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Find your life partner with a synastry chart reading

As humans, we find comfort in answers to important life questions. We ​​try to find those answers while feeling the pressure of everyday life. This is often more difficult than expected. Fortunately, there are options that can help you navigate through life’s questions and uncertainties. Astrology is one of them. A Synastry Chart Reading can help with one especially important matter in life: finding and maintaining loving relationships and friendships. Have a look at the possibilities of a Synastry Chart Reading and how it can help you find your life partner.


Have you never heard of synastry? That’s no problem. In this article, you can find out what is explored in such a reading and you can get some more insight into how it works. Because what exactly is the connection of love and relationships with astrology?


Synastry chart


In general, astrological compatibility mainly looks at the sun signs of two people. That’s how psychics try to figure out how well they fit together. But there is so much more than just sun signs. A Synastry Chart Reading uses a wheel with a lot of information about you as a person: your emotional being or what you are looking for in love. It is quite complex, but if done well you can see exactly in which areas you match with another person and how well you would fit together.


What can you expect?


From the meeting with a psychic comes a Synastry chart. The medium takes the two birth charts of the people who come to a consultation and compares them. On which planets does he or she see that the two come together perfectly and on which planets does friction arise? This is good to know before you commit to a relationship, for example, or when you and your partner are experiencing some serious trouble.

In addition, the medium will look at the charts of the two individuals and combine them into a single chart. In this way, the person not only has an image of the two, but also of the relationship itself. The relationship is hereby regarded as its own entity and its energy is valued by someone who really understands it.


What do you know after a reading?


As mentioned before, you can learn a lot during such a reading. The medium will be able to tell you more about how the two people in a relationship relate to each other, how they deal with each other’s emotions and what both parties are looking for in the relationship based on romance. Ofcourse you have to keep in mind that during a lecture you can also find out that you do not fit well together or that you are destined.

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