Writer’s necessities 2021


As a writer, I can not stress enough to invest in a good notebook and either a cross fountain pen,Parkers pen or Montblanc pen. Besides being well prepared, there’s other necessities to be able to create your craft as a writer. Some might be more common than others, but every little tip counts and might help you a bit further in your journey. And remember, you are not bound to any given advice, as the most important thing is that you enjoy.

Writer’s block

Let’s get straight to the point and pull the heavy guns out: writer’s block. I’m pretty sure that every writer at one point, and probably more often than just once, has experienced one. For me personally I might encounter one every now and then and the best tip I can give you from my own experience is: accept it. I know that you might want to hit me in the face for this piece of advice, but honestly accepting is the first thing towards change. We can not at all times be flowing with creativity, whether it is because of a certain situation that happened or you just emptied your juices for the moment.

The most important thing is to try and work yourself out of a writer’s block, gently. One of the most common tips is reading. Read a book, read poetry, read a script, read the instructions on how to cook your food, read the ingredients on the back of your shampoo bottle, just read. It might trigger new insights or maybe you discover a new word that you want to experiment with. No matter how small or big the impact, reading truly helps. Another good tip is to listen to podcasts or spoken word, the topic doesn’t matter. The way people speak, especially with spoken word, is motivational and might motivate you to try out new things.

Safe space

Create a safe space for yourself and I don’t only mean this in a physical way. More importantly than having a space where you can write, is having a support system that you feel safe enough to share your art with. This might be your friends but I highly recommend that you also find people that write as well so that you can discuss your work with them without judgement. This way you can critique each other’s art and help each other grow. Maybe you can start a writer’s club or maybe there’s one that exists already and that you can join.

Okay, back to the physical aspect of a safe space. I think this is most important for writers that are just discovering their passion and skills. Writing is something very intimate and personal so it is imaginable that starters first want to enjoy their craft in private, before sharing it with others. Maybe your bedroom might be good enough for you, as long as you have a place where you can calmly write without being bothered. This means for every other space as well: as long as you know you won’t be bothered by anyone, you should feel comfortable enough to write.

What Is Radiation Sickness and How Does It Affect You?

When a hefty dosage of high-energy radiation passes through your body and reaches your interior organs, you get radiation sickness. It happens even faster when you don’t have any radiation shielding

The sickness, which is appropriately known as acute radiation syndrome, was called after the World War II atomic bombs by doctors. It’s unclear how many of the 150,000 to 250,000 persons murdered in the assaults succumbed to radiation poisoning. However, the number was estimated to be in the hundreds or thousands at the time.

Radiation illness has claimed the lives of roughly 50 individuals since then. This includes the 28 employees and firefighters who died in the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine. Acute radiation sickness was detected in over 100 people at Chernobyl, although they all lived.

The majority of those who died due to it worked as scientists or technicians at nuclear power facilities in the United States or the Soviet Union during the Cold War. However, three employees in Japan were exposed to radiation during an atomic fuel explosion in 1999, and two of them perished. After the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011, no incidences of radiation illness were documented.

Basics of Radiation

The quantity of radiation that your body receives is measured in sieverts, an international unit (Sv). When you’re exposed to more than 500 millisieverts (mSv), or half a sievert, you get radiation sickness symptoms. A dose of Sv of more than 4 to 5 is likely to be deadly. Workers exposed to radiation at Chernobyl had doses ranging from 700 mSv to 13 Sv.

Natural radiation may be found in the air, water, and objects such as brick and granite. You usually only acquire approximately three mSv (3 one-thousandths of a sievert) of radiation from these natural sources in a year.

Man-made sources of radiation, such as X-rays, contribute around 3 mSv to the total. A CT (computerized tomography) scan, which consists of several X-rays obtained from various angles, produces roughly 10 mSv. Nuclear workers are not authorized to be exposed to more than 50 millisieverts per year.

What is the first indicator of an excessive amount of radiation?

The most frequent early symptoms of radiation sickness are nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, as they are for many other disorders. They might appear minutes after exposure, although they may last for many days. If you have these symptoms after a radiation emergency, get medical attention as soon as it is safe to do so.

You might also get skin damage, such as severe sunburn, blisters, or sores. Radiation may also harm the cells that produce hair, resulting in hair loss. Hair loss may be permanent in certain circumstances.

Symptoms might last anywhere from a few hours to weeks before completely disappearing. When they return, though, they are usually in a worse state.


Radiation may harm your stomach and intestines, as well as your blood vessels and bone marrow, which produces blood cells. The quantity of disease-fighting white blood cells in your body is reduced when your bone marrow is damaged. As a consequence, infections or internal bleeding kills the majority of persons who die from radiation illness.

Your doctor will make every effort to assist you in fighting infections. To restore lost blood cells, they may provide blood transfusions. They may also prescribe medicine to aid in the recovery of your bone marrow. They may also attempt a transplant.

They will also provide you with fluids and treat any other injuries you may have, such as burns. Radiation illness may take up to two years to recover from. 

However, you’ll still be at risk for additional health issues once you’ve recovered. That is why preventing the adverse radiation effect with radiation shielding is often a wise option.

Find the right swivel flanges for your application at this supplier

Do you need swivel flanges to build or repair your piping system? Are you looking for a reliable supplier for these materials? Then the website of PipingMarket.eu is where you need to be. In this web shop, you can find a wide range of swivel flanges. This product, made of a heavy forged welding hub with a rotating forged ring, is available in different pressure ratings and dimensions. Thanks to the wide range of this supplier, you are likely to find the right swivel flanges for your application.

What are swivel flanges used for

Swivel flanges can be used in many applications, but they are mostly used in offshore piping. In offshore piping, they are used to simplify the final tie-in process of subsea pipelines. This is thanks to the fact that swivel flanges allow 360 degree rotation to align the bolt holes when attaching to the mating flange. This reduces dive-time and thus allows an easy connection.

Why buy your swivel flanges in this web shop

If you need new swivel flanges, it is advisable to buy them at PipingMarket.eu. In this web shop, you can not only buy swivel flanges, but also all the other materials you need for your piping system. This makes them a one-stop web shop for all your piping products! Besides finding all the materials you need in their web shop, there are more benefits. One of them is the excellent price-quality ratio of the materials and another benefit is that they handle orders very quickly.

Submit a quote request

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Purify water without chemicals and use an electrodeionization module

There are many different ways to purify water so that it is safe for consumption and for use in a number of industries. One of the best ways to do so is with the help of an electrodeionization module. This manner of water purification does not require any chemicals for regeneration, which is a big advantage compared to other, more traditional methods. Next to that, it is a suitable method for a variety of industries, making it incredibly versatile.

This technology is beneficial for a variety of industries that need purified water

Industries that can benefit from this purification technology include, but are not limited to:

  • Power industry
  • Laboratories and pharmaceutical industry
  • Microelectronics industry

Therefore it is very understandable that you want a system with a electrodeionization module to purify your water.

Purchase your electrodeionization system from a specialist with extensive experience

Of course, you want a system with an electrodeionization module of the best possible quality. That way you are ensured of pure water and of a system that lasts for many years to come. This is why you should purchase this system from an expert like Deionx. This company specializes in electrodeionization systems and can tell you much more about it thanks to their extensive experience. They have a variety of systems to choose from, so there is always an excellent solution for your organization.

Contact this expert for more information

Are you in search of an innovative water purification system with an electrodeionization module? Contact the experts at Deionx today for the perfect solution for your situation. The friendly employees are happy to answer any questions you may have. They are also glad to be of service and will provide you with advice if you need it! That way, you are sure to buy the right system for your water purification purposes.


Let modern access gangway systems be designed, produced and delivered according your needs

To enable personnel and crew a safe access to ship and shore, you need a modern access gangway system. These systems are designed to follow the ships’ movements due to changing tides. Besides that, it also follows changes in draft during loading, discharge and when the ships surge, sway, and heave motions. Is your company in need of a modern access gangway system? Then you should definitely meet up with Gangway Solutions. They are able to design, produce, and deliver these systems for you.

The right system according your personal requirements

This company is perfectly able to deliver these systems and change them according the customer’s needs. Access gangway systems can be fully automatic in standard executioner, but also completely tailor-made to meet your requirements. Gangway Solutions uses advanced computer systems for the design of these products. They also provide comprehensive customer support including spare parts, servicing, installation, commissioning, repair and rebuild, preventive maintenance, retrofits and upgrades.

They have their own test facility

The system must be safe in all situations. To ensure you these systems are completely safe, they test them in their own test facility. Did you also know that the installation provides an escape route? It makes it possible for personnel and crew to escape in dangerous situations. The complete installation and the exits are fully tested by this company. Therefore, they can guarantee you the safest installation possible. The factory test (FAT), inspection as well as the full acceptance test will be done at their own test facility.

Get in touch with them

Gangway Solutions ensures you of an offshore gangway that is made from the best materials, provided with the electrical appliances you desire and designed in the most efficient way so that you get the most out of your product. Do you want a safe gangway system, that fits perfectly on your ship? Get in touch with them!

Discover the Parker watermaker and other water systems

Are you interested in purchasing a Parker watermaker? AquaControl Marine is a Premium Service Distributor of portable water systems from Parker HRO (Horizon Reverse Osmosis), Sea Recovery and Village Marine. The company delivers reliable watermakers of the highest quality. They mostly supply to companies that are active in the marine & offshore industries. Would you like to know more about compact watermakers? Are you interested in energy efficient watermakers or fully automatic watermakers? Or are you looking for a silent watermaker? The company offers a suitable watermaker for every application and each situation. They do not only supply high-quality products, but they also offer the best services. Their service department is available 24/7 and is fast and skilled enough to provide services worldwide.

High-quality portable water systems

AquaControl Marine offers several types of watermakers, including ones suitable for limited spaces and limited power options. The portable water systems have been designed and developed to be user-friendly, serviceable and cutting edge. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a small, medium and large potable watermaker from HRO (Horizon Reverse Osmosis), Sea Recovery and Parker Village Marine: using the water systems you produce safe drinking water of the highest quality. You can choose from different types:

  • Seafari Versatile: this watermaker is available as a Compact Self Contained system and a Modular system which offers unlimited installation options for limited spaces. It is ideal for activities, such as weekend fishing.
  • Seafari Mini: this watermaker is ideal for power yachts or sailboats up to 45ft with little space to spare.
  • Seafari Quest: this watermaker feaures automatic operation and is engineered for boaters with limited power options.

Get in touch to learn more

Would you like to purchase a watermaker from Parker Village Marine, HRO or Sea Recovery? Or do you want to receive some more information on the brands or products and receive some tailored advice? Contact AquaControl Marine to get more information. You can reach them by telephone or you could fill out the contact form on their website. To stay updated on new developments and products, you can also subscribe to the newsletter.



A heated circulating water bath for your laboratory

Are you looking for solutions to your laboratory’s liquid heating needs? PolyScience offers over 50 different solutions, such as a heated circulating water bath, a simple immersion Circulator, an economical open bath system and much more. This company is a renowned producer of constant temperature control equipment. They are your reliable partner if you need a heating circulator, such as a heated circulating water bath. They offer several options related to this solution.

What are my options regarding a heated circulating water bath?

Of course you want to have the best option for your needs regarding your laboratory’s liquid heating needs. PolyScience offers many different models. They provide innovative temperature control solutions since 1963. They offer their products to clients all over the world. If you need to have a liquid heating solution, a heated circulating water bath is the solution. Use the latest version of a heated circulating water bath from PolyScience to ensure quality and innovation. Their products are safe to use, quiet, extremely precise, and energy saving. They are very easy to install, maintain, and operate. Besides, a heated circulating water bath offer years of reliable and accurate heating. A heated circulating water bath is usually applied to warming of reagents and culture media, thawing or tempering samples, biological incubation, enzyme assays, or controlling the temperature of laboratory equipment. These include viscometers, densitometers, and more.

Excellent support services

Did you purchase a heated circulating water bath at PolyScience? Then you can expect excellent support services. They are always reachable for support. If you encounter problems over two years later? Even then they help you out. They usually respond within one to two days, very quick. On orders over 500 euros you do not pay shipping costs. Are you curious as to what this company can provide you? Do not hesitate to contact them to talk about the possibilities.


Start your own business in the Netherlands!

Have you been working in a specific sector for a number of years and have you gained broad experience? If you will then launch yourself a similar company, you will have a good chance that your business will succeed. Do you have ideas to start a company within your industry with an innovative service or product? Then there is a chance that you will grow into one of the most successful companies in your sector.

To start your Dutch business, you will first have to set up a BV (a limited liability company). For this you will need the help of a Dutch civil notary. Within a few days, your BV can be founded and registered. Find here below information on the formation process.             

Why establish a BV with a notarial deed?

The deed of incorporation is a legally required document in the Netherlands. It is necessary for a company to be established by a notary.

The notary will guide you through the formation process, because the establishment of a BV is the task of a notary. The notary will prepare draft articles for your limited liability company. After this, the deed of incorporation will be signed, which is called execution, and the BV will be registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce.

What is stated in the articles of a BV?

Part of the deed of incorporation are the articles. These contain provisions that are often also stipulated in the Civil Code in combination with ‘good governance’ rules for your company. It is mandatory to include the following information in the articles of association:

– Name and place of business, also called seat, of the BV;        

– Object of the BV;        

– Types of shares and the amount that will be paid up on each share, also called nominal value;        

– Conditions for the transfer of shares and blocking provision;        

– Powers of the shareholders;        

– Method of decision making;        

– Appointment and dismissal of directors and possible supervisory directors;        

– Rules for dissolution;        

– Duration of the first financial year.        

The financial year is usually the same as the calendar year. The first financial year can be extended to almost 24 months. This can be attractive in order to save on the costs of annual accounts and corporate income tax return.

Are there rules for the initial capital of a BV?

There is no mandatory start-up capital for a BV. This makes the setup of a BV very accessible. The starting capital may consist of cash, even in the form of a foreign currency. In addition, the capital can be paid in by means of a contribution in kind, such as with property.

What do you need to know about the share capital of a BV?

The capital of the BV is divided into shares owned by shareholders. It is also possible that all shares are owned by a sole shareholder. A distinction can be made between authorised capital (no longer mandatory since 2012), issued capital and paid-up share capital. Even with a sole shareholder, it is advisable to issue at least 100 shares. This to enable the future transfer of shares to potential business partners or heirs. For the reason of shareholder’s liability and tax purposes, it is wise not to postpone the paying up of any shares. 

Which checks and balances exist within a BV?

You can establish a BV by yourself or with others. Each BV has at least three organs consisting of one or more members:

– Founders        

– Board       

– General Meeting        

It is also possible to appoint one or more supervisory directors in a supervisory board as fourth organ.

In the deed of incorporation, the first directors will be appointed and the names of the shareholders will be mentioned. After incorporation, any new directors will be appointed by the shareholders. The authority to dismiss any directors also rests with the shareholders. In case of a board consisting of multiple members, it is possible to choose for sole or joint authorisation. 

Who will be responsible for the registration of the BV at the Chamber of Commerce?

A BV must always be registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce. In most cases the notary will take care for registration of the Dutch company, its registered office address and directors. This will usually not take more than a day. At registration, the BV will be provided with a trade register number and fiscal number. Note that as long your BV is not yet registered, the founder will be liable.

How to start BV formation?

The above is a short ABC on business formation. The notary can answer all your questions and will go through the deed of incorporation with you prior to incorporation. Sometimes it will be wise to directly establish a holding company too, or in case of more shareholders, to draw up a shareholders’ agreement. Also, it is advisable to obtain advice of an accountant and tax specialist before set up. Contact us still today to have your business adventure started as soon as possible.

Total productive maintenance

This system is focussed on maintaining and improving the integrity of the production, safety and quality systems through the machines. It can also be used for equipment, processes and employees which add value to an organization. TPM or Total productive maintenance has been developed from the perspective of maintenance management. It focuses primarily on productivity improvements.


What is TPM?

This holistic approach to equipment maintenance strives to achieve perfect production. Therefore it focuses on achieving the following key factors:

–          No breakdowns

–          No Small stops or slow running

–          No Defects

In addition it is also focuses on maintaining a safe working environment. This inlcludes preventing accidents from happening and making sure that the enivornment is safe for everyone. So basically, total productive maintenance focuses to maximize efficiency of equipment but also makes sure ones working environment is safe. The implementation of this method creates a shared responsibility for equipment and encourages greater involvement by plant floor workers.


What does TPM Teach?

The most improtant task of total productive maintenance is to teach factories to give ownership of the machines on the production floor. Operators work daily with these machines so they know how these machines should be maintained and how these machines should be operated. This way, improving overall equipment effectiveness lies not only on the maintenance department but the whole organization.



Workplace Social Distancing – How To

Firstly, what is social distancing? If you’re not already aware, social distancing has been implemented by the government to ensure we keep at least 2 metres away from others to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This is incredibly important in and out of the workplace to look after ourselves as well as others.

As coffee shops, clothing shops, restaurants and offices begin to open, it’s no surprise that we’re raring to go out and enjoy ourselves or return to work but how will we continue to social distance and what precautions can be taken?

Less Contact

Whilst social distancing implies you’ll have less contact, it’s not just about touching people. It’s also taking into consideration the paper we touch, the handles we open and communal areas we use.  To be even more cautious it’s beneficial to send more emails or make more calls than walking through the office to ask for support. In addition, leaving doors open where possible will also eliminate the need of touching handles and any cross contamination.

Social Distancing Dividers

Office partitions have been used as part of office design for years, but with COVID-19 making an appearance the requirement has change somewhat. Reducing the number of fabric screens, has led to an increasingly popular choice of acrylic freestanding and desktop divider.

The acrylic social distancing office partition are ideal when you’re dividing an area for an individual but wish to have visibility. A clear acrylic option enables full communication to commence as normal.

Staggered schedule

If you’ve been working from home, you’ll be excited of the return to the office to be reunited with work colleagues and friends. However, staggered shifts having been introduced to ensure all employees can work from the office but on set days and times to ensure numbers are limited.

So, you might be returning to work, but not with your usual team. Remember it’s to keep you safe and that’s all that matters.


Keeping your workspace as clean as possible is something you can do as an individual. Using anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser regularly is a clever idea. By doing so, you’ll have a thoroughly cleaned workstation before and at the end of every shift.

Whilst washing your hands is the most effective way to clean your hands, in between washing and were a tap might not be available – anti-bacterial gel is better than nothing.

These are just a few ways in which you can adapt the workplace and change the way you think. Some changes might be around us longer than we anticipate but additional precautions are available to ensure safety.