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FIFA 21: Update 4: Career Mode And Pro Clubs

We continue this series of articles covering update 4 for FIFA Football 21. Update 4 has made huge changes and improvements to the base game. In this article, we will be covering the Career mode as well as Pro Clubs.

There have been four major changes to Career mode. You will now be able to choose a player to perform a training drill, even if that player is already doing a training drill. On the training screen, the UI has been changed to give better visual feedback on potential sharpness gains. The schedule rules will now be easier to see on the Weekly Schedule screen for Training. Lastly, there will be more youth players’ gears.

The patch has fixed several issues experienced by the players in career mode. The player lock will now be available if you start a match using the Interactive Match Sim. Center forwards will take less time to be retrained as strikers. The camera will now behave normally when entering a simulated match during the second half. News Items will now be displayed correctly and youth scouts will now find a different number of good players by country.

There has only been one minor change to the Pro Clubs mode, you will have more time to request a celebration. Some issues have also been addressed in the mode. The radar will now shift along with the active camera. You will no longer gain control of your teammates by accident. Accessibility options will give proper feedback when activated. The UI of the mode has also been adjusted in certain instances to avoid errors.

Changes have also been made to the graphics and audio of the game. Jack Rose and Adil Rami’s heads have been added to the game. Generally, the patch has updated several items in the game. The patch has also fixed various issues in the game. There should no longer be some cuts during matches. Fireworks will display correctly during the UEFA Europa League Final. The patch will also fix stability issues and various audio and visual bugs.

This concludes our series of articles covering update 4 for FIFA 21. The next-gen consoles will release in a few days, we will be waiting for news about the next-gen version of the game. U7buy offers you cheap FUT 21 coins to help you.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)