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3 reasons why you should buy at

24high is a smartshop that carries one of the biggest assortments of natural psychedelics, power herbs, energisers, and aphrodisiacs in The Netherlands and Europe. 24high is proud to offer their customers first-rate products at spectacularly low prices! Whether it’s a night on the tiles or a night in touring the cosmos you’re seeking, their selection of products will ease you into the right state of mind. Tap into the wisdom of the ancients with one of our natural psychedelics like exotic power plants such as kanna, peyote, and other psychedelic herbs and seeds. 

Used for centuries by shamans, spiritual gurus, and naturalists over the world. Harness the diverse toolset of Mother Nature with 24high’s range of seeds, grow kits or powdered extra’s. Give your physical and spiritual being an herbal kick with an exotic selection that won’t leave you high and dry.


A vaporizer is a type of  small oven that vaporizes active substances like THC and CBD and does not burn the plant material, which are very unhealthy for you. With the use of a vaporizer, you will therefore not ingest any amounts of unhealthy, toxic substances, including tar and nitrogen oxide. In other words: Vaporizing is the healthy way to get high! At 24high you can buy all types of vaporizers. They are selling products from different brands like Tsunami, Flowermate, Storm, Loki and many more.

CBD cannabidiol

Cannabidiol, more popularly known as CBD is an effective natural remedy currently used for a number of very popular medical conditions. CBD is one of the approximately 100 natural substances known as potent anti-carcinogens present in the marijuana or hashish plan. It has gained a lot of popularity in recent years as a substance that is thought to have a lot of benefits for those who suffer from serious medical conditions like multiple sclerosis and cancer. At 24high you can buy all types of CBD oil and CBD products. 24high only sells high quality products that have been tested in laboratories by third party companies and are marked as high quality products.


Start your super exciting and intense journey here at 24high and walk through their smartshop categories as if you were looking in a large forest, for natural medicinal herbs or psychoactive mind-altering agents. These are exciting natural products such as herbs, cacti, kratom, kanna and morning glory seeds that are used for relaxation or for the psychoactive effects. Erotic products such as lust stimulants, food supplements and drug tests are also part of their range. Be surprised by nature and see the beautiful and interesting products that 24high has to offer!