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A double deck trailer for optimal transport of goods

When you want to transport a large amount of goods, you would like to depend on excellent facilities. That is where Blankers Transport comes in. They offer double deck trucks and trailers  in which you can transport anything. Loading goods into a double deck trailer looks different from a standard issue truck, considering you have more loading space that can be used in an efficient way. An implemented hydraulic lift mechanism is used to place your goods safely in the trailer. It is even possible to double or triple stack your goods without losing stability. Blankers Transport offers you the ultimate way to transport a variety of goods in a single truck.

Maximizing cargo space for your goods

The 40 trucks that are available at Blankers Transport will surely be able to accommodate your products. It is able to travel all across Europe with these double deck trucks. If you need to transport over long distances, then you will have no problem when inquiring Blankers Transport. Think about the difficulties in transporting voluminous goods such as matrasses and foam products. Put an end to these inconveniences with a double deck trailer. The trailer is designed in such a way that any product can be safely stored in there, without risking any damage during the drive. What more do you need?

Contact the employees

Do you believe that the double deck trailer from Blankers Transport might be the ideal solution for the transport of your goods? Then make sure you contact their employees and explain your situation to them. They can identify what issues might come up during a possible transport and provide you with the ideal solution to prevent these inconveniences. Enjoy a flawless transport of your large and small goods with these trucks and discover the pleasure of working with a partner that is experienced and skilled in its field.