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For all kinds of aeromedical examinations you can visit this examiner

If you want to be a professional or recreational pilot, it is required to be certified by an aeromedical examination. Not only the pilots, but also other aviation personnel such as cabin crew and drone pilots need to go to an aeromedical examiner first. At Sky Medical Center they can help you out! They offer all aeromedical examinations with sharp prices. If you are approved after examination, you get your medical certificate the same day and you are cleared to fly again.

Different aeromedical examinations

Visit Sky Medical Center at Eindhoven Airport for an EASA Class 1 or 2, Cabin Crew, LAPL or FAA aeromedical examination. They also specialize in aero-medicine and the doctors who work there are qualified aeromedical examiners (AMEs). Do you want to go to this aeromedical examiner? You can choose between different examinations, like:

  • EASA Class 1: flying for commercial purposes
  • EASA Class 2: recreational flying
  • EASA LAPL and Drone: gliders, balloon rides, ultra-lights and drone pilots
  • EASA Cabin Crew: for flight attendants and VIP cabin crew
  • FAA examination: Class 1 – Class 2 – Class 3
  • Sky diving examination: paratroopers or parachutists

Starting your class

Your initial EASA aeromedical Class 1 will take approximately four hours and in most cases you will receive your EASA medical certificate the same day. A visit to the eye-specialist from Sky Medical Center is includes in these four hours. It is needed for the extended eye-examination. When you go for a medical examination, it is important that you bring a number of documents with you. Take a look at their website to check which documents you need to bring.

Get your initial and renewal medical examination

Can’t wait to fly again? And would you like receive the necessary certification for aviation through an aeromedical examination? Get in contact with Sky Medical Center for more information. Make an appoint with this aeromedical examiner when you need a renewal or an initial aeromedical examination.