Top 3 Reasons Why Stakeholders and Founders Should Invest in Brand Marketing

Brand awareness and recognition are considered to be the main elements used to build credibility. This is achieved with the help of customers and sales team who play the role of closing the deal. Corporate branding and demand generation both work together, especially when it comes to the growth phase of companies. Here are the top three reasons why stakeholders and founders should consider investing in brand marketing:

1. Build Credibility through Brand Marketing

People only seek services and buy products they are in need of from brands that they are familiar with and trust. A good example of such brands is Starbucks, Amazon and Apple. Another good example is business to business brands such as GE and Intel. In today’s digital market, what matters most is brand credibility. It is important for a brand to position itself as a marketing leader in order to create a positive reputation towards its customers. It does not matter whether you are running a growth phase brand or a start-up business. The main representatives of companies are the CEOs who play the role of building brands credibility. Ideally, CEOs should be considered to be thought leaders. As for the employees, they are seen as guardians of the company and are the ones responsible for maintaining the company’s reputation since they get a chance to talk to customers. A brand’s reputation and credibility can be broken easily, and a lot of examples have been seen with cases such as sexual harassment cases from Uber to United Airlines pulling a passenger forcibly from his seat. The recent incident is the dead puppy case. One thing for sure is that recovering a brand’s reputation or credibility is expensive, and it’s a process that requires transparency and empathy towards the victims involved.

2. investors Are Attracted by Brand Marketing

Business leaders and founders spend most of their time looking for investors to support their exit and growth strategies. The first thing that investors consider before investing is the brand they wish to invest in as a whole. Other factors that they consider are the corporation’s reputation, the foundations of financial and credibility performance and the CEO. According to investors such as Barbara Clarke, what matters most is the brand and not the services or the product offered by the brand. Therefore, investors are looking for companies that focus on more than just one solution or one product. According to investors, the biggest mistakes that most companies make, especially beginners, is to appreciate their product more and not try to solve the issues that the company faces. You must be able to balance both and not focus more on one objective than the other. Besides this reason, many startups are forced to rebrand for different reasons. However, it is necessary if you want to own a corporate brand that attracts investors. A brand that customers can trust at all times. You can compare a brand to a home. The more you renovate it and maintain it, the more its value increases. Therefore, if you invest in your brand, you can expect higher equity.

3. Engage Customers through Brand Marketing

Today, digital marketing strategies are changing with time. Business to business buying decisions are based on different factors. The CIOs are no longer the only ones contributing to buying decisions. Research indicates that most businesses to business customers are not easily influenced by suppliers to make their buying decisions until they have completed 50 to 60 per cent of their journey as customers. According to David Krakeuer, this percentage is too high to change someone’s decisions. David Krakeuer also adds that we can be able to serve and assist a customer better by reading his or her body language. By understanding a customer’s personality, brands will have the ability to deliver what is needed from them. This is a great way of improving the customer’s experience. It will also make it easy for the sales team to influence customers since they will be aware of what customers require. Therefore, marketers have to come up with improved strategies that engage and educate customers. Furthermore, they should also provide content that is interesting and easy to find. Companies like Muze Creative can help with this.