CBD oil versus Weed versus alchohol


There are always supporters of alcohol or supporters of weed. It’s a bit the same battle as Apple fans and Android users. Although people who don’t like weed claim that it’s super bad and addictive, research shows that alcohol is more addictive. Which is true, the scientists have not quite figured that out yet. That’s because research has been done on alcohol for years, but less on weed.

The effects of weed and hash

If you are interested in weed, then you have to be sure you have the right stuff. With hash or weed, there’s a significant difference. Both come from the female hemp plant, but weed is the dried flower and hashish is the compressed resin of that flower. Both have different effects on people’s moods. It can provide fun and relaxation, but it can also cause anxiety and panic attacks, if anyone is already sensitive to them. The risk of panic is greater when smoking weed than when smoking hashish. Either way, psychological complaints can worsen under the influence, whether it’s weed or alcohol. In addition, both also have a negative effect on the memory. Alcohol provokes more aggressiveness than weed. Both substances can also have a negative effect on the heart. 

Enjoying the use of weed variaties

Weed or alcohol, excessive consumption is never good and can eventually cause one misery after another. But fortunately it’s not harmful from time to time and you can just enjoy it, in moderation! A big advantage of smoking hash or weed is that you don’t suffer from that nasty hangover because of too much alcohol. Selling weed by coffeeshops or smartshops is legal, provided they follow certain rules. Do you prefer to buy weed through the coffeeshop or easily online? Take a look online at Zamnesia, where you can find more information about weed and other mind-altering substances for an evening of fun.

Order weed online
Are you interested in using weed? Weed can easily be ordered online, but how do you know if you have the right one and not the wrong one? You can always tell the reliability of a site from reviews, for example. How many reviews does a company have and what are the drawbacks and strengths Zamnesia is for example a smartshop that has been rated ‘excellent’ by 25612 reviews!


Physical Agile tools to use with your scrum board

At PATboard, we are ambitious to make people enthusiastic about the agile business world of scrum, kanban and lean. We believe that these agile methods will boost every project and will lead businesses to be more successful. 

Our mission

People Are Talents (PAT), and at PATboard we create physical agile tools that allow people to get the best out of themselves and their team. With our agile tools, you can create an overview of all the tasks of your project, which improves visibility for all stakeholders. By using physical agile tools, your team will work more efficiently, deliver higher quality and perhaps most importantly: have more fun! Our ultimate mission is to boost your team’s performance, communication and creativity, with our physical tools.

What are the bonuses of working with a physical board?

Making your project visual by creating a simple overview of your tasks with the help of a physical board will activate and stimulate your team. A board that you can actually touch and interact with will not only stimulate team communication and collaboration, but it will also boost creativity. In addition, the physical scrum or kanban board will leave your team with a feeling of achievement, every time a task can be moved from the ‘’To do’’ column to the ‘’Done’’ column. After a task is finished, your team can immediately see what needs to be done next. This way, the team efficiency increases and no time will be lost!

The product assortment of PATboard

To facilitate the need for a physical scrum board and bring more fun to workplaces, the PATboard team (full of agile enthusiasts) has designed a range of colorful and durable tools that support the idea. You can find everything you need to create your own personal scrum or kanban board in our store, including magnetic sticky notes: TASKcards, STORYcards, IMPEDIMENTcards, and COLUMNcards, and column dividers PATlanes. The magnetic cards can be reused after every sprint, because you can easily clean them with water. Like this, you can stop wasting paper by throwing away sticky notes after every use. Reusing PATboard products is better for the environment!The cards don’t fall off your board, the ink doesn’t smudge, they are stackable, and thanks to the tab on the corner of each card it is easy to take them from the board and place them somewhere else. We design and manufacture our own products with passion to give them the best looks, and by doing this we ensure top quality to all our customers.


Everybody wants to know how do I get bitcoins

With bitcoin and almost all crypto currencies popularity, More and more people are jumping into the crypto currency market.  

Everybody wants to know how do I get bitcoins.

 Well, this is done through a crypto currency exchange, there’s many things you need to know about a crypto currency exchange.

The currency exchanges are websites where you can buy sell or exchange crypto currency for other digital currency or traditional money like the US dollar or the euro.

For those of you who want to trade more professionally or want to have a bigger stake in crypto currency.

You will need to use an exchange that requires you to verify your identity to open an account.

If you want to make the occasional straightforward trade or by just a small amount you can also find platforms that don’t require you to verify your identification.

An exchange is where buyers and sellers do their trade.

 The seller of the bitcoin or any other coin deposits bitcoins with the exchanges address.

He can then use his deposited bitcoin balance in exchange to sell his bitcoins or simply if he’s a buyer he can deposit US dollars for the exchange and then use the balance to buy bitcoins or any other coin.

Real exchanges are really just a medium between buyers and sellers where traders go to get their coins.

This is the only place or you can say virtually the only place where you can exchange fiat currency by using credit cards, debit cards or bank transfers to convert your fiat currency into your cryptocurrency.

Once you have cryptocurrency and you have the bitcoins then you can move it from exchange to exchange or wallet to wallet whatever you want to do privately.

But to get into that flow you need to go to an exchange to buy your initial bitcoins.

Of course, you can go to a private individual and he can transfer bitcoins in your wallet, I mean there are off market ways you can do this too.

The exchange in many cases it’s just a simple medium that matches buyers and sellers when the conditions for both the buyer and the seller are met so for instance in exchange you want to sell your bitcoin, you willing to sell for sixteen thousand five hundred dollars and it’s almost like ebay.

And lets says Number#65846 wants to sell bitcoin at sixteen thousand five hundred and you’re willing to buy at sixteen thousand five hundred, so you buy his bitcoins and after that he’s gone.   

Now there are many different types of exchanges.

What you need to know is that there are essentially four types of cryptocurrency exchange.

  1. Fiat-Crypto Exchanges
  2. Crypto-Crypto Exchanges
  3. Peer-to-Peer Exchanges
  4. Brokers

Fiat – Crypto Exchanges

These are the exchanges that allow you to buy a cryptocurrency directly using your fiat currency (a government based currency such as the US dollar or the British Pound). These are most popular with those who aren’t familiar with the crypto market because it allows for easy access to the cryptocurrency of their choice without much hassle.

The issue with these exchanges is that they don’t seem to offer a choice of coins, so if all you want is bitcoin then they’re great but for a more peculiar altcoin.

Crypto – Crypto Exchanges

These exchanges will only allow you to buy one cryptocurrency using another. This means that you will need to buy a cryptocurrency on a fiat – crypto exchange and then send it to the wallet of the crypto – crypto exchange before exchanging for the coin you want to buy in the first place.

This is normally for more experienced traders who are actively trading between coins to profit quickly or alternatively want to buy smaller less known coins.

Peer-to-Peer Exchanges

Peer-to-peer exchanges are those that simply match a buyer with a seller and will not take the other side of a trade. The most famous example is Localbitcoins, who will match a buyer with a number of sellers (if they’re available), which then gives the buyer the option to choose the best price of the selection.

They will normally offer an escrow service so that there is reduced counterparty risk for both buyer and seller.


Brokerages are not strictly exchanges because they do not allow you to own the underlying cryptocurrency. However, this does have its pluses because you don’t have to go through the hassle of setting up a wallet.

Smart Crypto Bot

Smart Crypto Bot software is compatible with several trading platforms to be able to exchange anywhere at the best possible time. We offer four different deals at smart crypto bot including 7 days’ free trial. Subscribe to our Bronze, Silver or Gold starter packages where you can trade up to your desired number of coins as low as €24,00 per month.

If you are interested in trading Bitcoin or any other crypto coins available in the market, by using SmartCryptoBot chances are that you will be more profitable.

Panelenbouw van SPL door gespecialiseerde paneelbouwers

Mijn medewerkers klaagden al tijden over dat het besturen van de machines niet zo makkelijk gaat. Onze werkplaats beschikt namelijk niet over één paneel, maar de knopjes zijn verdeeld over een aantal plekken in de werkplaats. Ik ging op zoek naar een goed bedrijf dat paneelbouw in Nederland. Zodoende kwam ik uit bij de professionals van Scholten Panelen. Sjongejonge, wat ben ik tevreden met deze keuze. En mijn werknemers ook. Vandaag vertel ik u meer.

Scholten Panelen biedt de mogelijkheid tot een compleet concept op maat

Professionele paneelbouwer

We waren op zoek naar een paneelbouwer die professioneel is en werkt volgens een hoge standaard. Paneelbouw is namelijk een vak apart waar een echte professional voor ingeschakeld moet worden.

We kwamen er al snel achter dat Scholten Panelen de paneelbouwer is die we zoeken. De professionele medewerkers leveren altijd werk van de bovenste plank. Ze hebben ieder paneel gebouwd volgens de laagspannigsnorm. Wat voor paneel we ook wensten. Een besturingskast, of een ander paneel. Ze dachten daarnaast ook nog eens heel goed met ons mee.

De voordelen van panelenbouw als je voor SPL kiest

  • SPL biedt een compleet concept op maat
  • Een investering voor de toekomst
  • Zowel standaard panelen als maatwerk
  • Merkonafhankelijk
  • Zeer nette en grote productie- en testfaciliteiten (2500 m2)
  • SPL ontzorgt van A tot Z



Één van de panelen die ze voor je kunnen bouwen, is een besturingskast. Deze hebben de medewerkers van Scholten Panelen voor ons gebouwd. Dit is een kast van waaruit men verschillende machines kunt bedienen. De kast is erg belangrijk voor onze organisatie, want hij beschermt de verschillende besturingssystemen die wij gebruiken. Zonder deze kast zijn de systemen heel erg kwetsbaar. Nu niet meer! Nu kunnen ze wel tegen een stootje.

Professionele panelenbouw

Ik zou de panelenbouw van Scholten Panelen beschrijven als zeer professioneel. Dankzij de medewerkers van dit geweldige bedrijf is het werk van mijn medewerkers een stuk gemakkelijker. De besturingspanelen waarover wij nu beschikken zijn uniek in hun soort. Ze zijn namelijk compleet op maat gemaakt. We beschikken over de optimale besturing van ons eigen productieproces. En daar zijn we super blij mee!

Zeer tevreden klant

Medewerkers van Scholten Panelen: ontzettend bedankt. Mijn medewerkers en ik zijn jullie ontzettend dankbaar. Het productieproces is zo gemakkelijk geworden nu. Alle machines zijn vanuit de besturingskast te besturen. Daarnaast zijn we ook nog eens compleet ontzorgd. Scholten Panelen wordt immers niet voor niets één van de grotere paneelbouwers van ons kikkerlandje genoemd.