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The road to becoming a car mechanic

It isn’t always easy to figure out what you want to be in life. A career path set out in high school is probably totally different from what life has to offer you, but when you are truly passionate about something this already helps a lot. Passion, after all, is often an indication of your heart’s truest desires. This drives some to study for years upon end and master medicine, while others let their passion for cars fuel the fire inside them and lead them to have their own car shop. If you want to be a car mechanic though, how do you approach this? What do you need?

Minimal for somebody else

If you would like to be an apprentice under the watchful eye of somebody else, they expect you to have a high school diploma or GED at the very least. Of course, there are always those who are exceptionally crafty and street smart, but the most basic of diplomas is simply what’s expected from pretty much everybody out there.

Any experience helps

If you want something, be it working as a car mechanic or as a designer, any experience you already have helps. This is why it’s smart to take anything that can help add to that experience. If you get a chance to help for a month on somebody’s car, this is very valuable for your future employer or for yourself.

Two paths – School

Obviously, when on the road to becoming a car mechanic, there are two stations where you could want to end. Either you will eventually work for some other (amazing) car shop, or you will be your own boss. Whatever the case, here it also boils down to requirements and experience. Some shops really expect you to have some schooling as an auto mechanic, as well as special certifications called ASEs. These show that you mastered a specific element of the car such as the engine. This might be helpful if you want to work specifically at i.e. a tuning shop. If you want your own shop eventually, you will also need to make a hefty investment.

Ton electric hoist – Electric hoist supplier

One of the investments you will need to make is obviously buying the tools for the job. This includes hydraulics to pump up the car in the air and a 2 ton electric hoist, which you can get from any electric hoist supplier. A ton electric hoist is just as important as hydraulics because you don’t want to fulfill your dreams to get crushed by a car. Ouch. Dreams crushed. Ask your electric hoist supplier for more information about what you need.