Why you should invest in interior textiles

Have you heard about Love Home Fabrics yet? Let’s talk about their expertise in interior textiles. They are always looking for new ways to manufacture beautiful fabrics and interior textiles in a sustainable way. Love Home Fabrics has companies and shipping hubs all over the world, so you never have to worry about a slow delivery time ever again. Discover their endless designs and application options to make your house feel like a home. Are you ready to invest in interior textiles? Read more below!

Discover their craftmanship

Love Home Fabrics has the right knowledge about interior textiles to meet the needs of every client, retailer or wholesale manufacturer. Whether you are looking for beautiful textiles for the lookof your bedroom, bathroom, living space or kitchen… We guarantee that you will find something to your taste. They have more than 70 different styles available, just so you can complete the look of your interior the way you want it. Their interior textiles stand for pure luxury and comfort for every member of the family. But how does Love Home Fabrics distinguish themselves from the competition in interior textiles? During the manufacturing process, they reduce energy levels, use water purification stations, don’t use any harmful substances for you or the planet and they involve their professional employees during every step in creating interior textiles.    

Contact them to find the right fabric for you

Get in touch with Love Home Fabrics to find the interior textiles for your home or company. Have a look at their website and discover their companies, such as Talalay Global, GTA Belgium, Symphony Mills, Monks International, Clarysse and Artilat. Don’t hesitate to contact them for the right advice about interior textiles. Phone the right company or just send them an e-mail to get started right away.


Why you should buy a house in Rotterdam

Are you planning to buy a house in the Netherlands soon? You have probably already noticed that it is very difficult to find and buy a house in this beautiful country. There is more demand than supply, which leads to high prices. But once you have found your house, it is a dream come true. The perfect place to buy a house is in the metropolis Rotterdam. This blog will inform you about the 3 reasons why you should buy a house in Rotterdam. 

Buying a house in Rotterdam 

Rotterdam is the perfect city for you to live. There are different categories of houses that you can find here:  

  • Apartments 

  • Studios  

  • Terraced houses 

  • Detached houses  

In the Netherlands you buy a house through a real estate agency. There are a lot of real estate agencies in Rotterdam. But it is very important that they have a lot of knowledge and expertise. Sometimes 30 to 40 people come to one house in Rotterdam. That is why it is important that you have a real estate agency that empathizes with your wishes and rolls up its sleeves for you. So, a good real estate agency is essential to buy a house in Rotterdam. 

Work together with a real estate agent in Rotterdam 

Buying a house brings up a lot of questions:  

• What is a property really worth?  

• How much should you bid?  

• Is the foundation in order or are you at risk?  

• Can I outbid if I cannot cover the amount from equity? 


In short, there are a lot of things to take into account before you buy a house in Rotterdam. If you are searching on Google for the term ‘Rotterdam houses for sale’, you will easily get lost in the ocean of results. The housing market in Rotterdam is very competitive, so it’s pretty difficult to buy your dream house. You must work with a real estate agent to increase your chances on this complex market.  

What has Rotterdam to offer?  

Rotterdam has 634,000 inhabitants, which makes it a big city for the Netherlands. The advantage of this city is that it is easy to explore on foot. If your mobility is limited, that should not hold you back from visiting this city, because every five meters you will find a metro station, bus stop, or tram stop. 

Rotterdam is a city for everyone who loves architecture, nature, or shopping. Although the city does not have a very special reputation in international tourism yet, there is plenty to see. Rotterdam has one of the biggest harbours in the world. For example, you can plan a harbour cruise in a vintage ship. The Deliplein in the Katendrecht district is the new hotspot of Rotterdam, especially the Fenix Food Factory. In the old harbour warehouse, you will find Dutch cheese, Dutch beer brewers, coffee, booksellers and much more. Rotterdam is the perfect city for people who love history and activities, and offers the perfect balance between busyness and rest. 

5 reasons to consider a plant wall as a vertical garden in commercial spaces

Why a plant wall?

It is now common knowledge among most people: plants in the office have a positive effect on the working climate. This is supported by several studies. But what about a plant wall? A trend that has grown enormously for a number of years. Here are 5 reasons why a vertical garden, plant wall, green wall or as most call it, plant wall, has become so popular and worth considering.

1. A vertical garden makes the business environment attractive

Almost everyone agrees, a beautifully filled wall with plants makes the business environment a lot more attractive for customers and employees. It also gives the room a professional and natural look. Did you know that this affects the state of mind? The fact is that employees are much more productive and feel better in an environment where attractive plant objects are present. With a wall full of beautiful plants that is of course a piece of cake!

2. Plant walls provide the right humidity and clean air


Research has shown that plants (some more than others) ensure a good humidity balance in business areas. Clean and healthy air in the office goes hand in hand with this. These natural air fresheners absorb harmful substances through their leaves and then break them down again via the root. Air-purifying plants convert CO2 into oxygen and water vapor during the day. This improves the humidity in rooms by 5%, which can rise to 17% in winter. This capacity differs per type of plant, wondering which plants are most suitable for this? check out a top 10 air-purifying plants for the office.


3. Saving space and reducing noise pollution due to vertical garden

For many companies, there is little space for large plant objects in certain areas, which is why a vertical garden is extremely useful to have the desired effect of plants, without taking up too much space. The systems can be mounted on almost any existing or new wall through a collaboration with certified and skilled professionals. Another advantage of these green walls is that it provides more pleasant acoustics in rooms. Noise reduction is important because it is a major stressor in many offices. Plants reduce the reverberation time of sound by means of their leaves. Placing plant walls is also very effective for these reasons.

4. Automatic watering system and plant cassettes that are easy to replace

The green walls are optionally available with built-in watering systems, so that manual watering is no longer necessary. Super handy when you don’t have green fingers and are always unsure how much water should be given. These systems can be used for different plant species, which can easily be replaced by exchangeable plant cassettes fitted with “cups”. In addition, many companies offer interior landscaping and professional maintenance with a long plant guarantee.

5. Less absenteeism due to plant walls in offices

Plant walls in work areas therefore provide a pleasant working environment, better humidity and contribute to a positive state of mind. But what was most striking from the research of Wageningen University in collaboration with various institutions and companies: 20% less absenteeism due to illness. This research has shown that plants in the workplace cause a reduction of 1.6 illness days per employee per year. Which means that employees report sick by 20% less on an annual basis. Due to the low level of absenteeism, plants (walls) can quickly pay for themselves and is therefore a good investment.

Plant walls are therefore ideal for the workplace, small offices, but also for other places such as large open spaces. Improve acoustics or humidity, or make a room more attractive? Then a green wall is perfect! Looking for inspiration for applications of green wall systems? Take a look at our page.

What are Adjustable Beds? What are their Health Benefits?

An adjustable bed is basically a bed that has a multi-level lying platform that can be adjusted into a variety of different positions, often without moving the actual mattress. These beds are great for people suffering from back problems, because they allow you to change the angle of your back on a nightly basis. Most adjustable beds will allow you to adjust the angles in a variety of directions, which means that you can relax or keep your back straight, as you wish. Adjustable beds are usually made of wood and will have a box spring on one side of the bed.

In order to find out which adjustable bed suits you best, it is first important to determine what type of mattress you prefer. If you like a firm mattress, then a wood or metal adjustable bed will be your best choice. Most adjustable beds will adjust themselves to an intermediate position between your legs, which is the perfect position for most people. Most common adjustments include raising the bottom body and inclining the head to a certain degree.

A water bed or air bed is another popular type of adjustable beds that use a sealed box filled with water or air to provide comfort. Water beds use a pump to raise the mattress to a higher level, and air beds use a fan to circulate air around the mattress. While both of these types of beds are commonly used, they are not as comfortable as they look. They do tend to work well for some people, however.

If you are looking for something more comfortable and advanced than a standard adjustable bed, then there is another type that you may want to consider. A massage adjustable bed may be just what you need. This type of bed may have a remote control, or it may use its own internal heating system to provide a soothing vibration to the entire body. Some models may have many different massage programs, which makes it easier for you to find the one that works best for you.

An adjustable bed frame is also useful if you are going to be sleeping on it for a long time. With a regular mattress, you can’t make any adjustments in the middle of the night. When you get out of bed in the morning, you still have to go back to the original position because your body may have regained its muscle memory. With an adjustable bed frame, you can just raise or lower the mattress as needed, so you can easily get a good night’s sleep no matter what time of day it is. Most adjustable bed frames allow you to raise or lower the mattress without having to unscrew anything off the mattress, which makes them very convenient for use by anyone who needs to get a good night’s sleep.

A great feature of some adjustable bed bases is that they allow you to keep a couple of mattresses on hand at all times. When you are using an adjustable bed frame, this means that you don’t have to run all over town trying to find a good new mattress. Just purchase a couple of mattresses, and when you need to go to the bedroom but don’t want to take up too much space, just pull out the old mattress. You can then replace it with the new mattress, and there is no need to spend money on a new box spring because it was never even taken out of the box! This is especially helpful for people who live in small apartments.

Discover this real estate agent in Fuerteventura

Hiring a professional real estate agent in Fuerteventura can be quite the task. Where do you even begin to look for such a professional? Fortunately, there is Fuerte-Royal in Costa Calma, Fuerteventura. This expert company is your best option when you are looking for a real estate agent in this area. Are you looking to buy a property to let out or do you want to invest in a property as a summer house? It does not matter what the reason is that you are looking for a property, the expert employees of this company are eager to assist you.

What are you looking for in a property?

As the best real estate agent in Fuerteventura, Fuerte-Royal is your partner when it comes to finding a property. Whether it is for renting of for actually buying the property, this company is the place to go. They have every insight in bungalows, fincas, houses, villas and apartments. They know all there is to know about the housing market on the island. Therefore, they are the perfect partner to assist you when you are looking for the right property. The expert employees of this company are more than happy to assist you with the search.

Get in touch with one of the professionals

Do you want to get to know more about this real estate agent in Costa Calma, Fuerteventura? Do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the trusted employees of this company. They gladly provide you with all the information that you might need. Every question gets answered, you will know everything there is to know. You can find the contact information on their website. Here, you can also read some more about all of the possibilities that Fuerte-Royal provides you. This way, you have all the insight information!

Boxspringbetten – Luxus für das Schlafzimme

Es gibt nichts Schöneres als das Gefühl eines luxuriösen Boxspringbettes, um den Tag richtig zu beginnen. Wenn Sie Ihr Schlafzimmer zum ersten Mal fertig machen, müssen Sie wahrscheinlich diese Art von Bett verwenden, da es so viel bequemer ist als das herkömmliche Boxspringbett. Der Unterschied zwischen den beiden besteht darin, dass Boxsprings aus Federn bestehen, die aus Metall bestehen und viel einfacher zu handhaben sind als Holzfedern, bei denen normalerweise zwei Personen zum Anheben erforderlich sind. Viele Leute, die eines dieser Betten kaufen, insbesondere die Luxusbetten, werden eines bevorzugen, das zusätzlichen Stauraum unter der Matratze bietet. Dies hilft, das Bett aufgeräumt zu halten, da Sie möglicherweise nicht möchten, dass Ihr Bett mit Dingen überfüllt aussieht, die Sie nicht benötigen. Sie sollten auch versuchen, einen zu bekommen, der an der Seite einen Schrank hat, der leicht zugänglich ist, damit Sie nicht auf die Oberseite des Bettes klettern müssen.

Wenn es um Boxspringbetten luxus, gibt es einige sehr gute Marken, aus denen Sie auswählen können, und einige, die etwas teurer sind als andere. Wenn Sie jedoch das Budget haben, werden Sie feststellen, dass dies wahrscheinlich einige der bequemsten Betten sind, die Sie jemals hatten. Mit den Boxspringbetten können Sie aus einer Vielzahl von Stilen auswählen. Dies bedeutet, dass es Betten gibt, die wie normale Boxspringbetten aussehen, aber ein anderes Kopfteil, Trittbrett und eine andere Matratze haben. Einige der Boxspringbetten, die Sie kaufen können, sind sogar vollständig verstellbar, sodass Sie sicherstellen können, dass Sie das beste für Ihre Bedürfnisse erhalten.

Wenn Sie nach Boxspringbetten luxus, stehen Ihnen viele verschiedene Optionen zur Auswahl. Stellen Sie einfach sicher, dass Sie sich Zeit nehmen und den richtigen Stil und das richtige Bett wählen, das gut zu Ihren Bedürfnissen passt. Der Kauf eines dieser luxuriösen Betten ist viel günstiger als Sie vielleicht denken und es wird Ihnen wirklich helfen, Ihr Bett jederzeit zu genießen. Es gibt eine Reihe verschiedener Hersteller, die luxuriöse Boxspringbetten herstellen, aber sie können überall online oder in einem örtlichen Möbelgeschäft gefunden werden.


Pilea Peperomioides for sale to create an Urban Jungle at home

Whether you choose a cactus, a hanging plant or a decorative plant such as the Pilea Peperomioides: the small plants that are for sale in the BabyPLNTS web shop are the perfect solution for creating an Urban Jungle at home. Growing has never been easier and more enjoyable with the new baby plants they have online. They offer a wide range of tiny plants such as the Begonia Maculata, the Alocasia Zebrina or the String of Pearls. But they also have fast-growing Pilea Peperomioides for sale. Do you already know this trendy, fun and cheap plant?

The fast-growing Pilea Peperomioides

The Pilea Peperomioides is often called the Pancake plant. This plant has a round shape, just like a pancake! The Pilea Peperomioides they have for sale are trendy and fun. Besides that, they are cheap as well. Just because you don’t buy a full-grown plant, the mini plants are much more affordable. You buy this plant as a small plug, but it is a fast-growing plant. Therefore it is a great basis for growth. Whether you choose a cactus, a hanging plant or a decorative plant such as the Pilea Peperomioides, all the small plants they have for sale are easy to maintain. This makes it fun to grow your own plants.

Order them easily online

Because baby plants are cheaper than a full-grown plant, you easily create an Urban Jungle at home. Take a look at the large stock of baby plants and order online. With a large variety of different plants, they can offer you the exact plant you need. When your plant is delivered, make sure you replant it as soon as possible. Add potting soil to a pot and make sure the soil is airy and free-flowing. Don’t forget to give your Pilea Peperomioides a good sip of water once a week. Do you have any questions about the Pilea Peperomioides that for sale? Feel free to contact them!


The Reasons To Upgrade Your Bathroom

When it comes to renovations, many homeowners struggle to choose where to start. Many homeowners have a lot of upgrades in mind, but everyone is different and where you start your renovations is up to you. One of the smartest choices will be to start with the bathroom and according to Zenstone, there are a number of reasons for this.

Adding Value To Your Home

Adding value to your home is something you want with any upgrade even when this is not the main goal. There are some upgrades that add more value to your home than others, but bathroom renovations are a good start. They will add value to your home even if it is not as much as other renovations. Kitchen and bathroom renovations are the top two options when it comes to home renovations. In most cases, you will be able to recoup around 100% of what you spend when you sell your home. The increase in home value is generally enough for most homeowners to upgrade their bathrooms.

Better Use Of Space

If your bathroom feels too small, a renovation will be able to help. You will have to work with a contractor to rearrange the bathroom to create more space. An example of this is to remove the bathtub that you never use and install a shower enclosure instead. This will increase the space because showers do not take up as much space as baths. It is also possible to make improvements to the bathroom appear larger than it actually is. This illusion can be created using large mirrors. Painting the bathroom a lighter colour will also help.

Save Water And Energy

The majority of water use in most homes will occur when the toilet is flushed. There are other fixtures that will waste water such as the sink faucet and the showerhead. When you replace these fixtures with those designed to conserve water, you will reduce the amount of water your household uses. It is also possible to reduce the amount of energy your bathroom uses by upgrading it. An example of this will be a tankless water heater for the bathroom. This ensures you never run out of hot water in the shower and you will conserve energy at the same time. These improvements will help you recoup the money that you spend on the renovation. You will also make your home more eco-friendly.

Easier Organisation

A lot of people struggle with keeping their bathroom organised because of the number of products in the room. During these renovations, you can have cabinets, drawers and shelves installed to make it easier to organise. Another option is to have custom cabinets installed to make the most of the space you have. You can also install a linen closet for storing towels and other necessities.

Better Appearance

If you have a bathroom that is outdated, you can find it depressing and a little bit dull. When you renovate the bathroom, you can make it as modern and appealing as you want. The better the appearance of the bathroom, the more time you will spend there and the more enjoyable being in the bathroom will be for the entire family. If you want to make a change to your home, you should consider renovating your bathroom. There are many reasons why this is a good first renovation project. Of course, you will need to contact a good contractor to do this. The contractor will also be able to help you find ways to improve your bathroom during the renovation.

Reasons You Should Consider Hiring an Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer might be expensive, but it can offer a variety of benefits that make it more than worth it.

The Ability to Define Your Style

There are all kinds of different home design photos that you can sort through to find inspiration using social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. One of the issues a lot of homeowners have is not being able to identify exactly what they want. After all, it’s easy to fall in love with all kinds of different styles with the resources available. You might find yourself yearning for a traditional kitchen but the following day you find yourself wanting a modern kitchen. This can end up making you suffer from analysis paralysis. By hiring an interior designer, you will be able to effectively come up with a plan of action and they will be able to help you come up with a finished concept that fits exactly what you are looking for and what you want out of the renovations.

Avoiding a Headache

Unfortunately, all of the social media outlets and highly edited home improvement TV shows can make redesigning a home look like a simple task. The truth is, redesigning and redecorating a home can be both tedious and time-consuming. Not only are you tasked with ordering new products, finding vendors, and maintaining your home renovation budget, but there are plenty of other tasks that you have to turn your attention towards. By hiring an interior designer, you will be able to hand over all of the day-to-day complications and operations to them, which will allow you to focus on the bigger picture when it comes to your home’s design.

Having Access to Reputable Vendors

With so many options available, it can be difficult to identify and hire the right service professional. You likely already know this if you have hired anyone for your plumbing or even for painting your home. The same holds true when it comes to renovating your home. It can take countless hours to find reputable and experienced vendors that you can trust with the process. Luckily, when you hire a qualified designer, you will be able to leverage their preferred list of vendors that they work with. This will enable you to save a lot of time and energy not having to worry about conducting the research on vendors yourself. Along with this, the vendors they work with will usually work on a discounted price with your interior designer as they know how important maintaining a healthy business relationship is.

Getting Better Results

The most significant and obvious reason you ought to consider hiring a professional interior designer has to do with the final result that you can expect to get from doing so. After all, an interior designer will have a professionally trained eye that will give you the kind of result that you are seeking. If you want your home’s end result to look as good as the photos that you’ve seen on Pinterest, having a professionally trained eye is key. There are so many elements when it comes to designing and decorating a home. A professional interior designer will help you effectively navigate these intricate details and get you the best results.

No More Dealing with Returns or Mistakes

You’ve likely dealt with the complications of buying things for your home. After all, when you are decorating, you have to constantly measure and adjust. Some things simply might not fit and some things you might mistakenly purchase thinking it will look good only to find out it doesn’t. Design mistakes are very common and even professionals make them from time to time. The entire ordering and returning process can be tedious and time-consuming. By hiring a professional, you will be able to ensure that you make the right buying decisions the first time. Even if you don’t, they will handle the tedious nature of the return and repurchasing process.

Boost the Value of Your Home

By hiring a designer, you will be able to make the best design decisions for your home which allow you to enhance the overall value of it. This is especially true when you factor in their expertise in designing highly appealing bathrooms and kitchens which are two of the most expensive rooms to renovate and which happen to provide the most return on your investment when done properly.

Unique Ideas

Along with building a beautiful space, they will be able to help you solve any problems and offer you unique solutions and ideas that you need a trained eye and experience to come up with. For work design solutions, consider office refurbishment in Reading.

Waar vind ik cortenstaal tuinaccessoires?

Cortenstaal is een onbehandeld metaal. Het metaal roest zeer snel en die roest, die heeft zo haar charme. Cortenstaal zien we steeds vaker in tuinen opduiken. Denk hierbij aan bloembakken, tuinhaarden en brievenbussen.

Het mooie van de roestkleurige tuinaccessoires is de combinatie met het groen van de natuur. Vooral groene planten en het paarse lavendel worden vaak om de cortenstalen objecten heen geplant. Gooiden we vroeger een roestige plantenbak weg? Tegenwoordig willen we er zelfs voor betalen! Het is namelijk dé trend in Europa en die trend gaat zich nog wel even voort zetten.

In de voortuin kunt u volstaan bijvoorbeeld twee cortenstalen bloembakken en een brievenbus van cortenstaal. Qua brievenbussen heeft u keuze uit diverse staande modellen waaronder zelfs een pakketbrievenbus. Voor de achtertuin zou een tuinhaard niet misstaan. Het oogt niet alleen erg mooi en chique, maar zorgt ook voor sfeer en gezelligheid. Zoals we al zeiden is het cortenstaal prachtig te combineren met groene beplanting en daar mag een luxe lounge set natuurlijk ook niet bij ontbreken.

Cortenstalen artikelen vallen onder de benaming design. En zijn dan ook vaak niet goedkoop. Het is ook zo dat u dit soort artikelen niet als zijnde roestend, in huis ontvangt. U ontvangt het product als een zwart stalen iets. Zodra u dit product in uw tuin zet, zal het weer zijn werk doen. In een tijdsvlak van circa 6 maanden is het object helemaal verroest en is deze in de gewenste staat. Om te voorkomen dat het roest in uw tuintegels trekt zijn er nog weer speciale middeltjes verkrijgbaar. Gebruik deze wel, want als de roest op uw tegels komt, is het er haast niet meer van af te krijgen.

Een merknaam die veel cortenstalen producten fabricieert is Adezz. Dit is een Nederlands bedrijf die onder andere tuinhaarden, bloemenbakken en brievenbussen maakt.