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The supplier of welding transformers

Brouwer Metaal from Ede, the Netherlands, is a major European supplier for all aspects of resistance welding and general industry. They supply steel, copper, tungsten alloys and consumables for the welding industry all across Europe. With their commitment to excellent and professional service for all their customers, this company is your partner for the welding industry.

Hovadur copper parts

For excellent welding transformers and machine parts, this company is excited to work with Hovadur copper. This excellent brand produces copper alloys of high quality. The hardness and heat resistance makes Hovadur a renowned brand in the copper industry. Brouwer Metaal from Ede, the Netherlands, uses Hovadur copper in a variety of ways. This includes alloys and high-quality parts, and spare parts, for industrial applications. Various different parts can be made using this excellent copper. Examples of applications are laminated shunts, die casting parts and electrode holders. Each of the Hovadur parts you require will be custom-made to fit your requirements. Tell the experts of this company what you desire when it comes to your parts and their engineers will make it happen.

Welding transformers for your company

This company is the very best when it comes to providing you with welding transformers. Whether you require a welding transformer with AC, DC or MF technology, these engineers have got you covered. As they produce their own cores, the lead time of their welding transformers is a total of just four weeks. Send a picture of your parameter plate and add a dimension sheet so these engineers are able to make the exact welding transformer you need. Besides welding transformers this company is also the one you trust for your custom-made current bridges, welding wheels and welding electrodes. With welded wire mesh, resistance welding, die casting and a near endless amount of options for the metal industry, this company should be your partner no matter where your business is located.