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A boy cries along the harbor water of Enkhuizer: Magnetic fishing that offers “treasures”


 The excited young screams make it clear that a “huge” find was lifted from the harbor water of Enkhuizer. A nail, and crooked too. Magnet fishing is a real treasure for three boys.


The fathers Michael Baas and his buddy Hugo Ploeger stand on the side of the Sassluis with strong ropes in hand. There the two fathers accompany the sons Xavi, Darriën and Jens with the drom as a background.


The extra strong round magnets disappear again and again in the water, in the hope that “something” made of metal will stick to them. Occasionally the boys throw one another. But does it also bring something? This question is eagerly answered when Jens and Xavi bring in their drip bags. A clamp, a can, long screws. And so the top find, an antique forged nail, which also turned up here.


And that’s not all. Somewhere deep down in the castle is something big. Something mysterious made of metal. “It’s so big and heavy that we can’t get it out of the water,” laughs Hugo. “We’ll leave it there.” To Darriën’s sorrow. ,,I want to see it.”


For the two fathers, the idea behind this branch of sport is simple: “We spend a few hours with it,” says Michael. “You can leave the boys at home on the couch behind the game console. But that’s much more active and fun. Do. You’re out together right now. “


Everything that comes up is rusty and an impressive boy’s treasure. Sometimes it goes an unexpected step further. Just like with the Harlingersteiger, where other guys even got a metal urn over water. He ended up with the police.


The three young Enkhuizertjes are hoping for the success of a safe or a dumped car again this summer: exciting! “Fortunately, Enkhuizen has a lot of harbor water,” said the fathers of the magnetic fishermen.