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Leave the import of your new car from the USA to the experts

Do you like the look of the characteristically big cars from the USA? Would you love to import your next car from the USA? Then Marlog Car Handling is your ideal partner. This company is one of the largest car importers in Europe. Because of that they have a large network with business contacts all over the world, including the USA. Furthermore, they can take care of all the paperwork that is related to car import from the USA and other countries. You can count on them to import your car free of worries.

Enjoy your new car free of worries knowing the paperwork is in order

Marlog Car Handling takes care of more than the paperwork for the import of your car from the USA alone. They also handle the transportation of the car. They do so through their extensive network of agents that can all be trusted to transport your new car safely and quickly. This means you will soon be able to enjoy a ride in a gorgeous American vehicle.

The experts of this company take care of the whole process

Next to the paperwork and transportation, Marlog Car Handling also helps you negotiate the price for the car and its’ transportation. They truly take care of everything related to the import of your car from the USA. If you want to prevent any surprises with the import of your new or used car, you should contact them to do it for you.

Import cars and boats from all over the world

Did you know that Marlog Car Handling does more than import cars from the USA alone? They also import and export cars to other countries, such as Dubai, Canada and Australia. Furthermore, they transport both boats and cars. So do you want to import a car or boat from another country? Feel free to contact the experts of this company. They will handle the whole process efficiently.

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