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Here are the pros and cons of modular design

Scientists are increasingly convinced that alga is the solution to world issues. Many sectors benefit from alga, and its applications are limitless. However, the limitation for industrial expansion is small. Lgem can assist with this. With the algae bioreactor, you can cultivate large quantities of algae much more easily, rapidly, and successfully. 

AlgaeHUB: what is it

It is hard for those who are interested in growing algae to invest money in the process. By developing a low-cost method for growing and producing algae, we can reduce the expense of investing in it. The AlgaeHUB allows you to get a large variety of customer services from Lgem to optimize your enterprise and cultivation procedure. You also get assistance if you need to extract the most out of these algae! 

Our advanced technologies allow you to witness the procedures at work at the AlgaeHUB, situated near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. You may see how Lgem’s bioreactor algae is produced from 25 to 10,000 litres using our newest methods at the AlgaeHUB. You can also see how you can enhance the production of these algae with your existing system. We provide services to optimize your current system.

New technology

The system developed by Lgem reduces the cost of algae production by more than 80 percent, while increasing efficiency by 70 percent. Lgem’s technology can be applied to both small and large scales. It can also be used at existing algae production facilities to enhance the process. Because Lgem’s team is comprised of engineers, planners, and designers, the algae production process operates as efficiently as possible. Lgem’s team is working to develop a new technology for producing renewable energy. One hectare of algae can produce 15 to 20 tonnes of biofuel annually. The team has the expertise to develop a new technology for generating renewable energy from algae that is good for the environment.

Algae harvesting still consumes a lot of energy and manpower. The use of bioreactor algae significantly reduces costs and optimizes the system in general. With new experiments and research, bioreactor algae innovation is crucial. Lgem is working to further improve the system. Are you looking for more information? Please visit