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Choose the flue dampers suitable for your application

Looking for flue dampers? By procuring those specific models that offer your boiler system optimal performance, you can guarantee they will operate in optimal condition for the foreseeable future. Such dampers must be mounted in the pipe that connects the boiler and the chimney, closing off the flue gas path. As such, boiler flue dampers must be able to resist high temperatures and tough conditions to prevent catastrophic failure. To make sure the boiler flue dampers that you buy are always of a high quality, it is recommended that you purchase said dampers from Hoogenboom Valves. This company has over thirty years of experience in designing and producing numerous types of industrial damper valves. They always deliver exactly to the satisfaction of their clients.

Choosing the right damper for your boiler flue

Should you require new industrial dampers, this company stocks an extensive range likely containing every model you’ll ever need. Whether you require air- blocking damper valves, bypass/diverter damper valves, butterfly damper valves or louvre valves, they have it available for you. Should the unlikely event come to pass that Hoogenboom Valves’ extensive stock does not carry the precise damper you need, they can still provide you with the part you need. They can manufacture you a bespoke flue damper, manufactured to your exacting specifications. If no design is yet available,  they are perfectly capable of designing it for you. They will naturally develop any such bespoke dampers in line with current industry design paradigms. The company’s in-house professional 3D design software provides them with the tools to design and construct flue dampers exactly the way you want and need them.

Get right to work with the assistance of this company

When you work with this specialist, you will experience the joys of their personal and straightforward service. As a company that believes strongly in involving their clients in every step of the procurement process, they can address your needs and insights to ensure your flue dampers come out exactly the way you want them to. If you are interested, go take a look at their range of existing products they have on offer. If you elect to do business with them yourself, get in contact with them right away. They will commence your request for the procurement of flue dampers immediately!