coaching if necessary. It can also provide crucial information for performance reviews and potential advancement within the organization.


How to Order

TestGroup offers a variety of online tests and assessments. You can order tests and online assessments at our website. With our order form, you can mix and match any combination of assessments for your organization. You choose the best fit for your needs and we’ll fulfill your order in 30 minutes or less!