5 reasons to consider a plant wall as a vertical garden in commercial spaces

Why a plant wall?

It is now common knowledge among most people: plants in the office have a positive effect on the working climate. This is supported by several studies. But what about a plant wall? A trend that has grown enormously for a number of years. Here are 5 reasons why a vertical garden, plant wall, green wall or as most call it, plant wall, has become so popular and worth considering.

1. A vertical garden makes the business environment attractive

Almost everyone agrees, a beautifully filled wall with plants makes the business environment a lot more attractive for customers and employees. It also gives the room a professional and natural look. Did you know that this affects the state of mind? The fact is that employees are much more productive and feel better in an environment where attractive plant objects are present. With a wall full of beautiful plants that is of course a piece of cake!

2. Plant walls provide the right humidity and clean air


Research has shown that plants (some more than others) ensure a good humidity balance in business areas. Clean and healthy air in the office goes hand in hand with this. These natural air fresheners absorb harmful substances through their leaves and then break them down again via the root. Air-purifying plants convert CO2 into oxygen and water vapor during the day. This improves the humidity in rooms by 5%, which can rise to 17% in winter. This capacity differs per type of plant, wondering which plants are most suitable for this? check out a top 10 air-purifying plants for the office.


3. Saving space and reducing noise pollution due to vertical garden

For many companies, there is little space for large plant objects in certain areas, which is why a vertical garden is extremely useful to have the desired effect of plants, without taking up too much space. The systems can be mounted on almost any existing or new wall through a collaboration with certified and skilled professionals. Another advantage of these green walls is that it provides more pleasant acoustics in rooms. Noise reduction is important because it is a major stressor in many offices. Plants reduce the reverberation time of sound by means of their leaves. Placing plant walls is also very effective for these reasons.

4. Automatic watering system and plant cassettes that are easy to replace

The green walls are optionally available with built-in watering systems, so that manual watering is no longer necessary. Super handy when you don’t have green fingers and are always unsure how much water should be given. These systems can be used for different plant species, which can easily be replaced by exchangeable plant cassettes fitted with “cups”. In addition, many companies offer interior landscaping and professional maintenance with a long plant guarantee.

5. Less absenteeism due to plant walls in offices

Plant walls in work areas therefore provide a pleasant working environment, better humidity and contribute to a positive state of mind. But what was most striking from the research of Wageningen University in collaboration with various institutions and companies: 20% less absenteeism due to illness. This research has shown that plants in the workplace cause a reduction of 1.6 illness days per employee per year. Which means that employees report sick by 20% less on an annual basis. Due to the low level of absenteeism, plants (walls) can quickly pay for themselves and is therefore a good investment.

Plant walls are therefore ideal for the workplace, small offices, but also for other places such as large open spaces. Improve acoustics or humidity, or make a room more attractive? Then a green wall is perfect! Looking for inspiration for applications of green wall systems? Take a look at our page.