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Discovering Palermo: 5 things to do in this beautiful city

If you are doing a tour around Italy, you should definitively travel to Palermo. This city is worldwide known for its diverse and delicious food; if you travel to Palermo you will also find a huge range of historical attractions, ancient buildings, and beautiful beaches to explore. Let’s discover the best 5 things to do in Palermo:

Marvel at the Palermo Cathedral

This old building is truly fascinating; here, you will find the influence of several cultures and different historic periods harmonically combined. The result is a complex, yet beautiful Cathedral full of historic and artistic details.  

Visit the Palermo food markets

Food markets are a fantastic way to taste traditional food.  The main food markets in Palermo are Ballaro, Cap and Vucciria all of which are located in the centre of the city and not far from the main attractions. Here you will find street vendors and shop fronts full of delicious fresh fruits, vegetables, cakes, pastries and other delicious foods.

Watch an opera at Teatro Massimo

This is a truly fascinating part of Palermo that you should not miss. This theater is the third largest opera house in Europe (and the first in Italy). You could take a tour, or even better, watch an opera, the acoustic in this theater is breathtaking.

Visit the bizarre Capuchin Catacombs

The Capuchin Monks used embalming preserve bodies and keep them in their original garments. In the Capuchin Catacombs in Palermo you will find a macabre and huge variety of burials and well-preserved bodies from various periods in time. Here, they have over 8000 corpses and more than 1200 mummies.

Enjoy the Palermo Cuisine

Food is amazing in Palermo. But if there is one thing you must do in Palermo is to eat a Cannolo (or cannoli if you can’t have just one). Cannoli are the most iconic sweet of Sicily. They are deep-fried pastry tubes filled with sweet ricotta with crushed chocolate and candy peel. If you are a sweet fan, you should also try the Ice cream sandwich.

Sunbathe in Mondello Beach

Just 15 minutes to the north of Palermo you will find the beautiful beach of Mondello. This is a great beach to relax and enjoy the cool Mediterranean waters, this beach is quiet most of the time, but it can get crowed on high season. Here you will also find an immense Art Nouveau pier, a restaurant, and a bar.  You can take a bus to get here, or you could rent a car for the day and don’t waste your time waiting for the bus. There are plenty of options to rent a car in Palermo, if you decide to rent a car you could also make a trip to the surrounding towns and enjoy the marvelous landscapes of Palermo.