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Is multi-touch attribution the future of online marketing?

Multi-touch attribution is the science of determining what marketing channels and campaigns lead to a conversion. A multi channel attribution system can show how different online and offline channels influence each other and which channels should be used to invest in future acquisition programs with the ultimate intention of maximizing ROI.

How can you get the most out of your marketing dollars? One way is to identify the channel or campaign that brought the new customer in for the first time, and then find ways to get more of that channel or campaign. Multi-touch attribution helps you figure out the answer to this question by figuring out which channel or campaign should be credited with the conversion. So will it take over the marketing landscape by storm? 

eCommerce attribution is also being practised more and more because of its heavy dependence on performance campaigns and Incrementality. Incrementality enables rapid and simple “back of the envelope” calculations and complex modelling in a few clicks. It provides easy access to the factors affecting click costs and campaign performance, and shows which terms and campaigns are providing value to your account. In this way you can get a quick insight into where your money is best spent.

Ecommerce marketing is the act of driving awareness and action toward a business that sells its product or service electronically. Ecommerce marketers can use social media, digital content, search engines, and email campaigns to attract visitors and facilitate purchases online. Ecommerce marketing is a type of marketing that involves the use of different forms of electronic media to reach customers. For example, an ecommerce marketer can use email campaigns, digital content, social media networks, search engines, and more to create awareness and drive visitors to an online store. Discover more about attribution in Ecommerce on our website or follow us on social media.