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5 Must-See Places in Petra and Wadi Rum during Your Tour from Eilat

What is the Best Time to Visit Petra and Wadi Rum?

Petra is a World Heritage Site in Jordan. It is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. The site has been built in the valley of Wadi Musa, which is known for its natural beauty and fertile soil.

Many people want to visit Petra, but they don’t know when to go there for best experience. We can say that it’s best to visit Petra and Wadi Rum from Eilat during winter and spring seasons. This way you will be able to enjoy all four seasons of this beautiful place and get a feel of what it’s like during different times of the year.

Tour of Petra and Wadi Rum’s Famous Landmarks

The famous landmarks of the Wadi Rum are the sandstone mountains, which are a result of erosion by wind and water. They have been shaped into many fantastic forms.
The most famous landmark is the “Rock Bridge”, which is a natural bridge created by two huge rocks that have been split apart by wind and water.

Petra is an ancient city in Jordan with a history dating back to 2000 BC. It was built as part of an ambitious project to create a city for the Nabataean king, who wanted to establish himself as ruler of Arabia. The Nabataeans were Arabs who had long-standing cultural connections with Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Syria-Palestine.
Petra is a huge system of sandstone canyons and cliffs. It is completely surrounded by desert, and it is often difficult to find trees or bushes. The city sits on the slope of a huge rock which rises up from the middle of the Wadi Musa (Moses’ Wadi) valley. Here, people drank water from springs inside the rock – Nabataean cisterns have been found all over it.

The Best Restaurants in Petra

Petra is known for its historic sites, but it also has a thriving food scene.

Petra is a city of many wonders: stunning architecture, ancient history, and delicious food. The best restaurants in Petra bring the cultural diversity of this Jordanian city to the table.

The best restaurants in Petra are spread out across the city and offer everything from traditional Jordanian cuisine to international favorites like sushi. Whether you want to experience authentic Middle Eastern dishes or try something new, there’s a restaurant in Petra that can satisfy your cravings. .Old Bakery CaféThis restaurant, located in Petra, offers a wide variety of Middle Eastern dishes to try. With a menu that includes appetizers, salads, soups and sandwiches such as baba ghanouj and falafel, this is the perfect place for lunch with co-workers or friends. For dinner, try one of their traditional Syrian dishes such as shish tawouk (chicken shish kebab).

Petra’s Activities To Do

Petra is an interactive site that allows people to explore the ancient city of Petra. 

The Petra site has a number of activities that can be done. The first activity is an interactive map that tells you what you are looking at and gives you information on how to get there from other parts of the site. This map also tells you about the history and significance of what you are seeing.

The second activity is called “Walk with a guide”. This feature lets visitors explore Petra in 1 day tour detailed by following one of three different routes on foot, while they learn about the history and culture through audio commentary from a guide who will tell them about everything they see along the way.

The third activity is called “Explore on your own”. This feature lets visitors explore Petra at their own pace with no direction or guidance from

Why You Should Visit Jordan during Your Tour from Eilat

Jordan is a diverse country with a rich history, beautiful landscapes and welcoming people.


Jordan is a country with many ancient sites and natural wonders. The best way to explore this beautiful place is to visit it during your tour from Eilat.