Back Pressure Regulators

Back Pressure Regulators are used to control pressure under less than easy or average process conditions. Controlling pressure in a chemical process can be a very challenging aspect of process engineering. This is even more true in cases where the process parameters are our of the ordinary, such as high or very low temperature, corrosive or aggressive substances, broad rangeability requirements, etc. Pressure Control Solutions specializes in back pressure regulators that are specifically designed to solve any of such situations!

Many engineers across the world are already using Equilibar back pressure regulators

With an ever increasing customer base throughout universities, R&D departments, pilot plant builders and many industrial and chemical process and production lines throughout the world, we are proud to state that most engineers are eager to adopt our back pressure regulators once they get to know these special pressure controllers. With only one moving part and thus very little maintenance, these back pressure regulators help researchers and process engineers to get the most out of their process. Since Pressure Control Solutions was established in the Netherlands, Europe late 2015/early 2016, we have already sold to hundreds of satisfied engineers.  

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Pressure Control Solutions is the sole authorized distributor for Equilibar back pressure regulators and related products in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. We also develop and build our own electronic pressure controllers that are optimally designed to pilot your back pressure regulator.  Visit our website to read more about the wide range of applications that have become possible using our back pressure regulators, such as more traditional research in oil and gas processing or chemical engineering as well as newer and innovating processes such as catalysis, filtration, distillation, membrane separation, energy production, fuel cell testing an production etc. etc. 

The engineers of Pressure Control Solutions have years of experience to help you select the best possible configuration and we thus offer you a perfect fit tailored to your process, resulting in the best possible back pressure regulator.


Reasons Why Hard Drive Destruction is Important

There comes a time in the workplace when you have to upgrade to the latest technology for improved efficiency. Your computer could need replacement after several years, and you may not need your old hard drive in the new computer. If you are in such a scenario, you have to find a way to destroy the information on the hard drive so that it does not get into the wrong hands.

Never think of just discarding the hard drive or the old computer because someone else can get you private data. The best way to ensure that third parties do not get the data is by destroying the hard drive. Make sure that you have hired the services of professional electronic data media destruction professionals for the most secure hard drive destruction.

What Is Drive Destruction?

Drive destruction is the act of destroying old drives in such a way that the data they contain cannot be retrieved even using modern forensic software. The two main options for drive destruction are data cleaning and physical destruction. Data cleansing involves wiping the data from the hard drive using destruction software. In contrast, physical destruction involves shredding the hard drive into pieces so that it cannot be restored and data can’t be retrieved.

Destroying a hard drive is similar to how a paper shredder works. If you throw away the papers in the bin, someone can easily pull out the important documents from the trash, but shredding files and documents after use ensure that no one can access the information from both inside and outside the company.

Benefits of Hard drive Destruction

It Deletes Your Data for Good

Criminals use high tech software to easily extract data from hard drives even after you have deleted everything. You should therefore not throw away a hard disk after erasing the data or because it is damaged as it is also possible to retrieve data from damaged hard drives. Hard drive destruction professionals use high-security data destruction machines to destroy and make sure that the data is unrecoverable.

Avoid Fines

Businesses that do not dispose of their data storage devices properly can face hefty fines if the information gets into the wrong hands. The criminals can access customer’s private information leading to lawsuits that are expensive to the company. The only way to keep customers’ and personal information safe is by using the services of a professional data destruction company.

Reduce Office Junk

A company that keeps all the old and damaged hard drives and computers end up consuming valuable space that can be used for productive activities. Destroying all these hard drives will free up the space that you use for their storage. You should leave the hard work to the data destruction company and concentrate on the core functions of your business.

Ensure Compliance with the Regulations

Data destruction professionals are experts in the field, meaning they are aware of all the regulations for destroying data storage devices such as hard drives. These professionals will ensure that they have followed the regulations to ensure that your business is compliant. The compliance will eliminate the risk of non-compliant fines, plus they will also ensure that the hard drives are disposed of accordingly.

Avoid Long-Term Damage

Stolen data can lead to issues such as identity theft and data breaches that can severely affect your business. Leaking of customer information can damage the customer’s trust in your business, and partners and supplies may find it unsafe to work with you. Such issues lead to revenue loss and can lead to the closure of your business.

Important Tips to Consider Before Destroying Hard Drives

Hard drives disposal is a serious process that requires some consideration due to security and environmental risks. You should consider the below factors for safe hard drive destruction: Consider the Environment: Hard drives should be appropriately disposed as they contain hazardous materials that can be harmful to your health and the environment. You can ensure proper disposal of the hard drives by working with a certified hard drive destruction company. Delete the Data: Ensure that you have deleted all the data in the hard drive before you have them professionally destroyed. Deleting the data will protect you from possible data leaks if something occurs during the transition process. Hire a qualified Company: Ensure that the company you hire is certified to do the job and get a Certificate of Destruction for any time you have your hard drives destroyed.


A calculator is a small device that is used for performing simple and complex mathematical operations. Calculators are used by everyone, from school students for simple calculations to scientists for very complex and scientific operations.

Students love to use the calculator and why not! With just a few clicks of a button, they can get right answers in a matter of seconds. Calculators are also very easily available. Every smartphone has an in-built Calculator application. People can perform calculations on-the-go without depending on anyone. People can even get an electronic calculator at any retail store for cheap prices. If you are using a computer or laptop, you can do complex operations in no time. But in most cases, people use solar-powered or battery-powered calculator for their day-to-day operations.

Calculators are so common today but neither it was cheap nor it was easily accessible a few years back. The first calculator was only developed in the early 1960s. As microprocessors were created and computer technology advanced, pocket calculators were introduced. These devices were smaller and cheaper and could easily fit into the pockets. By 1980s, calculators were so affordable that they were commonly found in schools.

How does a Calculator Work?

A calculator generally comprises of a processor chip, sensors, display, physical keys and a battery. Calculators depend on integrated circuits, which has transistors for performing mathematical calculations. These transistors can be turned on or off using electricity through the battery. Basic operations like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication can be easily done in a small basic calculator. For performing complex calculations, the integrated circuit in a calculator should have more transistors. The scientific calculators, which are commonly used by many these days, can perform incredibly complex and advanced mathematical calculations.

We use numbers in base-ten format, which has ten digits (from 0-10). But calculators work by processing data in binary form (0 and1). When you press a number on a calculator, it gets converted into binary form. The series of 0s and 1s will turn on and off the transistors for performing the desired calculation. After the operation gets complete, the result in the binary form will get converted into the base-ten format and then displayed on the LCD screen of the calculator.

Calculators have evolved a lot since it was first developed in the 1960s. Nowadays, they are used by students in schools and colleges, people in businesses and employees in technical jobs. The calculator is a great invention as it has reduced a lot of time to perform simple and complex arithmetic operations.

How does the Ethereum blockchain work?

To totally understand the way the blockchain works it is essential that we describe it like a register. It’s based on blockchain, which has a great deal of merits with several different elements. Normally, Blockchain is the technology supporting the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin is a deflationary currency, which means there’s a limited quantity of bitcoins that may ever exist. Because of its popularity, it seems to be facing the brunt of it.

Considering all the advantages cryptocurrencies bring to us, in addition, there are many hurdles we need to overcome before we get to relish its benefits. Most cryptocurrencies have a limited quantity of gold which can be mined so that you won’t need to be concerned about inflation. Regardless of this, at present, many of the cryptocurrencies don’t have an ecosystem to support their transactions. Very few people know that cryptocurrencies emerged as a byproduct of some other invention. Many other cryptocurrencies were also introduced as a result like Feathercoin and Dogecoin and they’re even lighter. Cryptocurrency adopters in Australia will currently be in a position to purchase bitcoin and ethereum from 1,200 newsstands around the nation. For the reason, it’s popular among coin enthusiasts.

Ethereum price changing

Nobody will have the ability to see your balances. It can be challenging to expect how prices will vary with newly minted coins since there isn’t much historical info to analyze. The whole ethereum euro value is the whole stock of tokens x the cost of the token. There are lots of tokens that may be utilized with Ethereum, which is comparable to Ethereum Blockchain. You also have to make certain that your crypto wallet supports the currencies that you want to know more about, and you need to be certain that it’s from a trustworthy business. The conventional regulations apply to all ERC20 tokens since these regulations are expected to interact with one another on the Ethereum network. 

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Mobile wallets enable you to make transactions readily, and with far more convenience. It depends upon how you intend to access your wallet. A crypto wallet is a part of software that enables you to send and get cryptocurrencies like BitCoin and Ethereum. It doesn’t just lets you shop and send Ethereum, but also allows you to access decentralized Ethereum applications. Ethereum itself isn’t a cryptocurrency. Because of this flexibility, Ethereum is now the perfect instrument for blockchain application.