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The Golden Mountain Temple Bangkok

There certainly are many important, interesting and beautiful monuments in the world which are worth seeing at least once in your life. These monuments teach us so much about the history and culture of certain civilizations and edges. One monument you do not want to miss is the Golden Mountain Temple in Bangkok.

The Golden Mount Bangkok

That is actually a Temple called Wat Saket in Thai Language. It belongs to the Ayutthaya era and was built during that in the Thai Kingdom History. The Golden Mountain Temple is definitely one of the greatest must see attractions of Bangkok mainly due to the fact that the hill where the temple is located was made by human and not nature as you would easily think. This hill is 80 meters high and the view from the top is a 360 angle breathtaking. It is called Phu Khao Thong. The first attempt of building it was made by the King Rama III who wanted to build a huge chedi. The structure of the construction collapsed because of the texture of the soil and was left there. Over the years while vegetation started growing on it and people started calling it Phu Khao Thong.

Here is a little piece of information not so many people aware of, during the cholera epidemic, in the 19th century, on King Rama’s II reign, Wat Saket used to work as a crematorium for the deceased people who didn’t have the money needed for burials. Later on it stopped but there has been a huge number of dead people who were cremated here since then.

To get to the top of the Golden Mountain where the Temple is, you’ll have to climb up around 300 steps but the view is worth the effort. Till the skyscrapers started to appear, this spot was once the highest construction in the city. Once on the top of the Golden Mountain you’ll have the best view of the Old Town Bangkok in front of your eyes. While lots of bells around the temple producing their sound, this experience it unforgettable..

The Golden Mount in Bangkok gathers the highest number of visitors in November because of the fair which is organized for ‘Loy Krathong’ Holiday. This is the most popular Siamese cultural festival which is celebrated every year in Thailand and a few other countries around it. There are thousands of people who come to Golden Mountain Temple in Bangkok during the fair. You should go too, seeing and finding out more about a different culture can make you see things in a different way.

When is the best time to visit Wat Saket?

The temple can be visited at any time of the year, the tourists who have been there always say that the view from the top of the Golden Mountain is amazing and the fresh air and the surroundings on the top is relaxing. However, in order to go to the temple, you’ll have to pay a fee unless you are taking a professional tour company who pays for all entry fees. The ‘Loy Krathong’ festival is the best time to enjoy Bangkok’s beauty even if there are many people visiting the city and the Golden Mountain.

If you book a trip to Bangkok, Thailand take some time and climb up the steps which will take you to the Golden Mountain Temple, the view is amazing. You’ll be able to see a 360Â panorama of the impressive city. During the night the Golden Mountain can be seen from far away, glowing brightly with the other lights of the city.