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For the person you are

Love in the relationship

A healthy relationship has no need for petty games, which will never make him feel respected, unimportant, or controlled. Make him/her feel loved, important and needed in the relationship, show who you love what real trust is and communication looks like. Nobody wants to go through a cycle of pain, lies and betrayal and nobody should!

Love between two people is and always will be a verb and as such action is required. That means both parties need to make it very clear how much they love each other, frankly if a person is constantly saying they love you and there’s no action (big or small) that’s just not going to work.

A small gesture of love is not too much to ask and the person you want to be with must understand this.

The ability to accept your partner (and vice versa) for who they are the moment you fell in love with them and not the person they *may* become is without a doubt an important key to a successful relationship. No one wants to be with a person who refuses to accept the gift as it is.

Any relationship that lacks true honesty is doomed from the start because eventually the lies will increase and destroy everything you both have to build but communication and forgiveness can certainly be agreed upon but the relationship will be unfairly changed forever is a hard thing to do to do (to say the least). Honesty is an essential building block for a firm love.

Be your best in a relationship

Knowing what you want out of the relationship beforehand is always good. Being up front and talking about it is also best, because mixed signals can lead to terrible things  and never settle for less. Allow to be happy in any relationship you choose to enter, be it for a short or long time.

Relying on another comes down to a personal decision and if that person decides to disappoint you… Remember that they made a choice to do this, and because everyone is willing to be a truthful and caring person and if you don’t think they can be, why stay longer?

It is very difficult to trust someone to do the right thing after they have crossed that line and staying in the relationship can put you under unnecessary stress in your life. Let them make the choice because it is extremely up to you how many lies you are willing to accept in the end.

A good sign of a good relationship is when you can tell each other anything and everything. Pretty much a love that says nothing about secrets and lies. Who wouldn’t want to feel love like that?

There is no point in living in a relationship without getting and giving some kind of support. Learn how to love yourself, be yourself.