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What you Need to Know About Night Golf

Simply put, night golf just means playing golf after dark with help from night golf equipment like glow sticks, GPS watches, glow golf balls, floodlights, and others.


The concept of golf as being solely a daytime activity practically every place in the world is starting to come to an end, as night courses have emerged all over the world equipped with full capacity floodlights that allow golfers to fully enjoy the game whether it is during the day or at night.


In this article, we will be providing all of the tips that are needed by golf enthusiasts who enjoy playing golf at night and golf organizers to learn about the best and basic golf equipment that is well-suited for night golfers all over the globe.


Night Golf Course


The most important necessity for all night golfers is night golf courses. Although most courses all over the world end playing golf at sunset, there are some courses that keep going by just turning the floodlights on that fully light up the whole course to provide another great experience for golfers.


The concept of night golf was put to the test in 2018 by European Tour at the Dubai Desert Classis where state-of-the-art floodlights were installed are the ninth and eighteenth greens at the Emirate Golf Club’s Majlis course. Although the floodlights are mainly installed from the tees to the greens, they often do not cover the whole rough area. This is something that golfers need to keep in mind, especially those who tend to hit their golf balls deep in the rough. 


The following are some of the world’s best night golf courses:


Faldo Championship is an 18 hole course in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the Emirates Golf Course;


9 hole garden course in Abu Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the Abu Dhabi Golf Course;


3 hole, Par-2 Academy course in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates at Yas Links.


It costs hundreds of dollars to light a course combined with the expense of additional staff members in the major reason why most courses would prefer night golf equipment instead of having state-of-the-art floodlights being installed.


Night Golf Balls


A more highly visible golf ball is needed to play golf at night. These are balls that glow or have some type of lighting to help the golfer easily hit and find it after each swing so that golf balls are not lost. Thre are many glow-in-the-dark golf balls that are currently available in today’s market like the glow in the dark 4 Nighthawk, Championship sports ground, and Glow V1 golf balls and others as well.


There are three different kinds of glow in the dark golf balls:


LED golf balls

Glow stick golf balls

UV powered golf balls


The best type of night golf balls is the UV powered golf balls.


Glow V1 Night Golf Balls: Best Glow in the Dark Golf Balls


The Glow VI is not only the best golf ball because it glows but also it has the best features when compared with the other night golf balls that are available. The UV light-activated balls provide qualities that rival others, not just as glow balls, since they offer similar distance, although they are limited in feel and spin. If you’re interested then check this site and buy glowing golf balls for your tournament.



The top-quality golf ball has a UV light. It charges the ball for 60 seconds and then stays bright for a total of 15 minutes which makes it easier to find the ball in the dark before it is recharged. Glow VI has been designed for the golfer’s complete satisfaction and provides impressive battery life. The UV light does need to have a 3AAA battery, so it is recommended to charge the ball after each hole.



GolfBuddy Voice 2: Best GPS Watch


It is very important to know how far away your ball is from the hole when you plat at night. The affordable Golfbuddy Voice 2 is the top GPS watch and beats the competition from Bushnell Neo Plus Golf GPS and Garmin Approach G8 Handheld Golf GPS.


GolfBuddy Voice 2 comes preloaded with more than 40,000 courses and it has Auto-hole Advance features that to the next hole automatically depending on where you happen to be on the course. Although it is small and is easy to lose, other features such as a 14-hour battery, being waterproof, and the Talk function make it the best GPS watch you can find at Amazon for less than $100.


Golf Headlamps


Headlamps are essential to play night golf since it provides you with an improved view of your immediate surrounds so you can avoid stepping into water and bunkers. If also can help golfers or club staff find animals that are around at night in order to avoid hurting or hitting them. Although a flashlight is another option, a headlamp allows you to swing longer and better while providing better visibility as well.


Glow Sticks for Holes, Flagsticks, Greens, and Fairways


Glow sticks are another good type of equipment that is needed for playing night golf. The sticks are used as a type of marking tool around rough, flagsticks, holes, greens, and fairways to help guide golfers around the golf course. Although glow sticks help to maximize a golfer’s experience, they can be fairly expensive when you need to buy a lot of them to help golfers at night. Having a minimum of 10 bordering each green, 10 along each of the fairways, and having some around the holes, flagsticks, and rough should be sufficient.