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Why choose Intermodal Transport?

Intermodal tank transport is a form of multimodal transport, in which goods are transported by several means of transport (modes), the difference being that the goods are not transported separately but with the help of a loading unit. This concerns the transport of goods in (sea) containers, swap bodies and semi-trailers. If a large part of the distance is covered by train or ship and only road transport is used for the pre- and post-haulage, this is also referred to as combined transport.


De 4 benefits of using intermodal tank transport

Intermodal tank transport brings a couple of great benefits to the table:

  • Lower costs
  • Greater security
  • Safety
  • Benefits regarding the environment

Lower costs

If an exporter does not need an entire container or tank, he can opt for intermodal transport. This is due to the fact that it allows for the combination of full load and groupage systems. Aside from that, using loading units also reduces the handling of goods. This included reducing labour during transportation, facilitating transshipment and transfer of the ILUs from one means to another.


Safety first

Intermodal transportation is highly secure. The use of dedicated intermodal loading units protects the cargo during the transport cycle, minimizing the risk of theft and damage. Service is door-to-door at transportation companies, from pickup to delivery. Strict procedures ensure a safe transition between first and last mile movements and the truck. On the truck, the transport is sealed in closed tanks (or containers) on a direct rail or road connection to its destination. We ensure that your transport is in constant motion.

Care about the enviroment

Sustainability is important to all transportation companies and their customers. They develop solutions to reduce the impact on the environment. Compared to road transport, intermodal transport results in a reduction of your carbon footprint. Intermodal connections can provide up to 80% lower CO2 emissions. So everything is done with the enviroment in mind.

Know the weight and volume of your transport

This goes for anything that you want to transport from A to B: it is important that you know both the weight and the volume of your goods, like milk or other liquid food. This will tell you what truck you need to carry it as well as how many trucks and tanks are needed. A very simple calculation but fairly important for organizing transport. There are maximum weights in order to avoid over straining the truck’s wheels and axles. Your logistic specialist will also inform you about that.

Stay informed during intermodal transport

Just like when you send a package to a friend, with intermodal transport you will stay informed about things like pickup and delivery times. This data is put and processed into a special app by the drivers. The system then links all this information directly to you in a  specially designed online client portal. In this portal you can also download the CMR, cleaning certificate, and other relevant documents. This way you will always be up to date about anything regarding the transport and goods.