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Can the eyelash curler and mascara be carried on the plane?

You can bring mascara, but not more than 100ml. Eyelash curlers, eyebrow curlers and small scissors are mostly metal products. Metal products cannot be carried on the plane. If they are plastic products, they will not be blocked by security personnel. Metal eyelash curlers can be checked in by plane.

Solid cosmetics such as lipstick and eye shadow are not particularly limited. But lip glaze seems to belong to liquid cosmetics. Liquid cosmetics have capacity requirements. According to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration, each type of liquid cosmetics is limited to 1 piece. The regulation is that a single bottle of cosmetics must not exceed 100ml, and the total volume must not exceed 1000ml, so , If your single cosmetic bottle container is less than or equal to 100ml, and the total amount does not exceed 1000ml, you can take it directly on the plane, otherwise, you must choose to check in. But he is less than or equal to 100ml. It doesn’t mean that only 50ml of liquid leftover is enough for the 150ml of lotion, so you can’t take it on the plane. The provisions less than or equal to 100ml means that the bottle packaging needs to be less than or equal to 100ml, and those exceeding 100ml can only be checked in. So it’s best to buy a set of sub-bottles and pack water and milk.

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