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The Prael canal cruise

Amsterdam’s private beer canal cruise

Have you ever wanted to go on a public canal cruise? Have you been planning your own luxurious private boat party? Or are you just a beer or gin lover and want to enjoy this on a private cruise? Consider yourself lucky! Because Floating Amsterdam offers all of these! Most people describe the trips of Floating Amsterdam canal cruises, the most famous name in the city, as a combination of the unforgettable and luxurious experience. Please continue to read a more detailed description of these amazing Amsterdam’s canal cruises.

About the canal cruises

Floating Amsterdam offers incredible and unforgettable public and private canal tours.  The cruises are being enjoyed in open and silent electric boats with a capability of 15 people per boat. Each boat comes with comfortable cushion seats, a mini bar in the middle and a captain to keep you entertained with his delightful stories and his Amsterdam humor. Tickets for the public canal cruises are sold in the Prael shop and the private ones can be booked online. The duration of each cruise takes about an hour along the canals of Amsterdam. The (Nieuwe) Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht are the main canals.

The private canal cruises are mostly enjoyed as specials. The specials are private cruises that cooperate with other companies to organize super fun events. So, go ahead, choose your own group of people and one of the specials for a great experience! Since a boat only carries 15 people, you can always book two or more if you have a bigger group. The captain of each boat makes sure that they sail side by side so that you and your friends are still together even though they are on separate boats.

About “De Prael”

De Prael is a brewery that produces its own home-brewed beers. All this happens in an old auction house from the 17th century. The brewing takes place on the second floor, where the beer is being prepared for the fermentation that happens on the first floor. Established in 2002, It was first named De Parel brewery, but shortly after changed to De Prael.

Special: De Prael private canal cruise

If you’ve ever been in Amsterdam, it is likely that you have already tasted De Prael beer. Oh, you haven’t? Well, there’s very good news, actually! One of the specials of Floating Amsterdam is De Prael Canal Cruise. This private cruise is a combination of De Prael beer and the most comfortable and luxurious canal cruise you’ve ever been on. Doesn’t this sound delightful? Just imagine having your closest friends with you and being served bottles of your favorite beer.  The captain and host(ess) are present to contribute to the already fun and exciting atmosphere. The choice is yours if you want to interact with the captain and host or if you just want to enjoy the cruise with no other interaction than with your loved ones. 

Doesn’t this special sound quite interesting? Well, it really is! Get some more interesting information about De Prael private canal cruise.