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Writer’s necessities


As a writer, I can not stress enough to invest in a good notebook and either a cross fountain pen,Parkers pen or Montblanc pen. Besides being well prepared, there’s other necessities to be able to create your craft as a writer. Some might be more common than others, but every little tip counts and might help you a bit further in your journey. And remember, you are not bound to any given advice, as the most important thing is that you enjoy.

Writer’s block

Let’s get straight to the point and pull the heavy guns out: writer’s block. I’m pretty sure that every writer at one point, and probably more often than just once, has experienced one. For me personally I might encounter one every now and then and the best tip I can give you from my own experience is: accept it. I know that you might want to hit me in the face for this piece of advice, but honestly accepting is the first thing towards change. We can not at all times be flowing with creativity, whether it is because of a certain situation that happened or you just emptied your juices for the moment.

The most important thing is to try and work yourself out of a writer’s block, gently. One of the most common tips is reading. Read a book, read poetry, read a script, read the instructions on how to cook your food, read the ingredients on the back of your shampoo bottle, just read. It might trigger new insights or maybe you discover a new word that you want to experiment with. No matter how small or big the impact, reading truly helps. Another good tip is to listen to podcasts or spoken word, the topic doesn’t matter. The way people speak, especially with spoken word, is motivational and might motivate you to try out new things.

Safe space

Create a safe space for yourself and I don’t only mean this in a physical way. More importantly than having a space where you can write, is having a support system that you feel safe enough to share your art with. This might be your friends but I highly recommend that you also find people that write as well so that you can discuss your work with them without judgement. This way you can critique each other’s art and help each other grow. Maybe you can start a writer’s club or maybe there’s one that exists already and that you can join.

Okay, back to the physical aspect of a safe space. I think this is most important for writers that are just discovering their passion and skills. Writing is something very intimate and personal so it is imaginable that starters first want to enjoy their craft in private, before sharing it with others. Maybe your bedroom might be good enough for you, as long as you have a place where you can calmly write without being bothered. This means for every other space as well: as long as you know you won’t be bothered by anyone, you should feel comfortable enough to write.