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Innovative Library Solutions at Dialoc

Dialoc ID is a company based in the Netherlands that designs simple, elegant technical products that will grace any library, as well as making the library a secure and efficient environment. Their products look clean and cutting edge, and they have the potential to reduce the event of late or lost books. Compared to other library solutions, Dialoc products are sustainably produced and as well as providing invaluable services to staff and visitors, there is something pleasing about their minimalistic appearance. 


Innovation in library solutions

Library solutions created by Dialoc include book labels that are unobtrusive in appearance, yet they can be encoded with cutting edge data that can help locate any volume with an efficiency that is almost ridiculous. They are also designed to ping electromagnetic security systems, so that any unauthorised removal of a book may be detected instantly and the culprit identified. This represents the ideal solution for protecting valuable items, or would also benefit a library that suffers from regular theft. Dialoc electromagnetic detectors are slick glass gates that if kept clean, will enhance the appearance of any library as well as serving a vital function. 


Sapphire book drop for 24/7 book return

Dialoc offers library solutions to answer a range of requirements. Their 24 hour Sapphire Book Drop allows lazy borrowers to simply throw their book into a flash looking letter box. The book’s data is then instantly stored, so that its return can be registered with the library staff. From a borrower’s point of view this helps reduce fines. For staff at a busy library, it facilitates the instant location of material that might be in high demand, and makes the job of knowing what is where, when, at least 85% easier. Dialoc products can be found at and are well worth a look.