For all kinds of aeromedical examinations you can go to this examiner

Are you looking for an aeromedical examiner for your examinations? Whether you need an EASA Class 1, Class 2, LAPL or Cabin Crew aeromedical certificate, at Sky Medical Center they can help you. They offer aeromedical examinations, including for drone-pilots, skydivers and FAA. If you are approved by this aeromedical examiner, you will immediately receive your medical. Besides that, the company is easily accessible at P2, located next to Eindhoven Airport terminal.

The vision test

All professional and recreational pilots must be certified by an aeromedical examination. Also, other aviation personnel such as cabin crew and drone pilots must be certified. Sky Medical Center is the right aeromedical examiner for all these examinations! If you are approved after examination, you get your medical certificate the same day and you are cleared to fly again. No matter what kind of examinations you want, first you fill out the application form about your medical history before undergoing a general physical examination. This will also involve a vision test. When you are going to this aeromedical examiner, you need to bring all the correct document. For example when you wear glasses, you have to bring your prescription. Also when you have any known medical problems you need to let them know as early as possible.

Completing an aeromedical examination

Always wondered how long an aeromedical examination would take? Your initial EASA aeromedical Class 1 will take approximately four hours. Your visit to an eye-specialist from this company for the extended eye-examination is included. Your will receive EASA medical certificate on the same day, in most cases. Keep in mind a review by the Medical Assessor of the Dutch CAA may be required in some cases.

Make an appointment

When you come for a medical examination, it is important that you bring a number of documents with you to this examiner. Contact Sky Medical Center for more information or an initial and renewal medical examination. Whether you need a renewal or an initial aeromedical examination, this professional examiner is happy to help you.

A double deck trailer for optimal transport of goods

When you want to transport a large amount of goods, you would like to depend on excellent facilities. That is where Blankers Transport comes in. They offer double deck trucks and trailers  in which you can transport anything. Loading goods into a double deck trailer looks different from a standard issue truck, considering you have more loading space that can be used in an efficient way. An implemented hydraulic lift mechanism is used to place your goods safely in the trailer. It is even possible to double or triple stack your goods without losing stability. Blankers Transport offers you the ultimate way to transport a variety of goods in a single truck.

Maximizing cargo space for your goods

The 40 trucks that are available at Blankers Transport will surely be able to accommodate your products. It is able to travel all across Europe with these double deck trucks. If you need to transport over long distances, then you will have no problem when inquiring Blankers Transport. Think about the difficulties in transporting voluminous goods such as matrasses and foam products. Put an end to these inconveniences with a double deck trailer. The trailer is designed in such a way that any product can be safely stored in there, without risking any damage during the drive. What more do you need?

Contact the employees

Do you believe that the double deck trailer from Blankers Transport might be the ideal solution for the transport of your goods? Then make sure you contact their employees and explain your situation to them. They can identify what issues might come up during a possible transport and provide you with the ideal solution to prevent these inconveniences. Enjoy a flawless transport of your large and small goods with these trucks and discover the pleasure of working with a partner that is experienced and skilled in its field.

Choose the flue dampers suitable for your application

Looking for flue dampers? By procuring those specific models that offer your boiler system optimal performance, you can guarantee they will operate in optimal condition for the foreseeable future. Such dampers must be mounted in the pipe that connects the boiler and the chimney, closing off the flue gas path. As such, boiler flue dampers must be able to resist high temperatures and tough conditions to prevent catastrophic failure. To make sure the boiler flue dampers that you buy are always of a high quality, it is recommended that you purchase said dampers from Hoogenboom Valves. This company has over thirty years of experience in designing and producing numerous types of industrial damper valves. They always deliver exactly to the satisfaction of their clients.

Choosing the right damper for your boiler flue

Should you require new industrial dampers, this company stocks an extensive range likely containing every model you’ll ever need. Whether you require air- blocking damper valves, bypass/diverter damper valves, butterfly damper valves or louvre valves, they have it available for you. Should the unlikely event come to pass that Hoogenboom Valves’ extensive stock does not carry the precise damper you need, they can still provide you with the part you need. They can manufacture you a bespoke flue damper, manufactured to your exacting specifications. If no design is yet available,  they are perfectly capable of designing it for you. They will naturally develop any such bespoke dampers in line with current industry design paradigms. The company’s in-house professional 3D design software provides them with the tools to design and construct flue dampers exactly the way you want and need them.

Get right to work with the assistance of this company

When you work with this specialist, you will experience the joys of their personal and straightforward service. As a company that believes strongly in involving their clients in every step of the procurement process, they can address your needs and insights to ensure your flue dampers come out exactly the way you want them to. If you are interested, go take a look at their range of existing products they have on offer. If you elect to do business with them yourself, get in contact with them right away. They will commence your request for the procurement of flue dampers immediately!

The trustworthy double A battery from this provider

A double A battery is a widely used battery for electronic applications. There are many kinds of double A batteries in many stores and web shops. Sometimes you cannot be sure about the quality of a specific type from a particular brand. Moreover, when you use a relatively large amount of these batteries, it is obvious that you are searching for a long-term and cost-effective solution. Therefore, it is recommended to choose for the double A battery from 100%PeakPower. This company provides trustworthy batteries which make the power supply of your electronic application significantly more durable. You can order these online with ease and benefit from fast delivery times. On the website of 100%PeakPower, you can simply select the different packs.

High-quality batteries are more important than you may think

Many electronic devices and applications need one or more double A batteries. Of course, a lot of new applications only need a charger to provide them with the necessary power, but there is a large part that still needs the double A battery. Think of numerous applications in your household, such as TV remotes, toys, electrical toothbrushes and alarm clocks. When you think about it, then you notice that you will not be independent of batteries in the near future. 100%PeakPower knows how important batteries are in the daily life of every household. The double A battery of this company is a reliable energy source, with which you benefit from an excellent performance on the long term.

Choose for a great investment

How much power do you need? The bigger your package of batteries is, the more money you save on your power supply. The double A batteries of 100%PeakPower have a voltage of 1.5 and are available in packs of 4, 20 and 40 pieces. You may count on a durable battery, with the ability to sore energy without problems for five years. Moreover, it is able to sustain extreme temperature conditions without losing its many qualities. These qualities make the 100%PeakPower double A battery a great investment.

Particle size analysis & powder segregation

Analysing the size of particles is work for specialists. The research laboratory of Delft Solids Solutions has expertise in investigating problems with solid materials. Not only researching but especially solving complicated physicochemical problems is one of the core objectives.

Every material has unique properties. These can be influenced, for example, by the size of particles or the chemical stability. Measuring the size of such particles is of considerable importance at every stage of production as well as processing. We have various techniques at our disposal to carry out research and particle size analysis. For example:

  • laser diffraction,
  • Photon Correlation Spectroscopy,
  • image analysis,
  • laser Doppler velocimetry
  • electron microscopy

Separation of powders

Products consist of individual features or components. A tool to predict characteristics of products is a segregation analysis. In order to keep the quality of products optimal, all characteristics must be able to be mixed well and remain in that state. Differences in size, density and shape play a major role.

In our research laboratory we perform powder segregation studies. We do this for example through the methods sifting- and fluidisation segregation. This analysis provides predictive information about the sensitivity of a powder mixture to segregation and how to control it. Delft Solids Solutions’ research laboratory has more than 40 years of experience. Do you have any questions, are you looking for thorough research, are you looking for a sparring partner? Then please contact us.

Kun je permanent ontharen als je zwanger bent?

Wanneer het mooie weer eraan komt en korte broekjes, shirtjes en bikini’s uit de kast worden gehaald, komt het scheren van onder ander benen en oksels vanzelfsprekend om de hoek kijken. Wekelijks of zelfs dagelijks scheren hoort daar helaas bij, maar gelukkig is dat verleden tijd als je kiest voor permanent ontharen. Ben jij zwanger en wil je graag ongewenste haargroei weg laten laseren? Hieronder lees je of dat tijdens de zwangerschap überhaupt wel mag. 

Permanent ontharen tijdens je zwangerschap

Er wordt sterk aangeraden om tijdens de zwangerschap niet te kiezen voor laserontharing. Gedurende de zwangerschap verandert er lichamelijk veel. Niet alleen aan de buitenkant, waaronder een groeiende buik, maar ook aan de binnenkant. Ook je hormoonhuishouden verandert, waardoor de huid extra gevoelig is en anders kan reageren. Je kunt je voorstellen dat hierdoor niet te voorspellen is hoe de huid reageert op de laser. Het is bijvoorbeeld mogelijk dat door een laserbehandeling je extra pigmentvorming krijgt of rode bultjes die jeuken. 


Minder effectief

Tijdens de zwangerschap kan een laserbehandeling daarnaast minder effect hebben. Ook dit is helaas te wijten aan je hormonen. Hoe dat kan? Je hormonen zorgen voor de aanmaak van nieuwe haren. Na een laserbehandeling tijdens de zwangerschap kunnen er dus gewoon weer nieuwe haartjes teruggroeien. Dat wil je natuurlijk niet. 


Wanneer wel weer? 

Uiteraard blijft het je eigen keuze en kun je altijd even overleggen met je huisarts en/of verloskundige. Zij kunnen je van goed advies voorzien op het gebied van permanent ontharen als je zwanger bent. Direct na de bevalling wordt het ook nog steeds afgeraden, omdat de hormoonhuishouding nog niet meteen op orde is. Na de bevalling, wanneer je een tijdje hebt genoten van jullie pasgeboren zoontje of dochtertje, kan je uiteraard wel weer gewoon ongewenste haargroei weg laten laseren.


Buy a reliable egg processing machine

Is your processing plant or farm in need of a new egg separator machine? Naturally you want to buy equipment that you can rely upon for many years to come. The purchase of a new machine can be a large investment, especially for a small plant or farm. This is why it is smart to let the experts from Moba Group help you decide which egg processing machine best fits your company’s needs. They are the world’s leading manufacturer of egg processing equipment and their customer service can expertly advise you which machine is the most suitable.

A high quality machine for every budget

The investment in an egg processing or separator machine does not always need to be a large one. At Moba Group you buy high quality equipment for a fair price. You also have the option to buy a used machine that is equally efficient and comes at an even better price. This way even the smallest plants that have an equally small budget can buy the high quality machinery that Moba Group manufactures. Whether you buy a new or a used egg processing machine, you can count on it to do a reliable job for many years to come.

24/7 support for maintenance and repairs

Even the processing machines from the world’s leading manufacturer occasionally need maintenance or repairs. When you run into a problem, you can also count on Moba Group. Their excellent customer support is available 24/7 to fix any issues you might run into. They can diagnose the problem from their computer and either provide you with an easy fix or send a support team your way to fix your egg processing machine for you.

Make a good investment in your company

Buy a new or used processing or egg separator machine from Moba Group. Then you are ensured of a good investment in your company. Their machines are reliable and efficient and can be counted upon for many years to come. Contact this manufacturer now and get the best processing machines available for your plant or farm.

How to Pick Suitable Library Solutions That Boost Efficiency

Libraries have to cater to a diverse category of people, and because of this, each one will have specific goals. A library must ensure that it puts in place the correct elements to meet the demands of its customers. For this, a library needs the right tools to help streamline management, improve productivity and efficiency. With service vendors offering all kinds of library solutions, finding the appropriate resources can be challenging. How do you know what’s worth investing in?

Assess Need for Library Solutions

A library that serves a small local community will need tools that are different from those of a college library. You have to evaluate the goals and requirements of a particular library keenly. A large research library will find great use for a self-service system, but a small-sized institution that doesn’t serve many readers might choose to offer personalised services. Be clear about the goals that a library aims to accomplish to narrow down the services that best align with them.

Library Design

The suitability of some library solutions will depend on the layout of the library. How large or small a library is and the design of the place can present restrictions for certain installations. For example, a large college library can have enough space to for book drop stations, but a small library may not be designed for such a setup. It helps to consult with an expert in library services for advice.


Of course, the spending power of a library will dictate which solutions it can afford. Libraries have an array of technologically advanced systems at their disposal, but not everyone can afford them. Prioritise your requirements and get the tools that contribute more towards the bottom line.

Dialoc ID is a leading manufacturer and vendor of library solutions that cover everything from security to staffing to management. Regardless of the size, a library can find the tools it requires to achieve certain objectives.


Retail Analytics is essential for all retailers in the future

As a retailer nowadays it is very important to convert Retail Analytics data into smart strategic decisions to improve your store’s performance. Relying on trustworthy customer data instead of simply making assumptions will prove to be much more profitable in the end. Retail Analytics will apply to all aspects in the supply chain such as sales, overall store performance, customer satisfaction, staff deployment and inventory levels. Fortunately many players in the retail world have already recognized the importance and use of Retail Analytics in their day to day strategy. On the other hand many retailers do collect large amounts of customer data, but do not have the knowledge or the right partner to effectively understand and apply the data.  

What is Retail Analytics all about

Retail Analytics is all about the process of collecting and analyzing data concerning different aspects of the purchasing processsupply chain. The data allows retailers to understand how their business is generally doing and how to understand consumer demand in the best possible way. Retail is developing fast because consumers are more and more demanding. Understanding what it is your customers really want, is essential to be the most profitable you can be. In the past it was only possible for online stores to understand customer behavior. With the rise of Retail Analytics tools it is also possible to get insights into customer behavior in your physical store. Potential barriers in the customer journey will become clear so they can be addressed and resolved. This will enable retailers to keep up with the fast moving industry and stay ahead of competition.

Uncovered insights

People counting in stores and shopping centres can really help you understand what is going on in your business. Some of these uncovered insights are:

  • Who is your most valuable customer?
  • What are your best possible opening hours?
  • Which products sell best and which don’t sell?
  • Are there any customer trends?
  • Who is your bestselling employee?
  • What was the impact of specific marketing or promotional campaigns?
  • How should you optimally deploy staff?
  • What is the hourly sales and conversion ratio?
  • Are there any barriers in the customer journey?

Make sure you don’t get left behind

Combining different kind of customer datasets leads to deeper analyses and predictions of (future) customers and situations. Retail Analytics tools provide very important insights. The best way to make smart business decisions is to rely on reliable data. It is not enough to only collect data. You really have to interpret and analyse data to understand what is actually going on and how you can improve your business. Retail is dynamic and is developing at a rapid speed. As a retailer you should really ask yourself the following question: can I afford not to invest in Retail Analytics?

My story about diamonds and how they arise | Unsaid Library

My interest in diamonds

Gems have always interested me since I was a kid. Not only their beauty, but also their spiritual effect. My mother told and taught me a lot about this, and I regularly went to gemstone fairs with my parents. In addition, my father’s aunt, Aunt Lidwien, was a jeweller by profession. Because of this, my parents also knew a lot about the ‘technical’ side of gems.

Unsaid Library makes it possible to express your emotions using beautiful pieces of jewelry. Unsaid Library combines the most intens emotions with the most beautiful bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants. You can find more of this on the website of Unsaid Library.

A diamond is a girl’s best friend’ sang Marilyn Monroe, and I have to admit, exclusive jewellery with diamonds does indeed have an enormous attraction for me. On my left ring finger shines a beautiful BAUNAT engagement ring, and when the sun shines on it I can just look at it. The light reflects all the colours of the rainbow through the stone. The brilliance of a diamond is so enchantingly beautiful. There is no other stone that sparkles as beautifully as this one, in my opinion it has something truly magical.

How do diamonds arise?

Did you know that diamonds actually consist of the same raw material as your pencil? After all, both of them originate from carbon, one of our most important chemical elements. Diamond is of course a more rare form of carbon than the graphite in your pencil. It takes millions of years before carbon in the deepest layers of the earth is crystallized into a diamond under high pressure and temperature. Natural diamonds are quite rare. To give you an idea: on average, about 250 tons of earth have to be moved to form 1 carat diamond.

Unsaid Library makes it possible to express your emotions using beautiful pieces of jewelry. Unsaid Library combines the most intens emotions with the most beautiful bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants. You can find more of this on the website of Unsaid Library.

Diamond is one of the hardest materials in nature. From a scale of 1 to 10 diamonds have a hardness of 10. Only a diamond can damage another diamond. This gives me certainty on the one hand (I don’t have to be afraid to damage my diamond when I bump into something), but on the other hand it is also something to take into account when I store my jewellery.

Because diamonds are so hard, they are also widely used in industry. For example, the dentist has a drill with a diamond head. And it is also used when drilling for oil. In addition, opticians use diamonds when cutting spectacle lenses.

Diamonds are mined in about 35 countries around the world, but they are most commonly found in South Africa, Russia and Botswana. In Australia, most industrial diamonds are mined. Where diamonds are also common are India, Siberia, Brazil, China, Canada and the United States.

What is a carat?

Both diamonds and gold are marked with carats, so this may cause some confusion. In the case of gold, carat is the unit that indicates the amount of precious metal, or purity. One carat equals 1/24th of a mass of pure precious metal, so 24K gold is considered to be 100% gold. A common content is 18K gold, which is 75% pure gold mixed with 25% other metals. You can recognize this content by the stamp .750 that has to be printed somewhere very small in the jewellery.

In the case of diamonds (and other gems) the unit carat works differently. This is not about a content, but about the MESSAGE of the stone. One carat corresponds to 0.2 grams (200 milligrams). If a diamond weighs 100 milligrams, then you speak of half a carat.

Unsaid Library makes it possible to express your emotions using beautiful pieces of jewelry. Unsaid Library combines the most intens emotions with the most beautiful bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants. You can find more of this on the website of Unsaid Library.

And to make it even more complicated, a carat is subdivided into 100 ‘dots’. So a diamond of 75 dots weighs 0.75 carats.

Why is one diamond much more expensive than another?

Did you know that there are also coloured diamonds? Diamonds really exist in all colours of the rainbow. There are yellow, blue, green, pink, black, brown and even red diamonds. Worldwide only a few red diamonds are found per year and usually they are small specimens of less than 0.5 carat. Coloured diamonds are super rare and that makes them much more expensive. The more intense the colour, the bigger the price tag.

With colorless diamonds, a number of factors are taken into account to determine the price. The size and weight (in other words, the carat), but also the color, purity and cut play an important role. For convenience these factors are also called the 4 C’s: carat, color, clarity and cut.

Colour & purity

And how exactly do you determine the colour of a colourless diamond, you might wonder? Every colourless diamond looks white and colourless at first sight, but professionals can distinguish subtle colour differences based on an international diamond colour scale. The more colourless the diamond, the more precious it is.

As far as purity is concerned, a professional with a magnifying glass (10 x magnification under normal light) looks at inclusions. The fewer inclusions, the purer the diamond, the more beautiful the light is reflected and the stronger the brilliance will be. Pure diamonds, i.e. diamonds