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paint or dye

The difference between paint and dye

For those who don’t know, there are two ways of colouring your leather. You can either dye or paint it. with dyeing you’ll work the colour through your clothing. Leaving no trace. With paint, you’ll apply the colour on the fabric. It doesn’t go all the way, but it stays on thicker and longer. Not a lot of people are too familiar with either. There are even some who haven’t even heard of dye. But don’t worry, I’ll explain to you in a short text and I’ll use shoes as example because these are mostly made of leather and leather is an amazing fabric to colour on.

Suede paint

When using shoe dye you’re practically putting your shoes in a coloured bath where the dye will be absorbed by your shoes to give a certain colour. It’s essentially important to make sure your shoes are clean all the way because if you don’t do this, there might be a chance that you ruin the shoes and that would be a real shame!

Leather shoe paint

The most familiar leather paint is the one from angus. It’s acrylic, water based and most importantly it’s not toxic! Though we wouldn’t recommend eating it or trying out the taste, but if you accidently ingest some it won’t be lethal. However, it is of extreme importance that you clean your shoes properly! Even more important than when you’re dyeing your shoes because if you paint over something like sand, the sand will eventually fall off and you’ll end up with a few unpainted parts on your shoe!

 If you want more information about dye or paint I’d recommend that you visit our website. There you can find an even further, deeper explanation of the two. Which might be useful so you’ll know when you can use paint or dye and a good explanation on how to use the both of them.