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How do you increase the engagement of your Instagram account?

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Wondering how to get more likes? How do you get people to follow you and keep your account engaged?

Engagement is the average index of certain actions of your audience, i.e. their comments, likes and saves. That is why it is now important to build strong relationships with your readers who, without reminding you, will support you in their activities.

In fact, engagement is an important indicator of the quality of your subscribers and their response to your posts. Basically, it’s a percentage of how interesting you are.

Now we will not talk about which parts of the body catch the attention of the audience, we will not focus on cute purr creatures, we will talk about how to increase the interest of the public in your content and your posts.

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Hot topics. Follow the latest trends in your niche. Keep an eye out for what has happened recently, which may spark discussion and interest the reader. So referring to relevant topics can get your audience talking.

Personal presence. People trust a living person more than an anonymous company. A personal presence, even on a thematic blog, will add value to your services. It could be just post-dating, or maybe an entire promotional strategy built on your personality.

Submit your message to Stories. (Click on the plane below the publication and select “send post to stories”). This attracts the attention of the public. It is not at all out of the question that you will be flying out of the general feed for some users, in this case, Stories is an excellent step to catch the ones you didn’t notice.

Keep it simple. The simpler your message, the easier it is for your audience to understand the meaning of what has been written. If a thought catches on, if it is clear, the reader will pay attention to you themselves and post the cherished as nice.

Offer your audience a choice. Write about an important topic that will be relevant to your reader. You can come up with options for an answer and invite readers to make a choice. This method helps to warm up the audience.

Asking questions. Get in touch with your followers more often. Try to ask questions in each post so that the person can provide a detailed answer and share their opinion.

Reply to comments. Direct contact helps to get the person talking. Comments have a direct impact on profile coverage. The more subscribers you reply to, the more responses the message will get and the reach will increase accordingly.

Choose the right time. Despite Instagram creating new conditions for posting rankings, any blogger familiar with their audience knows the hours of the greatest activity. Analyze your audience and their preferences. Maybe it only works for the benefit in your case.

Now you are armed with useful information that you need to put into practice immediately …

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