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Welcome to join WBsupport!

Welcome to WBsupport! At WBsupport you can find a variety of web and SEO services and support. Whether you are looking for video coaching modules, web & SEO support, or a private business consultation, at WBsupport you have come to the right place. Our experienced business coach, Marc Geraeds, has over 25 years of experience in starting and improving various businesses. He has compiled all his knowledge and expertise into 12 comprehensive video modules that will help you successfully start your own business.

Our video modules offer practical and clear explanations of important entrepreneurial topics. Marc shares his own experiences and vision so you can learn from his successes and mistakes. Whether you prefer personal guidance or want to get started independently, our video modules provide the knowledge you need to make the right decisions and become successful quickly.

Curious about Marc and his approach? Then watch his free introductory video where he introduces himself and explains why his videos are so valuable for startup entrepreneurs. Feel free to contact us for more information or a no-obligation consultation. We are ready to help you realize your entrepreneurial dreams!

What is included in the complete business support and business coaching package?

There are several components included in the complete business support and business coaching package:

  • Video Modules: These modules contain practical explanations and tips on various topics, such as how to become successful, basic rules for a successful business, starting a business, creating a business plan and forecast, and much more. In total, the video modules have a duration of 2 hours and 44 minutes.

  • Video Coaching Modules: These are modules in which Marc provides specific coaching and guidance as a business coach.

  • Web & SEO Support: Marc and his experienced team can offer support in setting up a website or web shop, improving search engine optimization (SEO) and running social media campaigns.

  • Private Business Consultation: You have the option to book a 20-minute private business consultation with Marc, in which you can receive personal advice and support.

  • My Team: Marc works with a team of professionals who can help with various aspects of setting up and growing a business.

  • Blog: A blog is available on the website where valuable information and tips are shared.

  • FAQ: A list of frequently asked questions is available providing answers to common questions.

  • Contact: You can contact Marc and his team through the contact form on the website.

  • Online services: Because of the online provision of services, it doesn’t matter where you live. Whether you are looking for a business coach in Manchester, one in London, elsewhere in the country or even in another country, WBsupport is the place to go.

In short, the complete business support and business coaching package offers a wide range of services and support to help entrepreneurs set up and grow their businesses.