Counting visitors during an event is essential. This has become even more important due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides the fact that counting visitors provides a lot of information, it is now also important to guarantee the safety of visitors and staff. Counting by hand is very time-consuming and it is also easy to make a mistake. This can be done differently! But how? We’ll tell you.


Why count visitors?


Why is it important to count visitors during an event? Counting visitors during an event provides insight into how many visitors are present at that time. This is important to be able to guarantee safety. Especially in times of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more events have a strict limit on the number of visitors. It is important to be able to measure the number of incoming and outgoing visitors easily and accurately. In addition, counting systems can provide information about when there are peak hours, how visitors spread across the event location and which facilities are used at which time. This allows staff to be deployed where they are needed most. Retail analytics can be used for other things, for example to optimise ticket sales.


How a counting system works


A people counting system, also called a customer counter or visitor counter, can be used as a counting system to accurately and reliably count visitors during an event. There are different types of customer counters:

  • 3D stereoscopic counters: this counting system uses two lenses. This allows a depth image to be formed so that different visitors can be measured as individual visitors. This has the advantage that visitors who enter the event terrain at the same time can be accurately measured.
  • Infrared beam counters: this counting system works with infrared beams. Incoming and outgoing visitors can easily be measured. Because this system is easy to install and is also suitable for outdoor events, it is an ideal system for events.
  • Thermal counters: these detect visitors based on body heat. It is possible to measure both incoming and outgoing visitors.
  • Object recognition: with this system, sensors identify objects and therefore measure more than just people. For example, vehicles or animals can also be measured. This can provide more insight into the behaviour of visitors.


Because there are many different types of counting systems, there is always a counting system that fits every event (both indoors and outdoors).