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After all those months of waiting until we are finally allowed again, we are finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. There is always a little more and we hope to be able to celebrate our parties again soon. Like a good weekend full of london club nights. Now you probably also have a party that has been in the planning for months to still be celebrated. You know you want a great party, with music. So booking a DJ is the first thing on your mind. But of course one that suits your type of party. We’ve put together a few ideas for you!

The wrong party

How much fun do you want to have? A lot of course. And what fits better than a ‘wrong party DJ’? A party in après ski mode, where the guests have to choose their clothes as wrong as possible. Conviviality, having fun, dancing and just enjoying the old-fashioned way!

All Round DJ

You may have invited people of all ages. For your wedding, for example, it can be nice if the DJ has hits from all times and also knows how to use them well. Grandpa and grandma can rock & roll for a while, while others feast on a real house party. And oh well, then we also throw in a tearjerker to wake up the vocal muscles as well.

DJ with an artist

The combination between live music and a DJ: that is hiring a DJ with a musician. A saxophonist, for example, who occasionally plays along with the music or steals the show himself. You can easily book this combination, a DJ with a saxophonist. Very handy and you know for sure that they get along…

The surprise birthday bus

Surprise someone with a party? Then a DJ with the surprise birthday bus is a godsend! Nice in Corona time, but also afterwards. Because you can also use it to surprise someone and then just continue partying in another place (if you want to keep everything as a surprise of course).

With lots of extras

Do you want big, bigger, biggest or just something original? Then take a look at extras that the DJ can provide for you or what you can hire yourself. You can think of a nice stage for your DJ (even in a Volkswagen), an illuminated dance floor, mist on the dance floor, several party tents for the real festival feeling or several musicians who alternate with the DJ. At the latter you can also look around in your circle of friends. Maybe there is someone who wants to sing, who can play guitar or accordion for the participants

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