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Comparison report of JTI’s vaporizers: complex technical analysis and test of “Ploom” brand tobacco

The report “Comparison report of JTI’s Vaporizers: complex technical analysis and test of tobacco vaporizers of the brand” Ploom “” has been added to the offering of

This report contains detailed technical information on the type of vaporizer that does not burn by heat offered by JTI Corporation. The information provided includes a comparison of technical characteristics of HnB devices and device performance calculated according to the author’s internal methodology. Mr Joy UK has the best vapers.

All aspects of performance, construction and technical components are revealed and compared.

Tests and technical reviews of devices are given to identify innovations, advantages and disadvantages of devices. For an objective and comprehensive examination, a series of tests are used that provide information on the operating characteristics of the device in different operating modes.

Such tests and reviews conducted include:

Internal component display. This part of the report shows the inner construction of devices.

Heater assessment. The information in the report gives an idea of what types of heaters are most often found in devices from leading manufacturers and what characteristics these heaters have.

Airflow Assessment. The detailed airflow design review helps to understand the efficiency of their structure, ways of air heating and allows you to compare the airflow designs of HnB devices.

PCB Assessment. This section of the report provides an analysis of electronic components used in HnB devices.

Type of power supply signal and analysis of the temperature control system. Examination of electrical signals at the heater contact provides information on the availability or non-availability of temperature control, the type of power signal, and specific heater algorithms.

Temperature deviation of heater shows how the temperature of devices changes during the session. With this information you can draw conclusions about the efficiency of the temperature control system and the stability of device parameters.

Current consumption of device. This test shows how much power devices consume and shows their response to the activity of the temperature control system. This provides information on average and maximum power consumption.

Battery analysis. This test provides information about the quality and characteristics of batteries used in devices.

Energy efficiency of battery and device. This test shows how long devices can be active on one full battery charge and how long it takes to fully charge them. It tells about the efficiency and saving parameters of devices.

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