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Fungus is a nasty infection that can occur all over the body. We see the most yeast infection on scalp. This can be recognized by the flakes that come off your head. This is very similar to skins that you peel off your skin. It can also form crusts and even give an itchy feeling.

It is important that you stay away from itching and consult your doctor. He can prescribe an ointment or medicine for you. Sometimes bald spots also appear on the scalp. This fungus is very contagious so be careful not to let others touch it. Everything that you use on your head and that has come into contact with it must be cleaned. It’s not really clear where or from whom you get it, but usually pets are the cause. This fungus is easy to treat as long as you catch it on time.

What is a Candida infection ?

A Candida infection infection is often confused with an STD. This is because it usually originates near the genitals. However, it is a fairly harmless fungal infection that is easy to treat. It is caused by yeast and this is something you have no control over. This is often due to overgrowth and an exact cause is not yet known. Most stories point to excessive use of soap or not changing the tampon in time. It is a disease that you can transmit to others during the deed.

In case of complaints you should think of, for example, itching in or around the genitals. Some people also experience problems with urination. Often this feels like a sharp and burning pain. Sometimes the genitals also appears a little swollen. Others claim that they see a kind of white deposit near the genitals. It is wise to see your doctor as soon as possible so that treatment can be started. Otherwise, it may even spread further.