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Rent a car on Curaçao

If you really want to see something of the island during your vacation on Curaçao, you absolutely need a car. The distances to attractions such as Handelskade, the most beautiful beaches at Westpunt and top restaurants in beautiful locations may not seem so great, but believe me: without a car you are nowhere. In this blog I explain why and I tell you where you can rent your car!

Few good alternatives

If you have never been to Curaçao you may think that there are plenty of alternatives to a rental car. That’s what I thought myself on my very first visit to the island, but that was disappointing. Public transport is not well organized, taxis are relatively expensive and moving yourself on foot, by bicycle or on a scooter is simply not that safe. Firstly, because the infrastructure is not made for this at all and secondly because of the crime on the street.

So I quickly gave in and scoured the internet in good spirits for the possibilities of renting a car on Curaçao. But since I wanted to have a car within a few days, that turned out to be a bit short of a day. Pretty much all decent options were already gone. So a tip right away: make sure you reserve a rental car – especially in high season – on time, because otherwise it can be difficult to find one that is affordable and in order.

Reliable car rental company

I would always look for experiences and not just go into business with the first best rental. In my last week on Curaçao – after my own car was sold – I rented a Kia Picanto at at car rental curacao airport. I actually always referred everyone to them, because this company has good cars for good rates (from 65 guilders). That includes third-party insurance and for a little more you can also have All Risk insurance.

Relatively a lot of accidents happen on Curaçao, so such extra insurance is definitely worth considering. But I have never damaged anything myself and I am therefore convinced that you can drive around safely if you just pay attention. The traffic takes some getting used to, but in the end there is nothing nicer than cruising the Curaçao roads with your window down while the local music plays from your speakers. Dushi bida, we say! (The good life)



You can’t leave your hotel or resort until you have a car. Then you can have a nice meal at a restaurant in a unique location such as Fort Nassau, you can visit the beautiful beaches at Westpunt such as the Grote Knip, Cas Abao and Playa Lagun and you can tour nature reserves such as Shete Boka and Christoffel Park. In short: only then can you really see something of Curaçao. And trust me, you will. Otherwise, you might as well fly to Turkey and sunbathe at the same beach or pool every day.