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Sourcing High-Performance Parts

Any owner of a high-performance car will know that top quality parts are a must. It doesn’t matter if you are modifying your street legal ride, building your dream car or vamping up a competition car. As all vehicle owners know, mechanical components on all types of cars can go wrong. They get damaged or wear out through use. This is a given that every driver has gone through – nothing lasts forever – but when replacing parts, for whatever reason, it best to go for the top quality range. D2 Racing Sport is the company to seek out for the best quality high-performance parts and components.


D2 Racing Sport

D2 Racing Sport is an exclusive distributor of BYS-MOTORSPORT BV, which has had a solid reputation within the automobile industry since 1997 for the highest standard of parts and components among those that indulge in vehicle competition on all levels. It doesn’t matter if it is drag, circuit, street, or rally.


Coilover Suspension

One of D2’s most successful lines is the coilover suspension system. For the uninitiated, this is a ‘coilover shock absorber’. The shock absorber has a spring coiled around it for maximum shock distribution or damping, as it is called. These are used to reduce oscillations and vibrations which are transferred to the shock absorbers, not the wheels or chassis. In turn, it also adds greater stability to your moving vehicle. The shocks themselves are made up of a tube containing fluid and a piston.


Hobbies or Competitive Sports

This kind of suspension system is a must for such activities as rough terrain endurance sports or hobbies like competitive rallying and 4×4 trekking. The advantages of coilover suspension are the different things you can achieve when it is fitted to your vehicle. With the coilover suspension system, you can also extend your ground clearance height, which is especially good for off-road vehicles over uneven terrain or lower your vehicle’s centre of gravity, which helps control drift during competitive and timed endurance trials such as rally driving. You can also change the camber of your vehicle using one of these D2 Racing Sport systems.


Street Legal

As mentioned above, if you want the best high-performance suspension system or parts for your competitive driving vehicles, then D2 Racing Sport is where to find them. That said, any car owner that wants to gain the maximum performance out of their vehicle, even the family saloon, with longer-lasting and superior quality parts would be wise to check out D2 Racing Sports list of auto products. The range is extensive and can be fitted to just about any type of car on the market. Those seeking better performance and superior quality parts can send enquiries through their website.