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Customizing your car and picking the right clutch kits

Although new car releases are taking place every other week, it is hard for car manufacturers to satisfy every car owner’s preference. Therefore, manufacturers offer excellent unique tools to help anyone who wants to customize their car by adding or upgrading features. Picking the right clutch kits is key when customizing your vehicle; hence essential to do proper research before making any significant changes to the clutch.


Below are a few guiding tips that will come in handy when you decide to customize your car:


Replacing the brakes

Original manufacturer’s brakes tend to fade and become less effective after a period of constant use. If you want to experience high-performance driving, it is advisable to invest in brakes upgrade to increase your braking power. For cars that have been upgraded to increase speed, good brake pads are compulsory to handle the resistance. You can visit an auto spare part centre and check out the different rotors, brake callipers and lines to find what fits your ideal car needs.


Improving the wheels

Good wheels improve a vehicle’s balance and control on the road by reducing the unbound weight. When upgrading the wheels, ensure you also pick something that will give your car a facelift and a touch of class. Avoid the slim wheels commonly used by old school vehicles as they are low performance and are only good to look at.


Clutch kits

When choosing a clutch kit to upgrade your vehicle, it is essential to consider the cost of maintenance and the performance expectations. Cheap clutch kits might end up costing you more when the bearing fails, or the friction material wears out too fast.


Clutches must be matched with the specific vehicle, and it is not advisable to increase a clutch’s torque capacity if the vehicle’s drive-train has not been improved. Consider installing advanced clutch kits with high-end friction materials to allow quick responses.


General body upgrade

A car’s body upgrade might end up costing more than expected, depending on the changes being made. For a new vehicle to get a facelift, a custom paint job and upholstery upgrade are enough. Invest in good paint and contact a professional to do the paint job.


You can combine a good paint job with custom underbody lighting for a more stylish look. Match the exterior upgrade with an interior upgrade by changing the upholstery. Soft leather seats in plain colours tend to bring out a sense of class to a vehicle.



Investing in quality is paramount when customizing your car. Ensure you get advanced car parts to improve the general look and performance of your vehicle. It is important to note that some insurance policies might increase the premium on cars that have been customized.


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